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Sunday, 24 September 2006 13:33

Brent Budowsky -- National Intelligence Estimate: Because Of Iraq, Bush Is Losing The War On Terror

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by Brent Budowsky

There should be a national outcry and national demand that the Senate Intelligence Committee immediately release the full text of its latest report, now being covered up until after the election, about whether and when false statements were made by Administration officials regarding pre-war Iraq intelligence.

Every Republican Senator now running for reelection should be challenged in their hometown newspapers and in public meetings, and should be opposed in November if they support the continued cover-up in light of this latest bombshell from the National Intelligence Estimate.

Every Republican running for reelection in the House should be defeated unless they publicly demand that the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth be told to the American people NOW, by both Intelligence Committees.

The enormous implication of the National Intelligence Estimate recently leaked boils down to this: because of the extreme and deadly consequences of the Iraq War, President Bush is losing the war against terror.

It is the consensus opinion of our intelligence services that because of the Iraq war, the danger from terrorism has risen during the Bush years and the world and our communities are less safe.

It is the consensus opinion of our intelligence services that because of the Iraq War, the number of terrorists has increased during the Bush years.

It is the consensus opinion of our intelligence services that because of the Iraq War, the increasing number of terrorists during the Bush years will be harder than ever to catch, because they are springing up spontaneously, in smaller groups in more locations. resulting in large measure from world-wide outrage and popular discontent toward the failed policies.

And: before Congress votes on torture again, there should be full public release and public hearings about the whether our intelligence community believes that torture practices, Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo increase the number of terrorists and the dangers which, I propose, in fact, they do.

It does not matter that the Bush Administration spends hundreds of millions of dollars on public relations and psy-war, when every day major stories on world-wide television anger large majorities of world opinion, and overwhelming majorities of young men and women throughout the Middle East, who were not born as terrorists and have no natural reason to support the terrorist cause.

It does no service to our security or the truth that the President gives two weeks of major speeches claiming, falsely, that his Iraq war makes us more safe, when he knew, that his own intelligence assessment says the literal exact opposite; that his policy in Iraq creates more terrorists and more dangers.

What is happening now, ladies and gentlemen, is that on a wide range of issues tied to the grave mistakes of this war there is enormous, widespread disagreement from our military commanders about the direction and course of this policy, and from our intelligence leaders and personnel, who flat-out believe that this war is hurting our security, our country, and our war against terrorism.

In our America, it is the truth that sets us free.

It is high time, and long overdue, that our government tell the truth to our people, and the truth is, that this policy has made our country less safe, less secure, less strong, less respected in the world, and that the greatest winners in this war are the terrorist recruiters and the politicians in Washington who try to exploit a war, for political gain, that hurts our troops, and as suggested by our intelligence services, helps our enemy.


Brent Budowsky served as Legislative Assistant to U.S. Senator Lloyd Bentsen, responsible for commerce and intelligence matters, including one of the core drafters of the CIA Identities Law. Served as Legislative Director to Congressman Bill Alexander, then Chief Deputy Whip, House of Representatives. Currently a member of the International Advisory Council of the Intelligence Summit. Left goverment in 1990 for marketing and public affairs business including major corporate entertainment and talent management. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..