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Wednesday, 19 July 2006 01:24

The Other World War III - Verse-Case Scenario

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The Other World War III  

by Tony Peyser  

This battle's being fought
In a manner overt
Over a CIA agent
Who used to be covert.  

In this corner, the Wilsons
Who bravely served their nation
In the other,
the corrupt Bush administration.  

The thing to do when
America's going south is
Stand up and put your
Money where your mouth is

* * *

In A Stunning Turnaround, Reed Loses Lt. Gov. Primary  

by Tony Peyser  

It would appear that God
Said no to this mission
By the former head of
The Christian Coalition .  

Georgia voters
Were hip last night
That knowing Jack
Is kryptonite.  

* * * 

Military Admits Two Afghanistan Towns Have Been Captured By The Taliban  

by Tony Peyser  

Attention to any and
All White House planners:
Ixnay on more
"Mission Accomplished" banners.