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Thursday, 14 September 2006 23:49

Is Osama in the Green Room, Awaiting a "Dramatic Pre-Election Capture," as Rove’s October Surprise? Tell Us What You Think

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If you are a guest on the "Tonight Show," you wait your turn with Jay in the famous Green Room. It’s the holding area for America’s spinning wheel of chattering celebrities.

But, of course, speculation abounds that the Pakistan peace agreement with the Taliban and al-Qaeda in the Afghan border region is really a way to trap Democrats into blaming Bush for not capturing Osama – and then producing him the week before the election.

To support this line of thinking – and it is only the stuff of political chattering – this might explain why Bush is back to his tough talk about smoking out Osama, after telling the press awhile back that he didn’t know where bin Laden was and "didn’t think about him much."

Of course, during the 2004 election, there was the same speculation that Bush’s Islamic alter-ego might be awaiting "capture" in one of the CIA "holding tanks" in Eastern Europe. All the Bush Administration could produce, however, was a bin Laden video tape that not surprisingly aided Bush in his "re-election" efforts. Because Bush and Osama need each other to galvanize their constituencies.

So, let’s put this one out to BuzzFlash readers.

Can you predict the October surprise?

Is Osama going to suddenly be "captured" in a pre-arranged "daring raid," which will turn out to be staged, because the Busheviks have had him in custody for sometime, just waiting for the midterms?

Or will there be another October surprise?

Let us know your thoughts.