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Thursday, 14 September 2006 07:22

BuzzFlash Mailbag for September 14, 2006

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Subject: Osama bin Laden captured !!! Single handedly !!! By Bush !!!

(Isn't anyone the least bit suspicious about the events of the past 10 days???)

"According to a witness, bin Laden traveled in a double-cabin truck with a few armed guards - not in a convoy. Apparently, this is how he now prefers to move around." (Asian Times Online).

I seem to remember that Asian Times Online is one of those "news" organizations overseas in which the Republicans have planted disinformation...or at least information that will first be reported overseas before it circulates back to the United States' news media. Anyway, the October surprise that the Republicans are getting ready to drop on everyone (through a Pox News exclusive, I bet) is that Osama bin Laden is in U.S. custody, or killed, or maybe turned in by someone for the reward and in U.S. custody.

What got me to thinking bin Laden's been captured (or verified as dead) has been all the strange announcements or developments over the past week:

1) Pakistan reportedly has stopped scouring the Pakistani tribal areas where bin Laden has presumably been hiding. U.S. relaxed pressure on them? Bin Laden captured?

2) Asian Times Online reported that bin Laden is moving somewhere along the Afghani/Pakistani border, either on the Afghani or Pakistani side they don't know. Oh, wait, it was just reported that Bush ordered the "flooding" of eastern Afghanistan along the border with U.S. special forces units, about three months ago. Did they already capture him (see Asian Times Online article again)? On the Afghani side? Riding in a lightly-guarded convoy?

3) Bush ordered the closing down of the CIA's "bin Laden unit" that has tried to track down and capture bin Laden for years. Bin Laden captured?

4) Bush, and his Republican pals, have mentioned the name of bin Laden more times in the past week than they've mentioned his name during the past 5 years. As a prelude to revealing bin Laden has been captured, or is dead, sometime before the November elections?

5) Bush closes down the secret detention/torture centers overseas in Europe/Africa where al Qaeda suspects have been tortured into telling what they knew about further terrorist attacks planned and anything they knew about bin Laden's whereabouts. If bin Laden's been captured (or killed) then these centers are no longer necessary.

6) Bush repeats his promise on Monday during an ABC miniseries speech that he'll "get" bin Laden, which follows the airing Sunday night of the first part of this scandalous ABC miniseries that was produced and aired solely to remind viewers that President Bill Clinton "didn't get" bin Laden while in office.

7) Intelligence information is "leaked" that the bin Laden trail has gone "stone cold"...dead? But, of course, his trail would be "stone cold" dead if he was "stone cold" dead or if he has been captured and is being held someplace behind tightened security that would rival that around the Manhattan Project.

In other words, this is all a setup. This is why Bush and Cheney are absolutely certain Republicans will retain control of Congress after the November elections. A bombshell like the news that bin Laden has been captured or killed would make the gullible amongst us reflexively vote for the dissembling Republican fools that got us into Iraq, have run up huge deficits, have spit on our civil liberties, have exhibited widespread corruption and have actually endangered all the children of our great democracy.

It's a setup, folks. Bin Laden has been captured (or killed) and now all the Republicans are doing (at least those who are in-the-know) is waiting for the right time in October to spring their surprise.

But NOW YOU KNOW!!!! Uh oh, my bad. I spoiled the surprise. Oooops.

Paul Sorrells
USAFSS (1971-1975)
Austin, TX

P.S. What can Democrats do? At least once a day, or during any interview involving any Bush administration official, the interviewer (or pool reporter) should ask "Has Osama bin Laden been captured?" In other words, the only way to make this "surprise" less of a surprise is to steal their thunder beforehand. Besides, even if bin Laden hasn't been captured (or been verifiably killed) this will remind people that Bush hasn't "gotten" bin Laden anymore than Clinton "got" bin Laden...an important reminder before the midterms, especially after that ABC/Disney smear job.

Subject: Want To Know How To Make the US Safer?

Anyone with even half a brain knows that the US is far less safe since 1999. The reTHUGlicans are trying to tell us that we are safer now than before 9/11 and other bulls**t like the world is safer since dumbya decided to invade and occupy a country with no ties whatsoever with the 9/11 attacks.

I can tell you how to make the entire world safer, kinder and more stable ...

Remove dumbya and company. Action like taking dumbya from power will illustrate to the entire planet that we all value human life, and value peace. This olive branch will do more to stabilize and create good will than one million years of dumbya's ill-fated warped leadership.

Want peace? IMPEACH, CHIMPEACH and try the bunch of criminals for war crimes.


KJ Lovell

Subject: Karl Turdblossom Rove

Let's keep calling him "turdblossom"...my comment is, if he is such an election genius, why did both 2000 and 2004 elections have to be manipulated, stolen, voters turned away, electronic machines with no record....just asking???????

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: I Voted, I Think

Why are we still talking about making sure every vote counts? It seems every day someone comes up with a new idea to insure getting your vote counted. The ideas range from early voting, absentee ballots which have been proven to be totally unreliable, to looking for the best places to vote. As long as there is doubt about the reliability of the voting machines, no election will be safe. All the gimmicks and plans will be worthless until the whole voting process is made reliable.

The neocons will always bring up the fact that voter fraud has been attributed to both parties in the past. This is true, but the amount and sophistication of fraud the past six years by the neocons has been unprecedented. All they have to do now to steal an election is push a few buttons. It can happen in any number of places in the country and has happened in the last two presidential elections.

We used to vote in one day at a reliable polling place and nearly always knew the results before the next day. Now in the age of lightning speed computers, it never gets decided the same day. Now in the twenty-first century it takes days, if not weeks. The paper trail is the key. So long as neocons oppose it you know they plan to keep on stealing elections. There can be no other reason. No cost is too high to assure an honest election and the cost of a paper trail would not be that prohibitive. The neocons only like to make you think it would be.

Well meaning people continue to try and come up with ways to make sure your vote counts in November, but until we can vote at the proper time, at a proper place without fear of fraud, the cheaters and crooks that control the process will keep stealing elections. They will then continue to hide behind their bogus support of our Constitutional rights.

Republicans love it when people say there is enough blame to go around for both parties. That is because the level of corruption on the Republican side so outdistances anything the Democrats are guilty of. We cannot afford to fall for that propaganda anymore. The most important election in our history is going to take place soon. We had better get our Constitutional voting rights back, or prepare to face the dire consequences.

Mel Spiegel
Jupiter, Florida

Subject: Air America Bankruptcy

Hi Gang!

So, BORe's and Limpburger's wettest dreams are about to come true: Air America is looking to restructure, let some on-air personalities go, and declare bankruptcy in the process.


Of course, Air America is said to still remain on the air none-the-less with its primary mission from the start having been somewhat accomplished - the establishment of more progressives in the talk radiosphere.

But, was the advent and invention of Air America really needed? Honestly, why are liberals and progressives so bent on trying to match tit for tat with conservatives? Ever wonder why conservatives always win the argument that liberals and progressives never have any new ideas? Well, Air America, despite its establishing a more visible presence for liberals and progressives on the air waves, is still just another radio talk show.

So, in case you are mourning possible loss of Air America, take heart in the fact that Randi Rhodes will always find a niche, Ed Schulz will still be storming across the airwaves, and Stephanie Miller will always be what Ann Coulter wishes she could be.

And don't forget the most important item of them all: Liberals and Progressives OWN the internet.

J. Peurala
Westfield, IN

Subject: It's the Facts Evasion, Stupid

Just wanted to offer my slogan for the next campaign trail. I'm fed up with all the evasion of the truth from the first day the war in Iraq was declared, and all the hogwash we've endured since then. Why isn't the minority party clamoring for the "truth" of the tainted evidence for war that the Bush Administration fobbed off on Congress and this nation? Nail Bush for being the Facts Evader that he is.

Janet Cooke
Huntsville, AL

Subject: Drop in Gas Price

As a widow and a senior who has been around for some years, I find it just a bit TOO convenient that gas prices have suddenly plummeted. Yes, I read all of the explanations for the decrease, but I don't believe any of them. It is plain that it is an election year maneuver. My question: why aren't you (BuzzFlash) and the blogs bringing this issue to the forefront? Every section of the economy has suffered for a long time and now it's time to remind the public of Bush's cozy relationship to the oil industry.

Katherine Kiefer
Vienna, Il.

Subject: poetic dissent at fauxbrow.com

Fauxbrow.com is a website that, among other things, "outs" the repellant Orwellian spin doctors of the current administration. These web-based multimedia insights show and tell what's really going on today:

Operation Die For Freedom - http://www.frankmedia.com/html/dude.html

Free World Tyrants - http://www.frankmedia.com/html/corpcult.html

Americanski Corporat, Inc. - http://www.frankmedia.com/html/flemsole.html

He Is Always RIGHT - http://www.frankmedia.com/html/vacuum.html

Bebe Mangler
Kodiak, AK

Subject: Chris Matthews

Today I watched Chris Matthews badger every guest about why Democrats don't fight back. He never hears them speak up, he never sees them on TV. The most they can do, even in the best of times, is run and hide for fear of being labeled "appeaser" or "Commie". He asked Bill Maher to name one Democrat that could effectively counter Bush's lies. A Democratic leader who could stand toe to toe with the Republicans and hold their feet to the fire.

I'm so sick of this straw dog. First of all exactly who is going to give them air time? I guess he hasn't read Media Matters lately although he claims he checks it daily. All of the pundits with shows are conservative with the exception of Olbermann and he has only right leaning guests. I'm sure it's the only way he gets to speak his mind. Ever notice that? So just based on that alone the playing field is slanted. Why ask Bill Maher about Democrats? He's an Independent and he'll trash a Dem in a minute if it means getting a laugh. Excuse me but last time I checked Russ Feingold and Barbara Boxer and John Conyers and Maxine Waters are no slouches. They will kick butt and take names. This my fellow Dems is what we're up against. 24 hours of pundits spewing this bull daily.

Barbara Illes
Santa Monica, California

Subject: Something Stinks

The Rethugs can steal an election anytime they want to. So why do they seem to be conceding the next one? I'd wager that they plan to let Dems take the House only, then sabotage the economy in 2007 (not so hard to do--they did it to Russia) then blame the Dems for the crash and crush any remaining resistance. Then they will complete their takeover in 2008 and they will have their New World Order.

Sometime during this period, the constitution will be declared out of date, the draft will be reinstated, Iran and Syria will be attacked, the dollar will be replaced with the Amero, National ID cards will be made mandatory, corporations will be given complete immunity from lawsuits, public criticism of any White House official will become a felony, all conspiracy theorists will be rounded up and jailed and/or executed, all news will be state-run (we're almost there) and California will be attacked by the Northern Command who will dissolve the Ninth Circuit Appeals Court. Oh yeah, I almost forgot--Jeb Bush will be appointed president by the Supreme Court. His VP will be Joe Lieberman.

A BuzzFlash Reader

[BuzzFlash Note: Thanks for the super anti-utopia ... but we were already feeling kind of paranoid and depressed. Will another reader please send us something hopeful?]

Subject: "Oppressed" Christians, a Would-Be Monarch and Patriotism

My name is JV and I am a Patriot.

I have been a Patriot now for 36 years, 1 month, and 1 week. 1) I don’t like it when sheep label dolphins as “unpatriotic traitors.” Sheep are willfully ignorant. Sheep are “dutiful” followers who cannot think for themselves. THAT, my wooly friends, is UNPATRIOTIC. The intelligent, QUESTION. Ben Franklin said, “Always question authority.” Why do you think the “Land of the Free” exists today? Because the original, true Patriots questioned the authority of King George, as we should be doing today.

I will not tolerate overzealous, rabid, fundamentalist, conservatively compassionate, inflexible, narrow minded, intolerant so-called “Christians” claiming that they are “oppressed.”

The oppressed are NOT the ones who reserve the right to speak their mind while refusing others the right to speak theirs.

The oppressed are NOT the small fringe group of religious extremists, homophobics, and xenophobics who reserve the right to forbid abortion while forcing a child into the world so they can neglect it, who kill innocent Iraqis (including pregnant Iraqi woman – taxpayer funded military performed ABORTIONS), deny human and civil rights to gay people, and deny a glass of water to a man dying in the desert, then arrest and punish those accused of such a “heinous” unChristian act. What WOULD Jesus do? Why, he’d let the poor guy die of thirst in the desert, of course.

People who can call for the assassination of “activist” judges or advocate the bombing of San Francisco without being arrested or officially reprimanded are NOT oppressed. People who declare that widows of 9/11 who demand the truth have dollar signs in their eyes with a selfish agenda are NOT oppressed. Non-profit, tax-exempt, “activist” mega churches that aggressively campaign, and direct the vote of their flock of sheep (pun intended) - while churches LABELED as liberal for their beliefs are attacked by the IRS and their tax-exempt status threatened – are NOT oppressed.


Oligarchists who control all three branches of government in a democracy are NOT oppressed. This group of rabid extremists are NOT oppressed and they do NOT express patriotism – indeed, they DO express blind allegiance (jingoism) and that allegiance is not to God’s will, but free will. God’s will is reserved for what cannot be controlled or explained; free will is exercised when they prefer to get away with murder. Free will is selfish rationalization; God’s will is, “Thy will be done, not mine.”

2) I resent accusations of hating my country (and that I should leave if I don't like it here) from people who cannot distinguish the difference between blind, belligerent patriotism and intellectual, rational patriotism. I reserve the right to fly my country’s flag at will, not at behest. Likewise, I will sing the National Anthem when I choose (and at least I know the words to it while half of our elected leaders do not), I will recite the Pledge IF I choose, and I will burn the flag if I choose. THAT is the essence of freedom and patriotism, NOT blind loyalty.


If burning the flag makes you angry, just remember, the flag does not have feelings, a soul or a brain, but I do – and I vote. A piece of cloth does not have more rights than I do and stars and stripes are NOT more valuable than the Constitution. The flag will always exist; the Constitution is well on its way to being a dusty memory.

I am HUMAN, and I have rights - NOT because I vote or pay taxes, but BECAUSE I EXIST, and I will NOT blindly and foolishly wave a flag, sing, or recite the Pledge at behest, while our activist, C– intellect president usurps the “throne,” steadily erodes our Constitutional rights, insists on poisoning the environment, pledges allegiance to the corporation and the Almighty Dollar, forces our country into bankruptcy, exploits our servicemen and women, outsources our jobs and our military leaving U.S. open to attack on our own soil, kills innocent sovereign peoples for their natural resources, and uses wedge issues and FEAR to manipulate voters.

I will NOT blindly and foolishly wave a flag, sing, or recite the Pledge at behest when our play-acting president is recklessly hell bent on world hegemony like Adolf Hitler, yet labels those who disagree with him as reincarnated Nazis or “supportive of Al-Qaeda types,” and is equally hell bent on a totalitarian, fascist, monarchical oligarchy. To do so would not be exercising freedom, but kowtowing to ignorant extremism. This is not someone who speaks with God, but rather has made a pact with the Devil; hell bent, but nevertheless, hell bound.

I love my country, but I am not servile nor do I praise the President right or wrong and doing those three things no matter what, indicates lack of intelligence, lack of willpower and ironically, a surrendering of free will – free will against the abuse of power hungry, avaricious humans. It is freedom that counts, not mindless worship.

So, to those who rejoice in being mentally repressed and emotionally sterile, and wish to force it on the rest of U.S., if YOU don’t like FREEDOM, it is YOU who should leave. This is the Land of the Free.

My name is JV and I am a Patriot. I march to the beat of my own drum. Judge me by my content, not by my cover.


Subject: Liberal friendly quotes


"A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward." -- Franklin D. Roosevelt, radio speech, October 26, 1939.

"Me, I think government is a tool, like a hammer. You can use a hammer to build with or you can use a hammer to destroy with. Whether government is good or bad depends on what you use it for and how well you use it. On the whole, it's a poor idea to put people in charge of government who don't believe in using it. I believe government should be used in order to form a more perfect Union, to establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity." -- Molly Ivins, Nothin' But Good Times Ahead, p. 56

"Government can easily exist without law, but law cannot exist without government." -- Bertrand Russell, Unpopular Essays

"The radical of one century is the conservative of the next. The radical invents the views. When he has worn them out the conservative adopts them." -- Mark Twain, Notebook, 1898

"No country can be well governed unless its citizens as a body keep religiously before their minds that they are the guardians of the law, and that the law officers are only the machinery for its execution, nothing more." -- Mark Twain, The Gilded Age

"Citizenship should be placed above everything else, even learning. Is there in any college of the land a chair of citizenship where good citizenship and all that it implies is taught? There is not one -- that is, not one where sane citizenship is taught. There are some which teach insane citizenship, bastard citizenship, but that is all. Patriotism! Yes; but patriotism is usually the refuge of the scoundrel. He is the man who talks the loudest." -- Mark Twain, speech, 5/14/1908

"The most certain test by which we judge whether a country is really free is the amount of security enjoyed by minorities." -- Lord Acton, The History of Freedom in Antiquity

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: The New Democratic Phrase ... Quit Running in Circles!

I was just remembering two phrases dumbya used endlessly when talking about his illegal invasion and occupation of the country with no ties whatsoever with the 9/11 attacks...

"We are turning the corner....stay the course."

If you do nothing but turn the corner and stay the course aren't you running in circles and getting nothing accomplished?

Could be one heck of a catchy marketing attack on the GOP!

KJ Lovell

Subject: Sick to Death of It!!!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am now putting to an end my taking of the words "aiding and abetting the enemy"... certainly, I would never aid and abet the Bush Administration. I am sick of being accused of not being patriotic...don't let the troops hear that. "It is sad when Americans do not back their fighting men and women." They dare say it, not giving a damn about someone who has been through the horror of losing someone to that kind of war...the hurt...how many of you have heard the sound of a 21-gun salute? The sound of Taps being played in a glade a few feet away? Watching a military person, folding the flag, to give to your Mom? Many of you have, I am sure, but, it is truly hard, when your own family will will not even try to understand that some of us 'get it'!! It is really sickening. They are so misled!

That movie, Path to 911, was likely paid for by the republicans...and I just have never lived in a time like this...a time where no matter how good you are...you are not as good as the lying SOBs in this White House...and all surrounding it. I have signed every single thing to get Bush impeached...I have signed petition after petition and they are still there...God knows what is next! All I know, is that I hate the venom that comes out of their mouths. I just heard of Ann Richards' death...and remember the lies that Bush told about her being the first person that Kenny Lay backed...who does he think we are? (Watch the hypocrite come out tomorrow with words of praise for her.) In this past week...I have heard Bush, Cheney, and Rich, all lie again and again about their being a connection between 911 and Iraq...does it not make your hair stand on end....to hear these people who run this country, Lie so much?

Shirley..........St. Louis

Subject: Why Do Democrats Give Away So Many Votes Out West?

Why do Democrats keep attempting to pass gun control legislation? That is an immediate loss of millions of votes all across the South and West of the country. I live in Nevada. All my friends are hunters. All my neighbors own guns for our own protection. I have killed two rattlesnakes out here on my property in the desert. Coyotes eat my pets if they get the chance. Out here, guns are tools.

I understand that city people are running scared of criminals and don't understand the need for guns. So let the cities ban them. The Constitution only bars Congress from banning guns. Yeah, sure you say it doesn't mean that, but I'll guarantee you there are millions of people who believe it does. Any Democratic Presidential candidate who would loudly assert,"I believe the Second Amendment prevents the Federal government from taking your guns away" would pick up thousands, maybe millions of votes in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico,Arizona, Montana,Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Nevada.

Any attempt to disarm million of westerners would lead to mass disobedience if not civil war. Who wants to see Ruby Ridge and Waco repeated on a massive scale?

I personally am not registered as a Democrat. I come closest to being a bleeding heart Liberal Libertarian. I like all my Constitutional freedoms. But I have voted for the Democratic candidate in the last two Presidential elections because I fear losing all the rest of my freedoms besides the Second.

There is a huge number of one issue voters out here, NRA members all, who would vote Democratic in a heartbeat if they knew for sure the candidate would not try to confiscate their guns.

Don Rogers
Winnemucca, Nevada

Subject: Kudos for Military Lawyers

I haven't seen anyone address this particular issue, but I believe it's high time we acknowledge and thank whatever powers that be that we have military lawyers (JAG) who are standing up for the rule of law and abiding by not only their various service branches' regulations but also the Constitution.

I simply cannot fathom how people such as Specter and all of the other Bush enablers can justify something as outrageous as the new version of the British Star Chambers.

The thought of withholding evidence from certain defendants violates rules of discovery, but to allow hearsay evidence or evidence obtained via torture is reprehensible.

If anyone believes for one minute that people who are tortured will provide accurate information they are stark raving mad. All anyone need do is read the accounts of the many POWs from the Vietnam era. Many POWs concocted stories that were loosely based on reality thus making that sound plausible. A best example I can think of is the story of LTC James N. "Nick" Rowe. It is entitled "Five Years to Freedom."

If the administration's enablers in Congress approve the Specter Amendment, they should also join the line of people who should be tried for dereliction of duty and failure to do their jobs in accordance with their Oaths of Office.

There's something in there in the first sentence about upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States.

If these half-baked ideas are the best these bozos can come up with -- and let's not forget that many of them have JDs -- then let's put their jobs in the hands of the people themselves.

Lisa Johnson
Milwaukee, WI

Subject: "Let's Quit While We're Behind" by Christopher Buckley

So, Christopher Buckley is bemoaning the outcome of five-plus years of Republican rule. He claims to be taken by surprise at their corruption and ineptitude. "Who knew?" he asks. The answer is: anyone who witnessed the cruelty of the Reagan budget cuts knew. Anyone who watched the word "liberal" become a pejorative and the phrase "entitlement programs" become an epithet when used in reference to the poor and infirm knew. Anyone who heard racist code words like "law and order" (Nixon) and "welfare queen" (Reagan) knew. Anyone who was horrified by the rudeness and glee in exercising power displayed by the House Republicans under Newt Gingrich knew. In short, anyone who was paying attention.

Mr. Buckley admits he supported Bush in 2000, despite not understanding the meaning of "compassionate conservatism." Gore's slogan, "Prosperity for all Americans" was "boring," writes Buckley. Perhaps because it was unambiguous and less susceptible to manipulation?

Now that the GOP has done so much to enrich their friends and benefactors while bankrupting the nation, Mr. Buckley thinks it's time for the Democrats to take over. Really? Why? For some time now, Republicans and their supporters have made it clear that they agree with Grover Norquist's assertion equating bipartisanship with date rape.

The Democrats will certainly be incapable of immediately undoing all the damage of the past few years, especially if the GOP embraces its role as the opposition party. Given their track record of using their resources to demonize Democrats and distract the public with witch-hunts and sex scandals, the only role in which a Democratic majority can be cast in a Republican play is as the scapegoat.

One can only hope that Congressional Democrats remember that Clinton's efforts at appeasement did nothing to stop the attacks that dogged him for eight years.

Alicia Siegel
Long Beach, CA

Subject: Wire Tapping

Like the Reichstag in the mid-30s, the GOP in Congress Continues to Give Up Constitutional Powers to Appease Bush. Arlen Specter is the Lead Snake in the Grass on This One. Arlen Always Talks a Good Game for his Philadelphia Social and Political Friends, Then Turns Around and Does the Bidding of the White House. Otherwise, They Wouldn't Let Him Stay as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. 9/14

This is beyond "Reichstag" and approaches -- perhaps surpasses -- what Hermann Goering operated as the 'Forschungsamt:'

He was also Commander-in-Chief of Forschungsamt ("FA"), the Nazi underground monitoring services for telephone and radio communications. This was connected to SS, SD and Abwehr intelligence services.


Of course, every government has employed something to ensure its viability through the use of intelligence and information gathering. This is insurance against any undesirables being able to gain the upper hand above and beyond the capabilities of those in charge or in power who are charged with the safety and security of the nation as a whole, and, most specifically, the empowered leaders. The potential for abuse is always there, just like in the old telephone switchboard days when the operators could listen in, or even with the "party" lines that were insecure.

With the Nazis, it was generally the Commies who had to be ferreted out, those were thought to be primarily of one specific religious group or associated with others who were not easily controlled by societal conventions, such as the Gypsies and others who escaped the need to conform. Nowadays, it's the tewwowists who are sought with the potential for anyone else being spied upon under an abusive regime.

The probability of ANYone in various situations (akin to switchboard operators and party line subscribers) to misuse the system is high. People have always found ways to eavesdrop or otherwise keep up on gossip in order to appear more informed and therefore powerful. Of course, the tewwowists have resorted to runners and hand delivered messages, if not mirror-based and campfire smoke signals, to overcome the obstacles. This is another case of the tewwowists "winning" by using the adversaries' technologies against the very ones who are supposed to be the beneficiaries and who expect to be protected.

Of course, the Buscists will plead clumsiness at the beginning until the systems become streamlined but they will also expect that the clumsiness will become part of the "norm," something to be accommodated by those being inconvenienced. Just as I can recall NO check-in inspection hassles with well-wishers allowed up to the gates if not on the airplanes prior to take-off, others will soon recall having to report to their debarkation points in scrubs and slippers, having checked everything they need (save a book and some essentials) a day or so in advance to ensure everything gets sorted and catalogued, concentration camp style. Wait for the indelible ink stamps for authorised passengers and little identification marks to grade the passengers according to risk, just before they get to go in the "showers!"

Grand Forks, ND

Subject: Winning the War To Incite Terror

Oh no he won't, not in the streets of Baghdad. Not unless by "winning" our president means committing genocide, because that's what it'll take to wipe out the forces of resistance in Baghdad. He must know this, but, if he doesn't, the Pentagon sure does. They learned it the hard way, in Fallujah and now in west Iraq. They know that our military never wins in Iraq, it subdues and only partially and temporarily so. Which means the battle to "win" in the streets of Baghdad will have to be fought time and time again. And since the resistance fighters are proving every day that they're willing to do or die to get back their country, if this isn't another Warsaw Ghetto in the making, what is?

But by the time it's down to the last few thousand freedom-fighters, holed up in some bombed-out urban rubble, look for the entire Arab/Islamic world to rise up and join the fray. And how long after this happens before our president resorts to nuking them? - "It was the toughest decision I've ever had to make, but when my generals told me that to win in the streets of Baghdad would cost America a totally unacceptable number of our best and brightest, what could I do? Just as I've been saying all along, it's either them or us. And by the way, I did discuss this matter with the guy in the sky and, just as I knew he would, he told me to go for it."

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Swift-Boat the Liars

Dear BuzzFlash,

The Democrats can immediately put the Republicans on the defensive before the swift-boating even starts. All they have to do is reveal the voting records of the Republicans, especially on issues like the war, the bankruptcy bill, and the environment. Republicans don't want to talk about those things.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Do-Nothing Doc Hastings

In a much overlooked House race in Central Washington State, our beloved Ethics Chair and Bush Administration rubber stamper Hastings is looking weak in polling in the district. Actually, he's looking weaker than any of the incumbents in Washington State. With only 50% reelect numbers and 17% undecided, in the final stretch to the general election, Doc is at the absolute low end of the "comfort zone" for a 6-term good old boy.

It's not helping him that he's insisting the war is going well and that there are plenty of WMDs that have been found. It's not helping him that he's responsible for the Medicare Drug fiasco. Surprisingly, the voters in WA seem to overlook his ethics failures. Maybe they're not paying enough attention.

Right now Hastings is battling it out against two solid opponents, a wingnut right winger from his own party, Republican Claude Oliver, and Richard Wright the Democratic challenger.

The crying shame is that Wright has a great message, is a good candidate, and has good ideas but has no money. The poll numbers are only good if you can seize the moment and get the word out. Unfortunately, money still rules.

The good thing is that if the Dems pull it together we could oust one of the worst -- if quietest-- of the Republican rank and file.

Tru Apelhof

Subject: Saudis Working Bush

Bush is cooperating with his good friends the Saudis to enable more than 200,000 student Saudis to enroll in our universities. Bush's good friends the Saudis pay for the majority of all Moslem terrorism, they fund the USA Moslem schools to teach their children to hate Americans, most of the 9-11 terrorists were Saudis and most of the terrorists we track are Saudis. Now our treasonous president is granting virtual unlimited access to Saudis under the thin veil of education. Isn't there a lawyer in the audience that can do something about any of this?

Doris Patrick
Santa Barbara, CA

Subject: The Bushies Are Brilliant!

The Bushies are brilliant! They have succeeded in making America safe from terrorist attack. How have they accomplished this amazing feat? It's so simple! They've sent thousands of young American men and women to the Middle East to serve as sacrificial lambs. Iraq is the alter where terrorists can slake their anger and bloodlust by slaughtering young Americans without leaving home. Why bother to go to America?

It took years of planning and thousands and thousands of dollars to kill Americans in New York. It was hard work. The terrorists have killed more American citizens in Iraq than they did in New York. So much easier. The plan is working perfectly!

Be a patriot. Go down to the recruiting office today and volunteer to sacrifice yourself. Keep America safe so that Republicans may rule forever!

Port Orchard, WA

Subject: Capwiz Seems To Be Sabotaged Today

Today for some reason they ask you to write down an access code to sent your e-mail to your senator or congressman...It's a 6 number code on the left hand side, they ask you to copy it in a small box to verify yourself....However when I type in the code it keeps refusing to send my letter because of "wrong access code"...It is the correct code...Is anyone else being denied access with this ploy, or is it just me...????

Rich J.