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Friday, 22 September 2006 08:27

Angie Pratt: The Decriminalization of Torture -- A BuzzFlash Reader Contribution

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by Angie Pratt

I don't want to hear about abortion. I don't want to hear about stem-cell research. I don't want to hear about federal judgeships. They are so much noise.

Mom, Apple Pie and the American Way are in IMMINENT Danger!

The George Bush Administration and its rubber stamp Republican Congress have decriminalized torture. This is NOT acceptable.

The line has to be drawn in the sand. And must be chiseled in stone. This must be stopped at all costs. Our collective souls have been sold.

The Republicans wanted a divisive election issue. Well… They have gotten what they wished for.

Tax breaks to the rich, oh bother. Amnesty for illegal aliens … whatever. Budget deficits and economic ruin can wait for another day. Cronyism and political corruption… so what? Global warming, at our leisure.

The GOP compromise bill A.K.A. The Decriminalization of Torture Act is so far out of bounds that it trumps everything.

The Geneva Conventions are irrelevant if it is not criminal to break them. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that, if there is no penalty, there is no crime.

All discussions not specifically related to blocking this bill need to be shut down. This bill cannot be allowed to pass. All politicians that love this country and what it stands for must put their bodies in front of this travesty in the making.

This isn't about terrorism. This isn't about fear mongering. This isn't about being reelected. Who cares what happens in the Middle East when our very own country is in mortal danger?

It isn't a complex issue. The facts are short and repugnant. The Decriminalization of Torture Act must be defeated.

Political consequences be damned.

It is time for you to write your congressman.

It is time for your outrage.

It is time for your courage.

It is time that all Americans stand up and be counted.

It is time for a filibuster.

The enemy is amongst us, and his name is George Bush and the Republican Congress who present themselves as infallible.

Angie Pratt