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Wednesday, 19 July 2006 07:40

Oh the Hypocrisy! GOP Ad Shows Opponent Next To Burning Twin Towers Just Days after GOP Criticizes Dems for Showing Iraq Coffins

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An attack ad by Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH) shows his campaign opponent, Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), above a darkened clip of the World Trade Center burning on September 11 in an attempt to show that Brown is "weakening America's security." The commercial isn't just in poor taste, it's also hypocritical in response to Republican criticism just last week about a Democratic ad showing flag-draped coffins from Iraq. Other images highlighting Bush's failures over the past few years were also shown, such as gas prices, New Orleans, pollution, and job losses. GOP outcries included comments like "outrageous," "distasteful," "inappropriate," "this crosses the line," and "it makes my stomach turn."

Apparently for Republicans, showing the negative effects of GOP rule is not acceptable, but showing thousands of innocent Americans dying is hunky-dory.

DeWine's attack ad is a "shameful politicization of an American tragedy" but is "nothing new for DeWine,"
BuzzFlash.com was told by Sherrod Brown's campaign communications director Joanna Kuebler. DeWine attacked Sen. John Glenn in a previous campaign "with equally poor taste," she said.

DeWine "can't talk about the issues" and the attack is "indicative of the wheels coming off the bus for (DeWine's) campaign," Kuebler added. Indeed, the race is neck and neck despite DeWine's incumbency and could be a big pickup for Democrats in the Senate.

When BuzzFlash asked Kuebler about the Republicans who criticized the Democrat ad, she responded "I'd imagine if they were not trying to politicize another tragedy they would be equally disturbed by Mike DeWine's ad, but you'd have to ask them."

In fact, House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) was recently asked about his adamant outcry against the Democratic ad in light of a Bush commercial that showed firefighters carrying flag-draped coffin from Ground Zero during the 2004 election. His "exasperated" and "tongue-tied" response was that it is simply a "different policy issue."

Yesterday, the Ohio Democratic Party fought back with an ad in response to DeWine. "It's sad," the commercial says about DeWine's exploitation of 9/11.

We agree, but not as sad as the hypocrisy surrounding it.