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Thursday, 22 June 2006 03:04

Democrats FINALLY Make Iraqmire a Campaign Issue

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A BUZZFLASH EDITORIAL It's hard to celebrate anything even vaguely associated with the ruinous, ill-conceived, egomaniacal, "masters of the universe" war known as Iraqmire. But BuzzFlash did momentarily feel a sense of relief to read an Associated Press article that began: "Democrats want a different direction in Iraq. Republicans back President Bush." (See BuzzFlash.com.) The Amendment that will get the most votes is not the one that BuzzFlash prefers (the Feingold-Kerry Amendment requiring a deadline for withdrawal), but it is a major step to see the Democrats -- after all these years -- embracing a position that is NOT Bush's disastrous road to defeat and death for our GIs. Most Americans get their news from headlines, and this headline is clear: Bush wants troops to stay indefinitely; Democrats want the troops out. Now, we will see if the Democrats can turn Bush's disastrous war into an Achilles Heel for him -- as it is, instead of becoming defensive because Chickenhawk coward Karl Rove laughably accuses them of "cutting and running." What the Busheviks are doing is "staying and failing." We've thought for some time that the Dems should just appoint the blunt, Crusty, heroic Marine, John Murtha, their spokesperson on Iraq Policy -- and follow his lead. But, short of that, today is a refreshing change of course from the previous "stay the course" policy of the Hill Democratic leadership. Let's hope that they "stay the course" on "changing the course" and don't back down. Americans want to see backbone when a political party stakes out a position, not a quick retreat in the face of enemy (Bushevik) fire (name calling and character assassination). That's why John Murtha should be out front, whether he's in the Senate or not. The man is experienced at combat, and he doesn't shy away from a fight. The "weaker" "change the course" amendment will still probably not pass, because the White House is going to threaten to shoot off the knee caps of any Republican who votes for it in the Senate. But it finally -- yes, finally -- puts the Dems on record as to endorsing a different direction on Iraq than the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld version of Dante's Inferno. That's a sign of hope. And we'll take it where we can get it, on behalf of our soldiers and the Iraqis who want to be liberated from the Bushevik occupation. Liberation and freedom for the Iraqis now is signified by our departure, not our presence. A BUZZFLASH EDITORIAL Recruit 5 people to sign up for BuzzFlash alerts and help spread the truth: http://www.buzzflash.com/alerts/subscribe.php