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Friday, 21 July 2006 06:13

Time Killed, Dreams Buried -- Ms. Smith Goes to Washington

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Killing time is the chief end of our society. -- Ugo Betti, The Fugitive, 1953

These members of the Bush GOP actually think that every American's awareness of the Bush GOP's timeline for the last six years is closer to a Salvador Dali clock or stopwatch. That Americans merely have to be told something or shown some symbol of time past, as if it had nothing to do with them, yet, the symbol of those burning towers had everything to do with the Bush GOP.

USNews: Nation & World: DeWine blunder adds fuel to controversial Sept. 11 ad

September 11 happened on Bush's watch. Bush's clock. Bush's timepiece. And before 911, there's the meetings regarding the pipeline and we've all read about the threats to that country, if Afghanistan didn't go along with the pipeline, and the memos regarding the invasion of Iraq, trying to link Saddam with bin Laden. What is surprising is that these members of the Republican party, keep trying to remind Americans of 911, as if it's somebody else's fault.

Every time Americans see a picture of the burning towers on September 11, they should think about what could have happened ... what might have been prevented if the warnings that Bush and his administration had received, had been passed on to Americans, but no, they decided to warn only a few people that they really cared about, just in case the warnings had any real meaning. That decision, alone, was treasonous to this country.

Ashcroft was one of those people warned. But, the airlines were not warned and American citizens were not warned. In my mind's eye, I will never forget those who decided how they would die and jumped. Americans, viewing those symbols, should also be reminded of how long it took Bush to get to New York. How he used it as a photo shoot and then tried to cut government money. They should be reminded of how the investigation was blocked at every turn. They should also wonder about the many unanswered questions left dangling from the secretive Bush GOP White House regarding that day and the immediate sounds of the war drums that began beating to invade Iraq.

Why would anyone believe that Bush would warn Americans again if he was warned of another attack? Is this the leadership so many Americans think is strong, faithful, trustworthy, moral, and fruitful? Symbols of success? Symbols of morality? 911, Afghanistan, Iraq, New Orleans ... debt, death, destruction?

It's not new or inventive for perpetrators of crimes to blame their victims or others who are close to them. It's done every day in the USA. How many times have we Americans heard this Bush GOP regime and partisan TV talking heads blame President Clinton and his administration for GOP mistakes. Granted, Clinton made mistakes and the biggest mistake was to ignore the facts and refuse to hold Poppy Bush accountable for his crimes. That decision, and the constant bipartisanship towards these criminals ... it could be said, that it did sorta, kinda lay a time bomb that has since gone off in our face, after what we Americans have been given by this Bush GOP administration, because it's full of those same criminals. In that respect, we Americans should not make the same mistakes over and over again.

Americans should not be surprised by this country's latest step backward that has been taken by Bush's draconian leadership in using his only veto in six years against stem cell research. Something that would save lives. Something Bush doesn't believe in doing, ever. A person who never stopped on the side of caution when it came to the killing of innocent people ... Bush couldn't care less. His veto was a symbol that the Right-Wing Coalition's votes were being bought by the Republican party for the 2006 election. More GOP morality.

Lampooning stem cell research is Bush's way of showing off his power and flaunting it, ill-gotten or not. In time, stem cell research will come to this country, regardless of a bullying, bungling, and cold-blooded leader such as Bush. In time, civil rights for all Americans will come to this country in spite of the devil-may-care, uncouth, boorish, snarling, and perilous leadership by Bush and supported by those who grovel at his feet. The only cell Bush should be worried about should be the one waiting for him, the one that calls out to him, beckons to him ... the cell that Bush has earned for his treasonous leadership.

More signs of wasted time by a GOP congress, but, it is understandable because they share the blame in every one of Bush's crimes. Such loyalty deserves a stimulating wake up call from this democracy. Their actions are also treasonous by law, and if many of these members of congress are lawyers, and are knowingly breaking the law, are they allowed to keep their licenses to practice such law, I wonder. Where are the peer reviews? Where is the respect for the law in our own government? Why is the Bush GOP administration still camping out in the White House after their total disregard for US law?

Time has been on the side of the Bush GOP. The weakest governing reign in the history of this country and the most cruel and criminal. The facts are there. Debt, death, destruction ... how many more symbols of the Bush GOP's past crimes do we need? Crime should not be allowed to pay, especially when it is our own government officials getting paid. They did the crimes. They should pay back the piper and bump off the time ... in prison, an easy off, considering what these people have done during the last six years. Justice becomes Bush's nightmare and America's dreamcatcher.

Thanks BuzzFlash,

Shirley Smith