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Sunday, 24 September 2006 16:48

This is the Smoking Gun. Message to Dems: Don't Get Defensive, Distracted or Lose Focus

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This is THE smoking gun. This is Bush's own 16 revamped intelligence agencies who have concluded that the Iraq War has expanded terrorism. Thousands upon Thousands of American and Iraq lives destroyed. Billions of dollars wasted.

Congress will be won or lost based on the ability of the Democrats to bring truth to power on this intelligence finding by ALL of the top 16 Bush spy agencies.

The Dems cannot let Rove divert attention -- which he is already doing -- or spin this into a political tit for tat -- which the media is arleady doing.

The Dems have a patriotic responsibility to get this information through the pro-Bush media filter to every hamlet in America.

The Dems need to be focused, aggressive, and unrelenting in getting this finding out.

They cannot become defensive or distracted by the magician of the dark arts (Rove) in the White House.

The future of America, our national security and democracy is at stake.