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Wednesday, 13 September 2006 07:35

Howard the Coward, or Just 'Bushed'? (Australian for 'Lost One's Bearings')

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The human race has today the means for annihilating itself--either in a fit of complete lunacy, in a big war, by a brief fit of destruction, or by careless handling of atomic technology, through a slow process of poisoning and of deterioration in its genetic structure. -- Max Born, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, 1957

From the above quote, and with the Bush GOP in charge, I'll choose lunacy. Does it make any sense that Howard states he is an ally of Bush? Bush is just an employee, like Howard. Our allies should be of the US, not some un-elected official who's constantly in need of being reminded that he works for the US and not for himself.

So, I gather Howard won't talk to a Democrat or the person who actually won the US election in 2000, because he, Howard, is Bush's bud.
Prime Minister John Howard, a friend and ally of Bush, said he would not meet Gore during his Australian visit and would not heed his advice to sign up to Kyoto.

"I don't take policy advice from films," Howard told reporters.

Al Gore says he hasn't ruled out 2nd run - Yahoo! News

No, Howard says he doesn't take advice from film, but he'll take it from a treasonous, warring political lying, put-up putz like Bush. Blair, Howard, Bush, how could we all be so lucky? Howard must be just like Bush, too, which is not a compliment. I have to wonder, how did all of these politically greedy stiffs get into leadership positions at around the same time? It's like a deranged, demolition derby with the world in the middle, and people are dying all over this planet, and nothing is being done for them.

The people and the world (our home) deserve better than this, as these are not leaders, but offenders of the most egregious kind. I'm not concerned how history will represent these leaders ... unless they are removed, we may not have much of a history left. To ignore science and embrace lies and propaganda and help Bush turn the world into a Bush dunny ... well, that's Australian colloquialism for outdoor toilet ... Howard may be Bush's ally, but he's no ally to the US or to this planet.

These are serious problems and we, the people, need competent leaders who care about their responsibilities instead of playing political power games. We have no winners in leadership today. All losers. Fools and their follies. And, that makes all of us losers by default if such careless and irresponsible politicians are allow to stay in those positions of power. Even the man on the street has more common sense than can be said of Bush, Blair, or Howard ... they have proved over and over again, we can't put our lives into their hands. They are already responsible for tens of thousands of dead on this planet (invasion and starvation) ... let them take care of themselves, and they can keep the change ... we need them in leadership like the dinosaurs they represent.

Just a thought,

Thanks BuzzFlash,

Shirley Smith