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Tuesday, 19 September 2006 08:25

Outsourcing CIA Intelligence . . . Lacks Intelligence

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Republicans (the Bush administration) are going to keep America safe? Outsourcing. Isn't that where bin Laden the blow back came from? Working for US Intelligence or at least he was trained by the CIA and was working for the US.

Outsourcing Intelligence . . . the height of stupidity, and if that's not the case, then why in the hell isn't it the most stupid yet to come out of this Bush administration. Outsourcing our CIA. Since the Bush administration has been in power, intelligence was outsourced immediately, and we haven't seen any in DC since. They really are working hard for this country to have another 911 or worse.

WASHINGTON - At the National Counterterrorism Center - the agency created two years ago to prevent another attack like Sept. 11 - more than half of the employees are not U.S. government analysts or terrorism experts. Instead, they are outside contractors.

At CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., senior officials say it is routine for career officers to look around the table during meetings on secret operations and be surrounded by so-called green-badgers - nonagency employees who carry special-colored IDs

Contractors also are turning up in increasing numbers in clandestine facilities around the world. At the CIA station in Islamabad, Pakistan, as many as three-quarters of those on hand since the Sept. 11 attacks have been contractors. In Baghdad, site of the agency's largest overseas presence, contractors have at times outnumbered full-time CIA employees, according to officials who have held senior positions in the station.

Largely because of the demands of the war on terrorism and the drawn-out conflict in Iraq, U.S. spy agencies have turned to unprecedented numbers of outside contractors to perform jobs once the domain of government-employed analysts and secret agents.

The proliferation of contractors has outstripped the intelligence community's ability to keep track of them.

Spy Agencies Outsourcing to Fill Key Jobs - Los Angeles Times

Unbelievable! Contracting out our CIA, for gawdsake. Can this administration do anything less to protect this country besides bankrupt it?

Since Bush was placed into the White House, they are the most secret White House this country has ever had, but our CIA spies are everywhere, outsourced, and who in the hell are they? Are they even US citizens? If they are not, why would any of these outsourced people have any feelings of being loyal to this country. Isn't that quite possible? That really makes sense. Look what happened with Bush's friend bin Laden.

What we have today in the USA is a fool's paradise, run by fools, and we Americans are the fools for putting up with it. What does our Congress have to say about this? Anybody?

Again, this article says that our "intelligence community" (CIA) has outsourced so many contractors that they can't keep track of them, and people listen when Bush says that the Republicans are better at keeping this nation safe? What hasn't this administration failed at? Again, this is so stupid it's treasonous to this country and to the safety of this country. And, who are they going to blame for this bungling of our CIA? Clinton?

Just askin,

Thanks BuzzFlash,

Shirley Smith