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Wednesday, 13 September 2006 06:00

BuzzFlash Mailbag for September 13, 2006

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Subject: Third Awakening?

When Bush says, "A lot of people in America see this as a confrontation between good and evil, including me," does he mean that he is the evil, the good, or is his sentence structure just that primitive?

Bush Tells Group He Sees a 'Third Awakening' (Washington Post)

Peter Olafsen
Monona, Iowa

Subject: Electoral Sausage

Dear Fellow Buzzers:

I used to live under a communist regime. As a teenager I remember shortages of everything, from toothpaste and toilet paper to foodstuffs like meat and bread. (We are not there yet. Not quite, anyway.) The gas prices going up, up, up - and then creeping down before elections, reminded me of something from my younger years.

The "electoral sausage."

What was "electoral sausage"? That was the sausage that magically started appearing in grocery stores couple of months before elections. To keep the electorate in good mood, I presume. To show that the Party gives to the nation, as the nation is about to vote for the Party.

There was only one party in power. No opposition was ever tolerated, or heard of. There was only Candidate one could vote for. The Candidate was the actual country leader - unless Moscow sent different orders, that is. I believe that the same rules applied to the Soviet Union as well. I wonder if they had their electoral sausage too ...

So, here in the good U.S. of A. - they are throwing us the "electoral sausage." At the gas pump. I feel cheated. I feel betrayed. By our "opposition" w/o cojones and/or guts. Not to mention no spine either. The "opposition" is ready to point out that the Party is good to the electorate. Hey, look! There is the "electoral sausage" again!

Buzzers, don't be taken in by "electoral sausage." Just don't buy it. It is the way commies ruled. One Party, one Candidate who always won by a landslide, one idea, one thought. No opposition.

And the "electoral sausage." To me, a deja-vu.

Not again, PLEASE!

Pueblo, CO

Subject: Maine Senate Race

Looks like Olympia Snowe might be going down. Not beaten by her opponent but losing for the company she keeps. In the summer Maine internal polls had Snowe at about 72%. Now, 53%. Her tv spot says independent..no mention of republican. Yet she votes for republican issues some 80% of the time She won't meet with the families of our troops. I think this is where she messed herself up. This is the most loyal state in the union to our enlisted men and women.

Snowe's opponent Jean Hay Brite is my kind of candidate! Organic farmer, peace advocate..not into big corporations. So, of course she gets no money from the DNC. That's kind of a story in itself.

If Ms. Hay Brite did have some money she could run a tv spot that would win her the election.The softwood lumber business is dying out in the US thanks to NAFTA. Mills are closing up all over country and the woodsmen are getting less money for the wood. It's about the last way to make money here in Maine. I read on the internet that Bush gave even more concessions to Canada for 450 million dollars. A canadian on raw story's comments also mentioned the bribe. This money has no congressional oversight.

Remember when Al Gore made phone calls out of Blair house for campaign funds?. Guess the phone bills at taxpayer expense was too much for the liberal media. Was in the news a lot. A spot with this info would win Ms Hay Brite the senate. Think the DNC wants to help? Not a dime. Thanks for reading this.

Martha Thacker
Prentiss Twp, ME

Subject: My letter to WSJ today, for all BuzzFlashers' enjoyment:

RE: "Panel's mission: Easing capital-market rules" WSJ Editorial, 9/12/06

I believe very little of OUR Country's loss of World financial market leadership can be laid at the feet of Sarbanes-Oxley.

Rather, our loss is due in large part to the mistrust that the rest of the World now has for the United States government because of OUR disdain for International Law, the Geneva convention, and other Countries' Sovereignty.

The heavy-handed attempt by the bush administration to conquer the World (work that was started in the mid-1990's by "The Project for the New American Century" or PNAC, at http://www.newamericancentury.org) has made more enemies for us and grew more potential terrorists than we ever had.

The proof is out there, if anyone with critical thinking skills cares to look for it.

Bottom line: Alan Murray and the Wall Street Journal support the destructive actions of our administration regardless of their negative effect on our position in the World.

Bill Darbyshire
Galien, MI

Subject: Victory in Iraq Is the Key To Stopping Terrorism

Well wahdaya know, our president finally got it right. If, that is, by victory he means troops out of Iraq now, so that there can be an Iraq that's for the Iraqis, rather than for its occupiers. Easily accomplished, too, being that the Association of Moslem Scholars has already stated that Iraqi resistance will stop fighting as soon as there's a timetable for the withdrawal of all foreign military forces now occupying Iraq. That'll leave al Qaeda as the only violent organization in Iraq, but since it's a tiny movement compared to the Iraqi resistance, overnight it'll be out of business and good riddance. And then with all the violence ended, Iraqis will be able to decide for themselves what sort of nation their Iraq is to be.

Next thing that'll happen, with Iraq now a liberated country and the violence caused by a foreign military occupation a thing of the past, is that the fear, hate and resentment that underlies all violent messianic movements (in the Middle East as throughout the world) will dissipate and, with this development, terrorism (at least the part that's not state-sponsored) will collapse like a balloon that's been pricked by a needle.

Yes, Mr President, Troops Out Now, that is the key to victory. And if you won't make it happen, we the people will see to it. And at the same time we're gonna go after impeaching you, whereupon you'll get a free ride to The Hague, where, for your crimes against humanity, you'll be tried before the International Court of Criminal Justice. It's possible, though, if you bring the troops home right now, that said Court will take this into consideration when it comes to sentencing time, which means that, in making your decision about bringing the troops home right now, self-interest still can be your guide.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Upcoming Elections

As I read the platforms for our local and national wannabes for this upcoming election I almost pass out in anxiety and fear of what could happen to us if these people get elected. With the exception of the one Democrat who has been elected from Colorado Springs, CO in decades, the candidates all display a platform of Fear, Bigotry, anti-human race, and the desire to push through their bully politics and their toady behavior to the current administration. Why aren't Americans really paying attention to what is happening to them? I fear for the lives of my grandchildren -- fear that they might not make it to adulthood, and fear that if they do they will not have one scrap remaining of what were the freedoms that our forefathers fought for. In addition I wonder why the Democrats do not use their knowledge and pass back to these cretins their (the candidates) remarks and publicly denounce them for what they are? Lastly, why don't "the people" speak up against what is happening here?

Jeana McLellan
Colorado Springs

Subject: Why Fight?

So many of our young men and women are dying in Iraq, after joining in retaliation for 911. I myself joined the Marine Corps when I was 18. I believed in this country. High school taught me all about the constitution. After 9/11, Patriot Act abolished the Bill of Rights. I know for a fact our representatives did not even read the bill and it was signed into law.

I believed in the First Amendment, yet nothing I write to major newspapers ever gets printed. I hear others, people with like minds, call right-wing talks shows, and only rarely do they get to make their point before getting rudely hanged up on.

I would not fight for this country knowing what I know now. I personally believe a draft would never fly.

Scott Sanford
Louisville, Ky

Subject: Talent-Emerson Bill Problems

Below are excerpts from a press release from the VICFA about the Talent-Emerson bill (S3862, HR6042) addressing some of the problems with the proposal. Please CONTACT Senator Jim Talent and Representative Jo Ann Emerson to let them know that their bill does not go far enough to addressing the problems with NAIS. …

The Honorable Jim Talent 493 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510-2506 202-224-6154

The Honorable Jo Ann Emerson 2440 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 202-225-4404

For Immediate Release Date: September 12, 2006 From: Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers Association Re: Proposed Legislation Offers Bait and Switch to U.S. Farmers Contact: Richard Bean 434.263.8704 Deborah Stockton 434.295.7176

Proposed legislation would offer a classic bait and switch to U.S. farmers. A proposed bill would allow exempting animals from a national licensing system who never leave a farm premise, but would allow full requirements at sale barns, butcher shops, or private neighbor-to-neighbor transactions. Obviously, that is not much of an exemption. The Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers Association says the bill, introduced by Senator Jim Talent and Representative Jo Ann Emerson to ensure the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is a voluntary program, lacks adequate safeguards.

VICFA says the Talent-Emerson bill would allow the USDA to regulate meatpackers, processors, veterinary or other services farmers must use so that farmers would be required to participate in the identification program to have access to these services. Anyone who did not volunteer could be forced into “volunteering” or face ruin. “If this bill were to become law, the USDA could effectively EXEMPT us and PUT US OUT OF BUSINESS at the same time,” says VICFA spokesman and farmer Joel Salatin.

In September 2005, before the House Agriculture Committee, Canadian and Australian officials testified that the best way to start a mandatory national animal identification program is with a “voluntary” program, then transition to mandatory. The USDA has already advised that small producers will not have to participate as long as an animal never leaves the farm and is consumed on the farm, but virtually no farmers meet this very narrow requirement, most regularly buy and sell livestock (and take them to the vet). Even homesteaders who produce for themselves often sell their surplus.

VICFA says if a program is needed to open foreign markets as the USDA claims, the marketplace will provide the system and the government should not force family farms to pay for a program mainly supported by industrial agricultural interests. VICFA member Deborah Stockton summed up NAIS as, “Just another piece of USDA *CORPORATE WELFARE*.”

Mary Zanoni, Ph.D., J.D., of Farm for Life in Canton, New York says, “Section 2 of the proposed bill is extremely detrimental to the opponents of NAIS, in two respects, first, Section 2 purports to create a FOIA exemption for ‘voluntary’ NAIS information. This would allow, for example, Vermont to continue with its premises registration program that was suspended due to FOIA concerns. It also implicitly gives the USDA the ‘cover’ of FOIA protection to continue its current so-called ‘voluntary’ program, which is highly coercive. Second, the very fact that this bill is couched as an ‘amendment’ to the Animal Health Protection Act [AHPA] is a back-door and underhanded way to create arguable congressional ‘approval’ for the oppressive actions the USDA has already taken, under what the USDA claimed to be the authority of the AHPA. As things presently stand, the AHPA gives the USDA no authority to create NAIS. Congress should not create ‘back-door’ authority and underhanded de facto authorization of the USDA’s prior offensive NAIS activities, by purporting to ‘amend’ the AHPA.”

“Let Congress address all NAIS issues openly and above board, in the orderly process of the 2007 Farm Bill,” said Dr. Zanoni.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Feel It?

That this is the speak-up or forever you'll be silenced moment? True, the storm-troopers aren't knocking on the front door just yet, but, if that happens, already it'll be too late. How fortunate, then, that there are all of us BuzzFlashers around, with each and every one of us ready, willing and able to do whatever it takes to make sure that the above terrifying scenario never takes place; that instead, we the people go on to change the world and hallelujah, amen.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: A Brief Summary of Bush's Address Monday Evening

Attacked and barbarity and murdered and made war and war and not yet safe and threat and face of evil and lost their lives and gave their lives and wounds and fallen comrades and war on terror and horror of 9/11 and the enemy and evil and kill and global network of extremists and totalitarian ideology and hates freedom and women are prisoners and men are beaten and terrorists have a safe haven and launch attacks on America and war against this enemy and enemies and threats and more terrible attacks and weapons of mass destruction and they would use them against us and we face an enemy determined to bring death and suffering into our homes and war and war and extremists and enemies and terrorist states and radical dictators armed with nuclear weapons and war and offense and our enemies and terrorists and Taliban and al-Qaida and killed and terrorists and attacks in America and must confront threats and threats and terrorist and terrorist and threat and threat and Al-Qaida and extremists and foment sectarian violence and drive us out and enemies and enemy and terrorists and Osama bin Laden and the third world war and terrorists and our enemies and extremist movement and fight and terror and unspeakable violence and attacks and war on terror and sacrifices and terrible injuries and 3,000 have given their lives and security and enemy and terrorist cells in our midst and our enemies and attack on our soil and Al-Qaida and hateful ideology and terrorist attacks and blow up passenger planes and attack America and kill our citizens and attacks and terrorists and terrorists and fear and extremist ideology and raging and forces of freedom and struggle and clash of civilizations and struggle for civilization and fighting and fighting and struggle and tyranny and violence and repression and radicalism and extremists and fighting and evil and sacrifice and clouds of war and radicalism and difficult road and defeat our enemies and attacks and burning towers of the World Trade Center and dangerous enemies and destroy our way of life and attacks and September the 11th and 9/11 and 9/11 and September the 11th and September the 11th and 9/11 and 9/11 and September the 11th, and 9/11 and 9/11 and September the 11th and September the 11th and...9/11.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: The Wave

Hi Buzz....and St Louie Woman....

Hey shirl.... you are right again.... About the "WAVE".....Remember ...this is the "IDIOT" who sitting in the front row...waved to "STEVIE WONDER " when he came on stage... Gosh and Gollieeeee. Our seven day wonder waving to "Stevie Wonder" Now ain't that special?????


Subject: Re: "Right" Wingers

Please start referring to those wingnuts as WRONG-WINGERS. Thanks.


Subject: Novak

Hypocrisy alert! On several occasions I've heard columnist Robert Novak refuse to discuss his involvement in the Plame case, claiming that as it is an ongoing legal case he cannot comment -- until today. In a column to be published Thursday he attacks Richard Armitage for being disingenuous about his involvement in the outing of the CIA agent. So now, when it suits Novak, he is more than willing to reveal information about the situation.

What happened to the pending legal case excuse?

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Fear Mongering (Rove Style)

Karl "fascist" Rove believes that Americans are cowards and are literally pissing in their pants every time the administration propagandizes about terrorism.

My question is, "IS HE RIGHT?" We will find out soon enough on November 7th.

Lawton Watson
Springdale, AR

Subject:  Nicholas Kristof - Starting Another War 

It is quite possible that President Bush will bomb Iran’s nuclear installations over the next couple of years.

Let’s hope he looks at how Israel shot itself in the foot in Lebanon this summer and resists the siren calls of neocons who claim that a few air raids would make the Iranian nuclear menace disappear.


As for alternatives to bombs, the best option is more of the carrot-and-stick diplomacy that the West is already engaging in (including direct Iran-U.S. talks) — and keeping International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors in Iran to uncover the hidden sites. Few experts expect Iran to give up its nuclear program altogether, but it’s likely that Iran could be persuaded to adopt a Japanese model: develop its capacity to the point that a bomb could be completed in weeks or months, but without testing or stockpiling weapons.

Granted, expert reassurances are easier to accept if you live in New York than in Tel Aviv, and the consequences of being wrong would be horrific. But however one judges the risks, the one thing we should have learned from Iraq and Lebanon is that military “solutions” can leave us worse off than before.


Subject: Galbraith on Iraq/BuzzFlash Conclusions

Galbraith's book is a fine book written from a guy with a point of view. Sympathetic to the Kurds, believing Iraq will dissolve into a three parts just like Gaul -- he is correct as far as he goes. On the current administration's utopian ideology - and the mess created by going that bridge too far - turning over post invasion control of Iraq and its redevelopment budget to a bunch of 20 something college grads wet behind the ears... it does tend to make one think the people in charge and those Bush listens to are either nuts or so profoundly inept you wouldn't trust them in a room with sharp knives.

Galbraith goes wrong when he creates a picture of a Shia Iraq that is going to run into the arms of a Shia Persian Iran. There are deep divisions in the Shia sect in Iraq and even deeper ones between the Iraq ARAB Shia and the Persian Shia.

Al Sistani the moderate Shia cleric has given up on attempting any sort of "unity" and brotherhood with Sadrites. A discouraged and broken old man, someone should be paying attention to what he has to say and if the Bushites are wise they will do so. But since wisdom and their utopian wet dream to bring democracy and Kentucky Fried Chicken to the Middle East is the core of their "vision," I doubt they will listen to the pragmatists/realists or to Sistani. In fact, folks including Galbraith should remember that as BAD as Bush/Cheney policy was, and as stupid as it was to invade Iraq.... it may yet work out. That is IF the powers that be understand the clash among the Shia has to play out.

Our fearless leaders ought to be working towards facilitating that effort, make the best of the fact that Iraq is a colonial vision that only works as a "united" state when it has a dictator in charge. Neither the left or the right has a definitive grasp on Middle East policy. Both get aspects right but at times see things through ideological or partisan glasses. THAT is dangerous in this "new world order" in which that world is not becoming MORE orderly but less so. All the phony uniting - through the Clinton preferred United Nation efforts or through the Bush preference of trade treaties and G-8 summits and "coalition of the willing" - all post World War ideals which were not based on reality or history.

Now all that is unraveling and that may not be a bad thing. Bush can't grasp this fact, but then neither could Bill Clinton - each in their own way get a buzz fantasizing about their particular version of "we are the world." Each of them thinks globally and each of them forgot the limits to power, and the humility of understanding we didn't elect them to run the world. Both of these spoiled baby boomers rarely think about what is practical - real or constitutional. Each of them expanded the executive branch to a level that places our own freedoms in danger.

Bush should have listened to someone like Galbraith and Clinton should have listened to someone like Amir Taheri or Walid Shoebat. However, as they are stuck in their own ideological perspective, that will NEVER happen. If Iran is next....it will be the triumph of ideology over good sense.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Remembrance and Betrayal

Where were you on September 11, 2001?

Every American remembers, every American has a story.

Me, I was in my car on the way in to work when I heard the news that the first tower had been hit and the announcers made it sound as though a small aircraft had accidentally gone off course, little did we know at the time. I was in a meeting when the second plane hit but the glass-eyed stares among the small but rapidly gathering crowd of people standing in the lobby when I emerged told it all. We all stood there and watched in incomprehensible disbelief, staring at the wall-mounted televisions as the towers fell, people were crying, cursing, praying, the loud braying sobs of one young woman echoed off of the marble walls. I was numb.

A few days later we had a catered buffet in my workplace as was our monthly tradition. This time though we all hung little American flags on our cubicles to display our patriotism and to honor the dead. A big screen television showed the memorial service for the victims. We all cried together and the sixty-five or so of us became united as we had never been before; our mutual grief was a shared bond between us and we had a common sense of mission that no amount of corporate team building exercises could ever instill. We were unified in our profound sense of loss and desire for retribution but most of all we were fearful.

I was hurt, shocked and angered and I cried a lot in those early days. As a loyal American I set aside politics and supported George W. Bush as President despite the differences that I had with the man and his policies and his party. I burned with a desire to go to Afghanistan to work to find the bastards behind the attack but I was too old, my military service well in the past. I was not alone, Americans joined the military and millions cheered when the first missions were launched against Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban. Justice would be at hand, our leaders would see to it, it was after all the American way.

One brave young man named Pat Tillman gave up a career in the National Football League, a dream world (for most workaday males) of celebrity and money in order to enlist in the Army to avenge the attacks out of his patriotic love for this country. He was killed by our own troops in what was a tragic metaphor for the sad mess that came in the aftermath of 9/11 and a cynical government that has ever since pitted us against each other, our national unity ripped asunder by a group of amoral and evil men. They used Tillman as a propaganda tool, and then covered up the circumstances of his death, as his father remarked “they blew up their poster boy.” And they used the rest of us as well.

The realization of the lies and the use of the 9/11 attacks as a political bludgeon in order to advance an authoritarian extremism agenda as anti-American as it was diabolical hit even harder. America herself was hijacked in the aftermath of that most terrible of all days, just as surely as the planes that hit those towers were hijacked by extremists, so were we all.

It was more than betrayal, it was like rape.

What was more of an outrage than the attacks themselves is that a reactionary cabal within our very government used them as justification to launch a preemptive war against Iraq with further plans according to papers written for the neoconservative think tank that is the infamous The Project For The New American Century to wage war and remake the Middle East through what one influential hawk called “creative destruction.” They specifically mentioned that absent “a new Pearl Harbor” there would be difficulty in gaining sufficient public support to put their plans into motion.

Then came September 11, 2001 and they had at last had their much lusted after opportunity. From the earliest moments of the attacks these men (some of whom were once dubbed “the crazies” by a saner, less corrupt, more pragmatic administration in what are obviously now bygone days) sought to use the tragedy as a catalyst to implement their ideological plans and God help us all they have succeeded beyond their wildest expectations. Perhaps you will recognize some of the names of the PNAC ideologues: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Libby, Bolton and Kristol among others less famous but all too influential and ambitious. Richard B. Cheney yesterday appeared on Meet the Press where he once again arrogantly defended the lies that led to our ruinous misadventure in Iraq and the lies that were used to terrorize the Congress and the American people into allowing it. The same lies that allowed Osama Bin Laden to escape and to remain free to make his videos - the most recent of them commemorating the attacks of five years ago and most likely laughing at how easy it has been to have our own government do his work for him in institutionalizing fear and the sowing of seeds of hate and discontent.

Five years later, America is now a pariah, we have a government that is working to codify torture and uses unconstitutional surveillance in order to monitor critics and political opponents. Our chief executive and his legal army are rapidly working to dismantle the constitution and to imbue the position with the powers normally reserved for kings and emperors, our treasured civil liberties will soon exist only at the whim of an almighty ruler. Just consider one very horrifying thought: one day somebody will occupy the Oval Office who is more intelligent, more competent, more cunning and much more ruthless than George W. Bush. These people are only laying the groundwork by dismantling the framework, what we truly need to fear is what will come in the future when the laws of this country no longer exist for the protection of all. So as we today mourn the loss of over 3,000 innocent Americans in remembrance of perhaps the most horrific day in our nation’s history let us also lament the loss of the country that we so much loved and have since had stolen away by unscrupulous and immoral lunatics. Do you want to know what Bush and Karl Rove really think about today? The following is from Andrew Sullivan’s blog:

Next week, I'm informed via troubled White House sources, will see the full unveiling of Karl Rove's fall election strategy. He's intending to line up 9/11 families to accuse McCain, Warner and Graham of delaying justice for the perpetrators of that atrocity, because they want to uphold the ancient judicial traditions of the U.S. military and abide by the Constitution. He will use the families as an argument for legalizing torture, setting up kangaroo courts for military prisoners, and giving war crime impunity for his own aides and cronies. This is his "Hail Mary" move for November; it's brutally exploitative of 9/11; it's pure partisanship; and it's designed to enable an untrammeled executive. Decent Republicans, Independents and Democrats must do all they can to expose and resist this latest descent into political thuggery. If you need proof that this administration's first priority is not a humane and effective counter-terror strategy, but a brutal, exploitative path to retaining power at any price, you just got it.


And tonight George W. Bush’s primetime speech precisely timed to capitalize on the Disney/ABC opus of lies that is "The Path To 9/11" will focus on reinforcing the same false assertions that Iraq is an integral part of the mythical war on terror that these snake-oil salesmen have been selling for far too long. It is well past time for Americans to wake up and breathe deeply so as to inhale the stench of this rotten administration for that which it truly is. And it’s not the smell of glory. These people are despicable and contemptible beyond belief, they are far more vile, loathsome and disgusting than even a jar of vomit and may they one day rot in hell for their callous theft and exploitation of the lives that abrubtly ended five years ago in a fiery inferno that they themselves bear much of the responsibility for due to their negligence, their incompetence and their ineptitude.

How f***ing dare they?

Ed Encho
Tampa, FL