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Friday, 21 July 2006 05:37

BuzzFlash Mailbag for July 21, 2006

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The opinions expressed in the Mailbag are not necessarily those of BuzzFlash. More reader opinion is in our Contributor section. You can write to the Mailbag at the Mailbag Contact form. Guidelines for submissions are at BuzzFlash FAQ #18.


Subject: Massage

If President Clinton had massaged any woman he would have been impeached again, much less the Chancellor of Germany.

Wilma C Calmes
Irvine, Kentucky

Subject: Dumbya Addresses The NAACP - For the First Time Since Selection as Presnit

Well, clear the runway, the pigs are preparing to take off. I just can’t believe that Dumbya is being allowed to address the NAACP! What are they thinking at the NAACP? Could David Duke and Fred Phelps not attend, and they had to go with the #3 in charge of the cultivation of fear, hatred and racism?

I don’t know what amazes me more, dumbya telling people that the RETHUGlicans are going to work with them or the audience believing it. Six years of lies, deception and overt racism coming from dumbya and co. along with the wink and nod of the party and the NAACP still allows this embarrassment of a p-Resident to lie before them.

Just a quick note for the NAACP - the GOP, Katherine Harris, Jeb and dumbya purged voter rolls with the fake felon list in the 2000 presidential election. This “purge” was mainly directed at black people, and the illegal silencing of black votes was deliberate. It was deliberate because they knew if the black votes were actually counted the RETHUGlicans would LOSE!

Even by using illegal election manipulation, dumbya still lost the election. He would have lost by an even larger margin if all the votes were correctly counted and his GOP THUGS hadn’t caused the “Brooks Brothers Riot.” Why would they throw a hissy fit and stop the recount? Because they knew they lost!

Remember that when dumbya is saying that they are “working” to mend the problems with the GOP and people of color that he wouldn’t ever address them during the election campaign. Remember that he basically flipped the bird to everyone at various black holidays by releasing some form of racism each holiday? Everyone that has experienced some form of racism should take note of dumbya’s past and that of the GOP.

I remember him sitting at Mrs. King’s funeral and being outraged that he was allowed to attend after all the antics he and the party pulled prior to her funeral. I thought he was classless to attend the funeral. I thought that the Kings had more class and dignity in their little finger than this bigoted lump of human excrement. He should have been shown the door and told to leave - the funeral, the white house and the country.

KJ Lovell
Duncan, OK

Subject: Religion

In reply to Brian of Toronto (Mailbag July 20): There already is such a church as you described, and it is the Unitarian Universalist church. Look it up on the internet and you will find it very much agrees with you. Personally, I am a life-long Presbyterian.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Bush's Sh*t Moment

I just read your article about Bush having to be bleeped out on network TV for his use of the word sh*t, in another one of his horrific diplomatic and social blunders -- of which there are so many.

At any rate, it took me back in my mind when George Carlin first released his monologue "The Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television."

It is Carlin at his funniest and sharpest. In fact, that monologue, and the entire "Class Clown" album was hysterical. Likewise, AM-FM, one of his first, was a classic. I remember laughing at Al Sleet, the hippy-dippy weatherman; Raoul and Congolia Breckenridge playing the "Divorce Game" and spinning the "custody wheel"; drugs and "starting them out early" with pills named after a Saint (to fool you), and "there will be more colors later on, children." And, the various clever advertising names birth control pills could be sold as: Popper Stopper, Woom Broom, and the Handy Shack Pack for you weekenders.

For those who are too young, check the link out.

Of course, it's funniest when you can both hear and watch Carlin as he does it, but whatever it takes to make us laugh and put Dubya out of our conscious mind is okay with me.

Lisa Johnson
Milwaukee, WI

listening to gw bush address the naacp was like listening to the guy on his front porch telling folks how much he loves dogs and anyone who would hurt one ought to be shot...

meanwhile out back in his barn he is running dog fights! they count on people only hearing his words and not really knowing what he has done and is doing! and the democrats let them get away with it!

sharon (shorty) swift in memphis tn

Subject: Mailbag ... 7/20

To Tom Wieliczka ... thanks for asking those questions ... Same thing I was wondering ... all!

I think the Stem Cell bill that Bush signed and acted so worked up about ("I am just not gonna have it") was just his way of coming down after a long drunk ... he had to come back to work ... so he gathered a bunch of right-wing neocons to cheer him on and he made his little speech about stem cell research ... phoney!!!!!!

And to all us Buzz readers ... when we speak of the 'do nothing' democrats ... I agree with you, but, that does not include those of us out here by ourselves. All of us, surely know what is is like to just know you are going to win ... only to have that hope dashed right away! I have, and I am sure you have ... and after all ... what kind of power do we have, except our vote ... and that has not been doing a helluva lot for any of us lately.

If we could get the Democrats in power to even listen to any of us ... and do for us ... the people who pay their damned salary and benefits ... maybe we could win ... just maybe!!

Shirley ... St. Louis

Subject: Things On My Mind

How come Ann Coulter is not behind bars? If Bill Clinton ran the country like Bush is doing now he would be impeached 10 times over. Did someone say Impeachment? I am starting to feel sorry for The New York Times. This just in ... If you are a Bush lover will you please go fight his War for him? Please...

What is all the love for Condi Rice for President on the Republican side? She should be in jail with the rest of the Bush Crew. When will we REALLY have a Liberal Media? I'm waiting ...

MoDo of The New York Times ... Keep up the great work you do girl. Arianna Huffington ... You do the same. Hey Howard Dean: We will see the hard work you are doing in November ... And '08. wink. Thank You Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert. The left needs someone like Bill O'Reilly BUT who tells the Truth. CNN is Fox Lite. MSNBC, well you should be where the left turns to.


Subject: Snowflake Babies

If there is a fire in a fertility clinic, and you are present with a child, and you can save either 100 snowflakes or the live child, I guess you should save the 100 snowflakes. 1 vs 100: the choice is clear.

Ruth Shalom
Great Neck, NY

Subject: Another reason to hate Clinton

Or maybe it's just that he's self-hating. Why else would a brilliant, handsome and personable man embark on so many self-destructive liaisons?

So he helped the economy but gave our good jobs to other countries. He wants to be friends with the people who destroyed his term in office - the Bush faction, including Joe L.

Clinton to help Lieberman against rival (AP/Yahoo)

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Stem Cell Veto

You all are getting exciting about the wrong aspect of this. I bet that research is ongoing by our drug companies, just not on american soil. And I bet that someday not too far off the result will be available to the american public, for the right price. If that research was done on american soil, under american laws and with federal tax money, people would balk and yell about the high price but since it was developed elsewhere and with no tax money, the drug companies will make piles of money by charging what the market will bear. They are not against stem cell research, just against it being in the public domain.

A Regular Reader

Subject: Blackwell in Ohio

Blackwell's position as candidate in a statewide election and the chief government official that oversees that election is unbelievable! Why are not Ohioans raising hell about this? I think it's because the PRESS is neglecting to cover this most outrageous instance of electoral corruption and malfeasance.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Clinton and Lieberman?????

I suppose the Clintons did not watch television at all...back when he was getting taken to the gallows...over a tryst. Does Clinton really not remember Lieberman's smart-ass remark about how he was the first Senator to stand up and berate Bill Clinton for his behavior? I really do not believe this, and now he is going to Conn...to campaign for him? Why should we all care so much when they don't??

Shirley ... St. Louis

Subject: North American Union???!!!!!!!!!!!!! Inform Yourselves!!!

I was stunned to learn about the NORTH AMERICAN UNION project (just google it). How had I never heard of this? How had I never heard of the HUGE twelve lane toll superhighway that is planned to ram through Texas? (Part of the UNION project, and an ecological disaster in the making). It is not as though it is completely unknown...evidently Lou Dobbs spoke about it on his show on the 4th of July. But is a secret from the public, as much as possible.

In short, it is an agreement, already reached between George Bush, Paul Martin of Canada, and Vicente Fox of Mexico, to make of our countries one union with open borders. Please inform yourselves...this is shocking to me...and not good news. It would benefit corporations enormously. And it would abrogate our Constitution.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Israeli Invasion of Lebanon

I am a big fan of BuzzFlash for providing unrelenting criticism of human rights violations throughout the world.

But where is your editorial denunciation of Israel's wanton massacre of civilians in Lebanon?

I see a few news stories, but so far no criticism from your editorials. Are Israelis to be held to a different standard than the rest of humanity when it comes to human rights?

I'm not excusing the atrocities of Hezbollah. But Israel is destroying an entire society.

Where is your criticism?

I appreciate all you do. Perhaps I have overlooked something. If so, forgive me.

Jeffrey Briggs
La Puente, CA

Subject: A Practical Way To Obtain A Truly Democratic America

We the people only support those candidates who pledge to enact legislation that will put a computer in every home, with special provisions for providing easy computer access to the homeless and to those without electricity. The moola for this wonderful giveaway is to come out of the defense department and the intelligence service budgets. Thereafter the politicos in Congress are to resign so that, compliments of the internet, government of the people, by the people and for the people can be initiated.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Bush Approval Ratings By State

Perusing the SurveyUSA list of Bush Net approval ratings you linked to, I could not help noticing that of all the states whose electoral votes Bush received in 2004, Ohio has, by a significant margin, the lowest net approval (really the highest net disapproval) figure: -32%.

To be sure, Bush's ratings have dropped everywhere, as you note (I particularly liked his +1% net approval rating in Texas); but such a swing from a narrow victory in 2004 to his standing today seems extraordinary.

Which to my mind is yet one more indication that the official 2004 vote count in Ohio favoring Bush was inaccurate. (Oh, yes, and Florida just happens to be tied for next lowest net approval rating among the 2004 Bush states).

Approval Rating for George W. Bush as of 7/18/06: Only three states have a 50% or higher approval ranking; Only six have a disapproval rating below 50%. 7/21

Johan Statius Muller
Colorado Springs, CO

Subject: Bill Clinton Saying the Things Dumbya Said

Goodness if Bill Clinton (the Last Legally Elected President) had said the drunken, dope induced ramblings caught on tape, not to mention the sexual harassment of another head of state what do you think the media would be doing right now? Yes, running it non-stop right into the ground.

We had to endure how many months of the minute details of President Clinton’s affair? Yet we are spared even the most brief media coverage of a drunken dumbya talking endlessly about a pig. We are all but ignorant of his sexual harassment of Ms. Merkel. We are virtually unaware of his pearls of sh*t caught on video and audio tape.

If that had been any Democrat or even Bill Clinton they would be hoisting him up onto that cross for crucifixion as we speak.

But Heaven forbid we look into the volumes of war crimes, breaches of the Constitution, lawlessness of this mis-administration. We should never expect to again have a transparent Government. We should never again expect an HONEST ELECTION.

Thank you so called MSM journalists.

You make a scene of the “first veto,” yet turn a blind eye to the silent vetoes of numerous other “laws” passed. You turn your blind eye to the MORE THAN 750 OTHER signing statements.

Had your type of so-called journalism been around in the 1970s, we would still be in the dark about the Watergate scandal, and Nixon would have been dictator until he died.

Guess what, dumbya isn’t going anywhere in ‘08, unless they feel the need to install Jeb. And all your finances and phone calls and e-mails - you guessed her Chester … property of DUMBYA AND COMPANY.

Good luck and good night. Welcome to the New World Order. And Halliburton thanks you for your kids' lives for their profits. Good work mindless GOP zombies.

KJ Lovell
Duncan, OK

Subject: Bush Veto? It's All About Big Pharma

Bush's veto has nothing to do with protecting the rights of the 'unborn.' It's all about maintaining diseases ... diseases that require long-term drug treatments. If the results of Stem Cell Research were to lead to eliminating many of the diseases we experience today, Big Pharma would suffer the consequence of losing huge chunks of their drug markets. No one to date, to my knowledge, has publicly made this connection.

Chuck Muziani
Pittsburgh, PA

Subject: Israel and Iran

I find it strange that Israel would commit its blood and treasure at the level it is over two soldiers and some rockets that are essentially small artillery rounds. Am I being overly paranoid or is this attack on Hezbollah a preliminary strike to secure Israel's northern border prior to an attack on Iran? I think Israel has decided to attack Iran's nuclear sites and Syria too if it comes to Iran's aid, which it has pledged to do. Why else would Israel call up its reserves, spew anti-Iranian propaganda, and call this a fight for Israel's survival? Having secured southern Lebanon the reserves are for thwarting any move by Syria while the Israeli air force bombs Iran.

One has to ask oneself, how are a few bottle rockets a threat to Israel? Or the kidnapping of a couple of citizens? They didn't go to war when buses were being blown up daily with their high death toll. The prelude was the attack on Gaza. We are seeing Act I in Lebanon. Act II will be further escalation to protect Israel's vulnerable West Bank border. Act III will be the attack on Iran. The finale is anyone's guess.

Richard Crumley
Seattle, Washington

Subject: Bush Abandons Americans Again

It's much like experiencing Mr. Bush's Katrina failure all over again. Only this time the failures are more horrific.

Israel is supposed to be our ally. The United States gives Israel billions in arms and aid. Would it have been too much to ask for Mr. Bush to ask that Israel cease-fire long enough to get 25,000 innocent Americans out of harm's way, BEFORE Israel started using the weapons WE GAVE THEM!?

Just a thought, they could always go back to bombing once innocents were out of harm's way.

Like Katrina, with the crisis in the Middle East, there was warning. Still we're dealing with the repercussions from Mr. Bush's failure to do what is his sworn duty to do - protect American lives.

Judging from Mr. Bush's vulgar, disengaged behavior at the G8, Mr. Bush hasn't learned much since his drunken frat-boy days.

Michael Dibari
New Orleans, LA

Subject: Where's the story about Congress' vote to support Israel?

Hi Buzz,

Yesterday, 7/20, the [House] voted unanimously to support "Israel's right to defend itself" and only 8 HR members voted against a similar resolution. This is huge news--a blank check to Israel--on the same day that Israel announced a "full scale" ground invasion of Lebanon. There is no media coverage of this vote. Nothing in the NYTimes this morning, nothing on the WPost website. What's the deal? Why isn't this vote in the news? Congress gave Israel a "blank check"--shades of 1914. Time to check out the history books to remind ourselves of how that turned out. Once the US issues Israel a blank check, how can we act to protect our interests or work to deescalate the crisis in Lebanon?

Here's the 8 HR members who voted against the resolution:

McDermott, Abercrombie, Rahall, Conyers, Dingle, Kirkpatrick, Stark, and one Republican, Ron Paul

Thanks for checking into this story.


Congress voices support for Israel after a week of partisan bickering (JTA.com)

Judy Munro-Leighton

Subject: Bush at NAACP Meeting

The usual applause lines were met with silence or boos when bush finally deigned to speak to our black brothers and sisters at their annual meeting. The guys who got sent out to hand-pick THAT audience ran into a problem, I see. No arrests either, as at other bush-a-thons.

Liz Walker
Hollywood, Ca.

Subject: Mailbag 7/19/06

To Marjorie Swanson....thanks....I think many of us feel like that...we would love to just have a place where we could talk to each other and know that we could all understand. And, to Genie...thanks ...we do need each other at a time like this. Marjorie...I think the last time I had the opportunity to do that was in the very early days of Howard Dean. Right at first....he was our savior...he was gonna take us out of all the things Bush did criminally, and what we saw that no republican saw. But, the fates (dumb democrats and devious republicans) saw to it that it did not happen!

My daughter likes to remind me that Kerry, Lieberman, etc...were the ones responsible for Dean's loss....and I agree to a point...but, it would not have mattered....we all found that out! I remember when we all, here in my area got on to Dean...we were so excited...there was a rally at one of the larger restaurants in my area of St. Louis...and there were people from all over the St. Louis area. From upscale W. County...and Illinois...everywhere. They showed films...of his speeches...and the crowd was so loud, and responsive. We all sat at tables and talked and you knew everyone there was agreeable to the cause.

Now, I am still making people whom I thought were very good friends, mad! I just got another of those silly, inane, 'forwards' from a friend from school...and it talked of the 'Liberal media' never being behind the troops...you would never know that so many people backed the troops and the good they are doing in Iraq, if you had to depend on the Left wing media'...and I bristle still..I just cannot take it. So, I wrote back and told them all that THERE IS NO LIBERAL MEDIA! Now, the couple which I thought were my friends, are mad...and they think it is important to pray for our President, in this time of crisis! I have tried to impress upon her that the people I pray for are not this administration...they are the poor unfortunate babies and children and innocents who catch the bullets in this illegal war.

They will not ever...ever...understand. They are all into sound bites...all! At least my cousins who once did that...now really watch what they send...but, they still feel the same way. I will never, in this life, understand this past 6 years...and the remaining 2! I have at last gotten to the point where I don't even send donations to the democratic party...with people like Lieberman, and Clinton now going to Connecticut to campaign for him? What is there to believe in politically anymore? I have not even been able to send a donation to my favorite news source...BUZZFLASH!! Gas goes up...and it comes down...8 cents...up and down, 20cents up and down...it changes with the weather... That comes first...like all of you, who patronize this site...I am in agreement...and I will support them first. Thanks to you BuzzFlash...I hope you survive this administration...and we will all be better for it!

So much appreciation and love...for all the intelligent conversations of letter writers and your articles...which I try to read every single day of my life.

Shirley ... St. Louis

Subject: "Boiling a Frog"

Just in case anyone has missed or forgotten how we have arrived at this sorry state of affairs.

Wikipedia's article pretty much covers it - "Boiling Frog Story."

San Diego

Subject: "Wreck the World" Board Game

Hi BuzzFlash,

Regarding your new premium: "Wreck The Nation: The Game of Political Misbehavior (Board Game)":

Why not have the game that goes "for the stars" in the title of ALL of Bush's Debacles?

After all, hasn't Bush Inc WRECKED MORE than just The United States? Look at What Bush "Has Accomplished" with "The Entire World"?

Just look around you with today's news after Bush wanted Democracy to spread in The Middle East. It has given us bedlam, chaos and a Civil War in Iraq while Afghanistan has the Taliban coming out of their caves and reclaiming the land.

Israel and Lebanon are shooting at each other and killing innocent civilian while Bush just sits there on his hands to admire the fireworks.

That North Korean nut job is having his "Rush LimBORE Moment" as he "can't get it up," while he fires one nuke missile after another towards Japan while India shoots off a nuke missile and peeves Pakistan.

Europe has one train being blown up after another by some Wacko Organization controlled by some bearded guy that Bush nicknamed Osama bin Forgotten.

You would think that with GM having a hard time selling cars, perhaps they could go into the Walking Cane business and sell OBL a cane with OnStar hidden in it so we can find the bastard.

No Foreign Country looks up to the United States anymore. Say the words "United States" to any foreign individual and they laugh at you.

As for our country, every part of and in it has been ruined forever.

Over 200 years of Democracy are out the window, as we are now run by a Dictatorship.

Our strong economy has been shattered and every Foreign Country Enemy now OWNS US. Bush achieved in his first six years what the all the other Presidents combined could not do in the amount of debt.

A Free Press in America no longer exists. The Constitution has been shredded and The Bill of Rights was used to get a fire going in The White House fireplace.

Voting Rights and Availability are gone forever.

Everything our Founding Fathers thought through long and hard about is with us no longer. 1984 is here in the - Right Now!!

So again BuzzFlash, strive for a Higher Target in the game's name pertaining to ALL of Bush Inc's Disasters. You may need a bigger board game size, but at least the real scope of Bush's Disasters would be seen.

Yup. Bush has drilled another one of his Infamous "dry holes" and he named it "The World".

Tom Wieliczka
Windsor Locks, CT

Subject: Goodbye Big Bird, Hello More Guns and Marriage

Bush: "Leave no child behind. 'MY' program leaves no child behind!" (as he pats himself on the back). Fact: Bush's No-Child-Left-Behind bill called for $25 billion in federal funding for local schools ... but they will get just half of that.

Fact: Senate Panel Freezes Head Start Grants (Washington Post)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ... er, I mean the gov'mint:

Congress to Spend $750 Million to promote marriage (AP/MSNBC)


$453 billion bill funding the Defense Department is approved(AP/Washington Post)

War is in. Marriage!! Marriage!! Marriage!! (but only between a man and a woman). (Sorry kiddies, you gotta learn early to, heh heh, get with the program. "MY" program, that is. Oh and don't forgit, yer gonna be payin' off the debts I'm wrackin' up. I appreciate it.)

Makes you wanna puke, don't it.

A Buzzer, appalled

Subject: Acceptable collateral damage

Hello, Mr. Bush.

I see by today's Washington Post that you view all the innocent civilian deaths in Lebanon as regrettable but necessary. This is consistent with our own behavior in Iraq.

In Mideast Strife, Bush Sees a Step To Peace

Understandable, I guess. These men, women, children and infants are not frozen embryos, which of course would merit our unqualified protection.

It is not that I necessarily disagree with your support for Israel's legitimate right of self-defense. (Although I do wonder if you could provide examples from history where this type of force and killing has resolved problems such as the Israeli-Arab conflict on an enduring basis.)

It is just the fact that you find one type of truly horrific killing and maiming of civilians and innocent living human beings so easy of moral justification, yet invoke the majesty of human life for frozen, fertilized eggs already destined for destruction. You are preserving their God-given right to be flushed down the toilet, which somehow lacks nobility of purpose.

To rephrase Emerson, this seems to me an extraordinarily foolish inconsistency, and beyond the bounds of human understanding.

Shame on you.

John F. Williford
Richland, WA

Subject: A Culture of Death

George Bush's veto of stem cell research is being portrayed as a pro-life issue. His photo-op with children produced from frozen embryos was a shameless exploitation of those children who could not be aware of their appearance with a madman.

One is reminded of the screenplay adaptation of Stephen King's 'The Dead Zone' wherein the demented Stillson, portrayed by Martin Sheen, grabs a baby to shield himself from Christopher Walken's character who attempts to assassinate Stillson after his prophetic vision of Stillson as president unleashing a nuclear first strike. Stillson addresses the assembled reporters at his door and announces, "Hallelujah, the missiles are flying."

George Bush presided over the most executions in any term as Texas governor and infamously mocked Karla Faye Tucker's plea for her life. He is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, the majority of them civilians. He is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans who either committed suicide or whose medical conditions worsened after their jobs and their health care coverage was eliminated.

The recent video of Bush and Blair at the G8 summit shows the grimacing face of a twisted man whose eyes dart back and forth across the room like an animal. Religious conservatives try to show themselves as caring for children while their point men like James Dobson extol the virtues of beating children.

Pro-life translates to anti-woman. Do not allow these charlatan, dogmatic conservatives to frame the national dialogue with their pejorative language. Their ideology is based on hatred and intolerance.

Most importantly, the use of stem cells to potentially treat hundreds of debilitative diseases has been shot down by this veto. Prominent conservatives, including Nancy Reagan, have appealed to Bush to allow expanded research into additional lines.

In his obvious pandering to Christian conservatives, Bush has once again demonstrated that the painful suffering of many thousands of Americans is inconsequential to his policy of serving the malevolent desires of the Republican Party.

Responsible members of both parties should show Bush and his backers the door come November.


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