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Monday, 16 March 2009 03:08

Race to the Bottom Round 1 Game 1: McCain v. Rove

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Welcome to Round One Game One of BuzzFlash's Republican Race to the Bottom. Here's how to play: Vote for the worse of the two contenders on the left. Vote by marking the circle next to the contender you dislike more, and click "Vote." A winner will be declared at midnight tonight.  (If you can't see the poll, please upgrade to Internet Explorer 8, or try Firefox)

The winner will advance to the next round of the Sour Sixteen, with a chance to become this year's worst conservative. Click here for more about the Race to the Bottom. Click here to see the full bracket, which you can fill out to play along at home. 

Karl "Bush's Brain" Rove

Known as "the Cute One" in the Bush White House boy band, Rove is world renown for masterminding the 2000 and 2004 Bush Presidential campaigns.

When he's not Swift Boating the opposition, Rove likes to spend his time voting in states he's not a real resident of, and dodging subpoenas. He retired from the Bush White House in 2007, and since has been a most valuable player for Fox News and the Wall Street Journal.


John "T-Rex" McCain

With the beat-down of the 2008 season still haunting McCain, all bets are off on the performance of this classic war horse of a player. In fact, he almost didn't make it into the playoffs, but his tenacity in the earmark games last month was undeniable.

There's some speculation of whether this might be McCain's last season, so watch out for more serious showboating from the Arizona senator on the court.