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Monday, 02 October 2006 01:44

The GOP Knew About Foley. Is This The Republican Version of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell?"

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by Shirley Smith

The Republican Party knew about Foley, they just couldn't wipe his reputation clean in the same way they wiped Bush's AWOL military records clean (and who knows what else has been cleaned up by Poppy Bush and his friends).

But, it's never too late. The GOP has always been given plenty of time to cover things up, shred, whatever the situation calls for . . . time has been a factor or even being able to give testimony without being put under oath. How many people would love those power-bought privileges?

There is a pattern of big-guy media refusing to follow-up on these sorts of Republican scandals and Bush, along with the Republican Party, have been getting a stay-out-of-jail pass for years. They are trying to point fingers, but every day it seems there is a new GOP scandal in the news, and still the big ones go unexplored.

ABC News: "GOP Staff Warned Pages About Foley in 2001"

It doesn't matter what they knew or when they knew it, the Bush GOP has operated outside US government since Bush was placed into the White by a partisan Supreme Court. They don't respect US laws and, when the law bucks against their plans, they change the law to exonerate themselves. If Congress and the White House do not respect US law, how can we expect the general population to respect and obey the law?

We have the NRA doing everything except passing out free guns and ammunition in every state, and our prisons are bulging and being privatized . . . this country under the Bush administration is becoming an incubator for a culture of criminals in and out of government. All of that "morality" being spread around by the Bush administration is really beginning to take hold.

The most secretive White House in US history means that anything the public finds out is probably only the tip of the iceberg. They will sink this country if not relieved of their duties. The Bush's supporters deserve to carry the Bush administration's baggage one last time -- straight to jail.

Shirley Smith