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Sunday, 01 October 2006 23:23

Bush, In Essence, Accuses the Top 16 Intelligence Agencies for the United States of Spreading Terrorist Propaganda

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According to Bob Woodward’s (personal and professional turnaround) blockbuster, "State of Denial," Bush has declared about Iraq: "I will not withdraw even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me."

There are far more implications to this statement than its juvenile petulance and adult hubris. Far more even than Bush, in essence, holding America hostage – and allowing the deaths of GIs and Iraqis to continue – because he is not man enough to admit a grave mistake.

You see, he has lately been touring the nation declaring that anyone who claims that the Iraq war has increased the number of terrorists or the threat of terrorism is echoing the propaganda of the terrorists. That would make such people individuals who aid and abet terrorism.

According to a September 30, Associated Press report: "Bush said Friday critics who claim the Iraq War has made America less safe embrace ‘the enemy's propaganda.’

"’You do not create terrorism by fighting terrorism,’ he told a receptive military audience. ‘If that ever becomes the mind-set of the policymakers in Washington, it means we'll go back to the old days of waiting to be attacked - and then respond.’ Bush said Friday critics who claim the Iraq War has made America less safe embrace ‘the enemy's propaganda.’"

In short (although he implies that people are misreading the National Intelligence Estimate in question), Bush is asserting that the top 16 spy agencies in the United States are hapless tools of the "terrorists." Remember that these intelligence agencies were all revamped to make us "safer," according to Bush’s past "assurances."

Yet, they have come to the same conclusions that many of our former and present top military leaders have reached: Iraq has increased the threat of terrorism and become a recruiting ground and "cause celebre" for terrorists. The U.S. is to Iraq what the Soviet Union was to Afghanistan in the 1980s.

It is Bush against the top intelligent agencies in the United States. It is Bush against military experts who have known combat (which no one in the top pro-Iraq War tier in the Bush Administration has experienced). It is Bush against the Iraqis, because 60% of them, according to a recent poll reported in the Washington Post, support attacks on our GIs. That’s right, 60% of the people who Cheney and Bush claim that we "liberated" want our soldiers to die.

It is Bush against the American people, only 20% of whom believe that the Iraq War is going well.

It is Bush against the world.

Here is a man who came in to office with nothing but failure on his resume. His only accomplishments in life that he achieved on his own were that he says he found Christ and stopped being an alcoholic at 40 (and we only have his word for both those milestones).

That’s a pretty thin resume to be second guessing the unanimous findings of America’s intelligence community, many of the top military leaders who have led the fight in Iraq, and the Iraqi and American people.

We repeat, the majority of Iraqis support the killing of our GIs. This is not speculation. It was in the Washington Post, which has been a firm supporter of the Iraq War.

Bush’s pledge to retreat into a bunker with Laura and his dog Barney is something you expect from a toddler, not a president.

We live in perilous times, and we are led by a guy whose response to 9/11 was to continue reading "My Pet Goat."

This is the stuff dark comedy is made of, but this is not dark comedy.

It’s a tragedy, and we are all players on the stage.

Only it is not a drama.

It is our lives that are in the hands of this dangerously foolish, psychologically stunted, and stubborn man.

We all are indeed inhabitants of a "state of denial."