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Tuesday, 15 September 2009 04:41

BuzzFlash Mailbag for September 15, 2009

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Subject: Obama on Wall Street

So what happened to Main Street? As the financial situation worsens across the land, the President chooses to address the situation from Wall Street. If he has friends anywhere, he should find them here. Just like on health care the President likes to talk big without actually taking a firm position on anything. There has been no financial reform and there's not likely to be any either. As an indication of how the cozy relationship between big banks and regulators has changed not an iota read this article in today's NYT.


When the courts have to step in and force regulators to do their jobs then its fairly clear that regulation is as lax as ever. To make matters worse the cast of regulators has not changed beyond the most culpable of them having been promoted to higher positions in government - most notably Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. The banking bundlers have gotten bolder and are now engaging in even more dangerous and unproductive schemes such as buying up life insurance policies from elderly people, bundling those with other securities and selling them to private investors - a move that's sure to distort the insurance markets and result in higher premiums for people who want to protect their families with life insurance. None of this is an accident. Regulators are fully aware of what's going on, they're just very deliberately choosing to do nothing about it. As a result the most non-productive, overpaid people in the country are raking in millions and billions at the expense of everyone else and the economy in general.

With each successive presidential address, I become more disillusioned with Obama. He effectively killed the public option for health care by saying that he supports it, but that people should be prepared to not get it. Well, thanks to that comment we won't get it and as a consequence health care reform is DOA. What will emerge is an insurance company bill that will guarantee them even bigger profits while their excessive profits are the core problem for escalating health care costs in this country. There's a distinct pattern emerging here where the culprits are rewarded big time at a huge expense to everyone else. While financial regulators are twiddling their thumbs, Gsux still has their super-computer plugged into the NYSE sucking the profits out of the markets. This undermines the entire purpose of the stock markets in the first place - providing working capital for American Industry. Who even wants a stock market that serves only to syphon off profits into the greediest and most capacious pockets in the land?

With the sole exception of Justice Sotomayor's appointment to the Supreme Court, the truth is that President Obama has only made matters much worse since taking office. At every opportunity he proclaims that the "tide has turned" on the economy. Last I heard over 500K jobs were lost in the last quarter. It doesn't take a forecasting wizard to know that the tide doesn't turn until it stops receding. We're apparently going to get four more years of b**h style BS at the most critical juncture in our nation's history. The candidate of change has himself proven to be a changeling. He's effectively spurned the friendship and support of the progressive movement and sought to make new ones amongst those who are implacably opposed to him no matter what he does.

It's not as though he's performing well on any other front. Just as the Taliban are perfecting their expertise with IED's and successfully recruiting vast hordes of suicide bombers, he seems set to send even more U.S. troops there. You might almost think that the Pentagon is being run by Al Qaeda operatives. Where are the MRAP vehicles? Why aren't we doing a better job at recruiting and training the Afghan army? Why aren't we operating from strategically placed, well fortified bases and using our technological advantages more effectively? Why are we leaving the Iraqi army will little more than pickup trucks and AK47's as we withdraw from that miserable experience? Why is NASA still intent on abandoning the Space Shuttle program and replacing it with a 1960's era man-in-a-can program? Where are the high-speed rail projects and the green revolution? None of it is happening because our priorities are all wrong. If white roofs will help - why not put it in the building code? We are making no progress - big or small. It would almost be nice if the government were ineffective. But they're not - they are very effective at exacerbating the problem set while at the same time praising themselves like a never ending Academy Awards program.

We need real change more urgently than ever. We have a changeling instead.

Tim Mooring
San Francisco, CA

Subject: The Angry Mob

Throughout history all noble causes have had to confront "The Angry Mob". The angry mob is funded by those whose fear is that they will have to share what they have, freedom, wealth, choice, and now health. End Slavery? I think not sir, and Civil War broke out as South Carolina under the leadership of Joe Wilson broke away from the Union. (Joe Wilson did not advocate seccesion, but he did demonstrate his ability to lie and mislead. Ironically when I called his office and said he had no manners, they thought that was just mean.). Give Women the right to vote? Have you gone mad sir. And thus woman of leadership had the courage to move forward. Women such as Susan B. Anthony and Hellen Keller.

Minimum Wage? The Angry Mob would hear none of it. Child Labor laws? No!, Safe Working Conditions, Changes in Banking regulations so the common man could own a home, the Angry Mob was there. Social Security? The Angry Mob was loud, ignorant, and in the minority. Equal Rights? Civil Rights....... Oh the ghost of George Wallace. And so it goes. Every noble cause is confronted with the angry mob, fearful that by helping the community of man they will have to share in that wealth. I watched the Teabaggers get together in Washington on C-SPAN (ironic that a public network would be the only media to carry the get together of people who claim to hate such social programs). Admittedly I was just curious and had no expectations ......... but what I heard was beyond description. They are a baseless cause.

They have no substance to their arguement, which is just anger. The out of control spending that they want to speak out about started under George W. Bush, they just don't wish to acknowledge it. They say they want to "Take Away Our Guns!!", but who is they? Did some government agent come over last night and confiscate old betsy or something. Sure some of us want to make automatic weapons illegal, but for my money you can own as many guns as you want, and so can I. I think their real issue (as they have no substantive arguements) is that a man of color is in The White House. I heard one of their speakers actually blame the "Social Movement" on the hippies. Someone needs to get this person a book, and the teach them how to read. Some comfort should be taken by the presence of "The Angry Mob", they have always been there doing what they can to prevent the world from becoming a better place. How can you measure what is right until you witness what is so very very very wrong.

Jim Ridout
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Subject: Censure of Joe Wilson

What's wrong with calling Obama, or the rest of our political class for that matter, liar?

Congresscritter Wilson's only fault was not in similarly describing himself and his President, George W. Bush.

Chris Herz

Subject: Sons of Confederate Veterans

“Mr. Wilson, never apologize for allowing your love of truth to overrun your desire to be polite,” the SCV Tea Party declared on its website. “It is the liar who must apologize, not the one who identifies the liar!”

No, when you call someone a name you must prove you are correct.

First there is a difference between being wrong and being a liar. Wilson must prove that Obama does not believe what he is saying.

To lie, you must know and BELIEVE the truth and say something else.

A bank robber pleading "not guilty" is a liar.

Wilson may actually believe Obama is lying, but it is his job to prove it.

Wilson needs to show in writing exactly where he gets his information and no, he isn't allowed to say, well that is what they mean because he isn't a mind reader.

Karen Webb
Moore, Ok

Subject: stupidity not going away

Dear BuzzFlash:

We may as well face the truth: for those of us sick to death of right wing radio and its fanatical sycophantic audience (that's butt kisser to you Limbaugh Lemmings), we will have to endure this force of stupidity and hate because let's be realistic: there is and always has been an audience for it. Anybody who likes to think that the racist days of pre-civil rights America are history is either ignorant, an eternal optimist, or has never set foot in the South. As evidenced by the Tea Party this past weekend, right wing imbeciles are fueled by hatred of blacks, and especially black presidents. There ain't too much love going on for anybody else who isn't a white bread evangelical either.

Did you see any Latinos or blacks at the Tea Party? Of course not. Did any of these morons acknowledge that it was George W. Bush who created the mess we're in, not President Obama? And doesn't it gall you that these hate mongers refuse to address him as President Obama? My friends, just because one won't admit publicly their racist tendencies doesn't get one off the hook. I couldn't tell you how many people I know who claim to not be racist or prejudiced, yet live in exclusive gated communities, counties or towns with little or no minority population, and would move the second one moved in on their street. It's easy to say you're not prejudiced when you live in backwoods Idaho. But I think the worst part of the right wing idealogy is their incredible idea that they and their ilk are the "real Americans", and that anybody not in that demographic shouldn't be entitled to the benefits of the Constitution. Sound ludicrous? I've heard many a Lemming state that liberals shouldn't be allowed on the radio, TV or in print.

Thanks to Ann Coulter for stating that she didn't like the 1st Amendment because people she hated were allowed to speak. So like it or lump it, these jerks are here to stay. We must never allow them to succeed in trampling all over the Constitution, which they would do if it meant total media domination. Frankly, I doubt the average Limbaugh Lemming has the faintest clue about the Bill Of Rights. That would be contradictory to their fascist outlook. So harp on, lunatics. I for one exercise my 1st Amendment rights, and I double yellow dog dare you to try to shut me up.

Fayetteville, AR

Subject: Patriotism, Christianity and the Lunatic Fringe

First they used the threat of Communism (1950). Branded themselves as Cold War Patriots. And the Rosenbergs were executed on June 19, 1953.

Then came Louis A. Bowman. Member of the Sons of the American Revolution. And in 1954, "Under God" was officially added to the Pledge of Allegiance.

Then came Arkansas's Governor, Orval Faubus, A self proclaimed Klu Klux Klan member. And in direct defiance of the 1957 Civil Rights Act. Ordered the State Nat. Guard to block Nine Black Students from integrating Central High School.

Then they maintained Jim Crow. Defined as the Democratic Party Redeemer (1876-1965). And Medgar Evers was gunned down in his driveway (June 12, 1963).

Then came the "Southern Bloc" / Dixiecrats / Segregationists. the Official States' Rights Party. And for 54 days attempted to block passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

And then they came for the Youth. Called The Billy Graham Crusade 05/28/1970. And Richard Nixon and Graham secretly blamed all problems on Jews.

Then they came for Political clout. Self appointing themselves as Christians. And Jerry Farwell founded the the Moral Majority in 1979.

Then they came for the Evangelicals. Branded themselves as the The New Right. And Reagan was elected to the White House (1981).

Then they came for the votes. Defined as The Christian Coalition in 1989. And in 1988 Pat Robertson lost his bid for US President. Then they came for the Southern Baptists and Methodists. Declaring themselves as The Moral Majority. And George H. W. Bush was elected to the White House bringing with him, deregulations (1989).

Then THEY came for the Anti Abortionists. Ordained themselves as a Operation Rescue. And Dr. David Gunn, was murdered in Pensacola Fl.by an anti abortion activist (1993).

Then they called for Impeachment. And called themselves Citizens for Honest Government. And a vigorous which hunt was pursued against President Bill Clinton.

Then they made a Contract With America. And called themselves fiscally responsible. And parts of the Federal government shut down due to lack of funding.

Then they laid out the brand , Compassionate Conservative. And an entire election was stolen not once but twice.

Terrorist warnings went ignored and the World Trade Centers were hit. 2 Wars started, Iraq and Afghanistan. Patriot Act I and II were signed and profiling took on center stage. Abu Ghraib atrocities released and blamed on a few bad apples. Katrina hit and New Orleans was forced to drown. Torture Sanctioned and Geneva Convention was tossed. DOJ ransacked and stuffed with cronies. Wall Street collapsed and were given trillions. Unemployment soared and the housing market bursts. Foreclosures produce Tent Cities. Businesses out sourced and or closed. Home schooling rose as US Education dropped off into the abyss. Health Care cost rose while insured people were dropped. A boarder wall was built and a Sheriff paraded pink dressed shackled detainees in public. Churches burned in the South and Dr Tillmen was gunned down in his church. A Presidential Election was marred by conservative hate speech and the opposition was called out for not wearing a flag pin.

Barack Obama was called a terrorist, A Socialist, a Muslim, and a traitor. As well as an elitist, a community organizer, and ineligible for the Office of the United Sates, but went on to win and became President

Now, "THEY" are tapping into the lunatic fringe. The No Taxes , Less Government, Secessionist , Militias , Birthers , Death Panel Believers , Gun enthusiasts ,Federalists ,Paranoid ,Civil War Grey uniform wearers , The Home Schoolers ,Tea Baggers ,912 people, victims of 911 haters, Shock Jock Radio Personnel, Conservative Television Pundits, Health Insurance Company supporters/funders, Drill Baby Drill groups,, Anti Abortionists , Klu Klux Klan, American Immigration Control Foundation , New Century Foundation , Pioneer Fund ,Neo Nazi ,Neo Confederate, Racists Skin Head Groups,Christian National Party, Funny looking uniform wearers,Strange Hat brigade, and Tin Foil Hat wearers.....

What is this telling me? That who ever “THEY” are, have obvious lost their base and have to resort to using the Lunatic Fringe. The Conspiracy makers, The Haters. The Racists, The Sheep, The Big Gulp Drinkers. Basically the moderately insane to totally insane population of this Country. Sponsors such as Dick Armey's, Army-The Freedom Works Foundation, and NARLO–National Org. of Landowners. They 're using these hedonistic hate filled groups just as the Religious Right was used.

However, if history teaches us anything, Rove v Wade , Brown vs. Board of Educationof Topeka , Separation of Church and State , Civil Rights Act of 1964, Voters Rights Act , and on and on....have not been repealed for all the hate these organizations spew and the misinformation that is spread. The fact remains, those organizations that work to fill the base of the conservative party, have yet to be given anything from the GOP. They've been used. But due to their hate thirsty greed, they have yet to realize that they have not received one thing for their hateful self centered ambitions. Perhaps the people that are orchestrating the herd, have no intentions of making the sheep of this country a partner in their scheme to maintain power and control. They are hard-fast capitalists and could give a rats ass about those they enlist to sell the scheme to the American people. If those hate fest goers are in it for the selfish gain of pure bigotry and hate towards others, do they actually think that their day will come should this rag tag team of capitalistic malcontents ever get a chance to regain the House, Senate and the Oval Office? If so, they are more delusional that I originally thought.

Jude Rouslin
Sarasota, FL

Subject: Republicans Saturday "Tea Party March"

Reference this weekend's Wasington DC "Tea Party March" by Republicans concerned with Obama's deficit spending. What a short memory they have. The 8 years George W. Bush was in office equates to only 3.4% of our nation's history of 232 years, while his deficit spending of $4.9 trillion equates to 46.2% of the total debt when he left office of $10.6 trillion, acrued in 232 years. Where were the Republicans' marches then? And, this doees not include the $712 billion of TARP money, bank bailout money, Bush signed into leslislation the last few days in office, which is now showing up in Obama's deficit spending.

(All numbers can be verified by going to "US National Debt History to the Penny" on the Internet)

Colonel Colin J. N. Chauret, USAF Retired Fighter Pilot, 31 Years Service
Universal City, Near San Antonio, TX

Subject: health care

why can't the taxpaying loyal american people VOTE ON HEALTHCARE ihear no one talking about this question.the network news has said nothing. i emailed cnn, msnbc, cbs, no answers. why? i tryed to call my congrees fool no answer. can you tell me?

Tampa, FL

Subject: Reconciliation not the answer in health reform

Passing a bill by reconciliation when only portions of health reform can be enacted under it is not good. Besides, we need 60 votes to invoke cloture and now don't have it with Kennedy's passing.

Los Angeles

Subject: 9/14...mailbag.....remembrances of 9/11

Thanks Jane Hawes for your remembrances of that day...it seemed like we all thought alike...black and white..embracing each other...smiles....niceness....until we all awakened about 4 years later....and realized what they actually did...what they actually intended to do all along...by then, it was much too late.

For all of us who realized that...thank God...I feel for the people who still feel like it was what that president and v.president...Rummy and even at that time, Powell...Rice...all wanted us to think....they got their way...and all the things that make people iike that prosper...now...we have to live with the lies for the rest of our lives. Sadly...those of us who will be the most hurt....will always be the most hurt....financially...while they...the corrupters, live behind their gated oommunities...with the wealth that they took from all of us taxpayers.

S.Hampton, Mo.

Subject: Obama "Distortions" re Bipartisan HC Legilsation? Nope.

I've listened to most or all of what he has said in recent months. Yes, it is unmistakable that he WANTS bipartisan legislation. YES, it is clear that he will incorporate elements that he feels addresses the needs and desires of his Left and Right Countrymen. NO, in no way does he indicate that he EXPECTS TO ACHIEVE bipartisan support on legislation. And in proceeding as he does he is soooooooooo wise. Any on the Right that possess a grain of sanity WILL SUPPORT this and other Obama initiatives - I'm talking citizens here. AND, he retains the high ground of being the AMERICAN President. DO WE WANT LESS? LESS IS CHANGE?

Start Loving
Washington, DC

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