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Wednesday, 13 September 2006 07:55

Pulling Levers or Our Chains? ... Or Both?

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The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie--deliberate, contrived, and dishonest--but the myth--persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. -- John F. Kennedy, Address, Yale University, 1962

Interesting quote from Bush about how al Qaeda, who had never been allowed into Iraq until Bush invaded that country, were somehow terrified at "the sight of an old man pulling the election lever." I don't know what kind of voting machines they had in Iraq ... having voted for many years, I don't ever remember "pulling a lever." However, I do remember seeing those Iraqi ballots with hundreds or even thousands of names on them. I don't remember the exact number told by the person being interviewed about those ballots, but the number of names on the ballots was enormous, as I recall and it didn't take a real sense of democracy or brain power to know that this was a Bush GOP cruel joke and a sham put upon the Iraqi people, and to insist that they had a democracy as long as the Bush GOP made all of the major decisions. While dodging death during a civil war today, that is a direct result of Bush's invasion, no doubt, most Iraqis understand Bush's type of democracy and couldn't care less about it.

People pull levers in gambling casinos and maybe levers were pulled when executing people after the usual "snapping of their necks," and before giving-them-the-needle days ... but pulling levers would be more inclined to be thought of, in my mind, as playing the slots or pulled when giving the electrical juice to someone, rather than for voting ... but, that's just me, maybe in the city ... however, poetically speaking, the results could be said to be the same in any Iraqi or US election past that was ruled by Republicans.

After that, paths diverge. Mr. Bush has been marking the fifth anniversary of Sept. 11 with a series of speeches about terrorism that culminated with his televised address last night. He has described a world where Iraq is a young but hopeful democracy with a "unity government" that represents its diverse population. Al Qaeda-trained terrorists who are terrified by "the sight of an old man pulling the election lever" are trying to stop the march of progress. The United States and its friends are holding firm in a battle that will decide whether freedom or terror will rule the 21st century.

President Bush's Reality - New York Times

Bush never pulls his own levers ... someone's always there to do it for him, so they can be blamed. No one has told Bush that the buck will always stop with him. It's time someone did. Maybe if we'd had levers instead of computers this country wouldn't be in the shape it is in today, and tens of thousands of people would still be complaining about Saddam, but they would still be alive. Maybe if the Saudi family of bin Laden were not Bush's friends, bin Laden might have been caught by now. But, we still have a couple of months before the November 2006 election. Bush can still pull bin Laden out of a hat or a holding cell (video taping room) somewhere, in the same way they "captured" Saddam. And, they can make the trial and the propaganda last until the next election. This can be expected under Republican rule. We are past the argument between honesty or dishonesty ... today, it's all about treason.

With fair elections, the US, under Gore, (to this there is not doubt) would never have gone to war in Iraq. The Supreme Court would never have been stacked. The cynical legislative war against the American people would never have taken place. The Anthrax killer would either not have acted or would have been caught, and still a murderer runs loose. (I've always wondered if Bush actually did take the antidotal shots for Anthrax like he said he would and do it in front of the troops. Many troops and health workers became very ill due to those shots. Bush "ordered" all military to take them with no exceptions, while medical workers were given a choice about their own bodies.)

Spying on Americans instead of protecting Americans would never have been done under Gore. We would not have to worry about the soiling of our own nest. Science would be taken seriously and not trashed. We would not have to worry about losing the freedom of the Internet. The mingling of church and state, with only certain Bush supporting churches, would never have happened. Broken treaties, broken oaths, lies, the abuse towards the UN, loss of allies, the sneering at the Geneva Conventions, the secret CIA prisons, Guantanamo and the abuse of people not even charged for crimes, even children held there, yet jailed and tortured by these Bush lever-pulling people ... none of that would have happened under a Democratic Congress and a President Gore, who actually was our elected president and was prevented from serving, even though he had the majority of votes in this country.

None of these criminal acts mentioned would ever have happened in this country or by this country if the leadership had been selected through free-of-fraud elections, unimpeded by the partisan Republican and rewarded Supreme Court ... Qaeda knows this, Bush knows this, and today, most Americans also know this. It's all about truth and trust ... something the US does not have, nor will we ever have under a Republican government. Why? Because even knowing all that Bush has or has not done, they still support him and his treasonous administration.

Al Qaeda is not afraid of elections like the ones Iraq had or the US has had since Bush was placed into the White House. They would be much more afraid of a "legitimately real and working US government," and they will do everything possible to keep Bush in office or someone like him. They're not worried about levers or chains or justice for their indiscriminate killing as long as the Bush Republican government remains in power in the US.

How many people does one have to kill before responsibility is demanded by US law? For most of us, the number starts with ONE. But for bin Laden and Bush ... they both remain at large.

Bush can talk all he wants to ... does anyone really listen to the lies any more. The people who have done the most damage to this country are still in the White House, and that's what people should be afraid of today. Those who are still pulling all of those same levers and chains.

When truth is buried, it grows, it chokes, it gathers such explosive force that on the day it breaks out, it blows everything up with it. -- Emile Zola, "J'accuse!" L'Aurore, January 13, 1898

Thanks BuzzFlash,

Shirley Smith