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Friday, 21 July 2006 02:43

Who Will Prosecute Bush for a Double Felony?

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We just wanted to repeat again -- because the mainstream press, with few exceptions, is letting it pass, as are the Democratic leaders on the Hill -- that Bush has now committed a double felony.

This is no exaggeration.

Bush himself admitted to violating the law when he authorized illegal domestic spying and bypassed the special court that is legally empowered to oversee such spying. Then, the Attorney General of the United States testified to Congress that Bush personally prohibited Justice Department staff from investigating the illegal spying.

That's called obstruction of justice.

In essence, it's a double felony.

Yet, the American mainstream press and the nattering nabobs on Capitol Hill have hardly uttered a word of objection.

What happens when you are a criminal who keeps breaking the law and getting away with it?

We're finding out, aren't we?

Just keep your eyes on the White House, home of the double felony.