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Wednesday, 19 July 2006 23:07

The Stem Cell Veto is An Early Christmas "Wedge Issue" Gift to the Dems

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Talk about an early Christmas for the Dems, along with getting turkey dinner delivered to your door.

Heck, they didn’t even have to work hard for this one. It just came on a platter.

We will repeat, as we have blared in the last few months: Almost every American knows a relative or friend who would potentially benefit from stem cell research.

The most potent political issues are emotional – and particularly when they directly relate to people's every day lives. Sparing a relative or friend illness or death is as personal as it gets. In fact, you might be the relative or friend whose life might be spared if stem cell research is successful. And if it’s your life, that’s as personal as it gets.

And most Americans see it that way. They might be the ones who need the medical cures and treatments that might develop from stem cell research.

Bush just stuck a dagger in them.

Only a small subset of Bush’s most fringe religious followers are opposed to stem cell research. Although stem cell research has such broad popular support, even many Republicans voted for it, it will still not get enough votes in Congress to override Bush’s veto.

So the Democrats finally have a wedge issue to ride to the moon.

Lately, we haven’t often agreed with Chuck Schumer, a guy who held a lot of promise as a congressman, but became pretty much a status quo senator: ''Everyone knows someone who needs this bill,'' said Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, the chairman of the Democratic senatorial committee. ''We don't have to do much work on this bill. It'll speak for itself.''

Actually, Chuck, you do need to do work. The Republicans are masters at broadcasting and branding wedge issues. You need to speak loudly, often, and with the same message: Bush is endangering the lives of every American and causing needless pain and ill-health.

Don’t be a passive player, Chuck. Slam it down Bush’s throat. Make it part of a national campaign to retake Congress.

In the past few hours, the House has already failed to override Bush’s first veto.

For the Democrats, they finally have the opportunity to be pro-choice and pro "stem cell" life.

This is the ultimate issue that touches the lives of every American. The only people "wedged out" are the fringe of the fringe.

Get off your butts, Chuck Schumer and Rahm Emmanuel.

What are you waiting for?