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Friday, 22 September 2006 08:12

"Speaker Pelosi" and "Chairman Waxman" New GOP Scare Tactics for Base. But Nothing is More Terrifying than "Status Quo"

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If Osama bin Laden is the scare tactic used by Republicans to sway moderates, the very thought of Nancy Pelosi as the new Speaker of the House is what they are using to rile up their base. Today's leading headline at RNC.com is an ominous warning: "Dems Would Make A Liberal Partisan Who Doesn't Even Believe We Are At War Third In Line For The U.S. Presidency."

Of course, the informed citizen (read: not Republicans) knows that the Speaker is actually second in line to the White House, unless of course BushCo has changed that law too. The "facts" on the page are equally misleading, although the most entertaining attack is that Pelosi is labeled not as "(D-CA)" or "(D-8)" but "(D-SF)" to emphasize her San Francisco constituency. No doubt those two letters repulse Republicans even more than sunlight or Holy Water.

Granted, Pelosi is not our first choice for the job either, but she would sure be a heck of an improvement over Dennis Hastert. Equally importantly is that a Democratic House would mean control of each Committee, affording them additional staff, resources, and powers. While Republicans are terrified by the thought of a Chairman Waxman, Conyers, or Rangel, all American should have far more fear for another 2+ years under the existing leadership.

Here is your BuzzFlash look at just a few of the key House tyrants in desperate need of the boot from their current positions:

Dennis Hastert (Speaker of the House)
A total crony and parrot for the White House. How many times has the House not voted for Bush's legislation how and when he wants it? Exactly. Don't forget he has received more than $100,000 from Jack Abramoff and his clients, for whom he has used his power to advocate. Said before the 2004 election that al-Qaeda wanted Kerry to win, and has implied that Geroge Soros gets his money from drug cartels.
Replacement: Nanci Pelosi

Jerry Lewis (Appropriations)
Made our list of 16 top Republican hacks for corruption. Here's what we said then: Used position as Appropriations Committee chairman (and formerly Defense Appropriations Subcommittee chairman) to steer hundreds of millions of dollars to clients of the lobbying firm of his good friend. These clients have given the firm millions of dollars, and hundreds of thousands to Lewis' campaign and political action committees (which he used to buy the support of his colleagues to attain the Appropriations chairmanship).
Replacement: David Obey

Tom Davis (Reform)
A total waste of space for a Committee intended for government oversight. While Republicans used Reform to issue 1,052 subpoenas to probe alleged misconduct by Clinton and Democrats between 1997 and 2002, Davis has issued just three since Bush took office (one of which was for Terri Schiavo in a shameful ploy to force doctors to keep her on life-support). Davis has given little more than token observance to the epic scandals caused by the current administration, like Iraq and Katrina. Has abused his power to advocate for clients of lobbying firm run by good friend and his wife.
Replacement: Henry Waxman

James Sensenbrenner (Judiciary)
Another zealot who has let partisanship get in the way of investigating Bush for various breaches of the law. Among the most conservative hard-liners over immigration. Since 2001, he has taken over $200,000 of privately funded travel - more than any other member of the House.
Replacement: John Conyers

Peter Hoekstra (Intelligence)
Made a public announcement in June with Sen. Rick Santorum that we really did find WMD in Iraq (turns out he was talking about weapons untouched since the 1980s that we always know about). What else do you need to say about a guy chairing the Intelligence Committee?
Replacement: Jane Harman

John Boehner (Majority Leader)
A fitting replacement for Tom DeLay. Once distributed campaign contributions from tobacco industry lobbyists on the House floor during a vote on tobacco subsidies. Yikes!
Replacement: Steny Hoyer or John Murtha?

While Karl Rove is known for attacking his enemy's greatest strength, we are pretty sure he would be better off not making 2006 a national referendum for preserving the existing leadership. At least as long as the public is paying any attention at all.

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you can think of other (especially) corrupt Republican House leaders.