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Thursday, 17 September 2009 04:29

BuzzFlash Mailbag for September 17, 2009

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Subject: A Word to Replace Bipartisanship

How does irrelevant strike you? What republicans want is a health care bill that democrats fashion in an attempt to obtain bipartisan support, then reject it leaving democrats to take the blame when it fails to work and ends up running up the national deficit. Instead why don't democrats design a bill that's designed to solve the problem, pass it without republican support, take credit for it when it does work and proves popular with the American people and leave republicans looking like the recalcitrant, anti-reform, just-say-no party that they are?

If recent history teaches us anything, it's that begging and pleading with republicans will get you absolutely nowhere. On the other hand when republicans see their party base shrinking to a few rural "S"outhern districts, they may feel more inclined to adopt a more reasonable stance on other important issues that our country faces. Why waste time with futile inducements and pleas for bipartisanship, corrupting good legislation in the process, when the perception of political irrelevance will get the job done so much better? If republicans want to sit on their front porch, fondling their shotgun and watch the river flow by then by all means let them. They've had eight long years of having their way entirely on every issue and look what it's achieved - near total economic collapse - not just for this country, but for the world economy as well. If democrats aren't willing to place the blame where it belongs - squarely on the republicans - then they'll get to share the contempt and blame that the rest of the world has rightly placed on our country and its broken political system. Bad policies can't go unpunished and certainly can't be allowed to go forward as if nothing has happened. If we don't won't our country to fade into irrelevance then a certain political party is going to have to face up to the consequences of what has transpired over the last eight years.

Congress must pass clean, workable health care legislation and do the same on finance reform. If they make a plate of bipartisan spaghetti instead, they're just going to get it shoved back into their faces and look like the fools that, quite frankly, they have been for the last eight years. If democrats need a prosthesis to walk erect, then for God's sake get one - while they still have a good health plan to pay for it. They won't get another opportunity to get this right - nor do they deserve one.

No one can say that President Obama hasn't made a very sincere effort at bipartisanship. After all that effort you can count on the fingers of one hand the number of republican votes he's gotten in return. It's really difficult to understand how Max Baucus can emerge from several long months of negotiating with republicans, carrying a republican bill, and yet still not have a single republican vote. He announces to the nation that "there's a lot in this bill for republicans to like" and does it with a straight face. If he were an Afghan or Iraqi he'd be a have a great future ahead of him as a suicide bomber. There's everything in the bill for the republicans to like - that's why they're not going to touch it with a ten foot pole. Let the foolish democrats carry their water for them.

What President Obama needs right now is someone such as Willie Brown to replace Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff. For someone who's supposed to be politically savvy, Rahm seems to have come up very lame. Willie Brown is out there and I'm sure that he'd answer the President's call to service. When Willie was in the CA Assembly he was able to make republicans spit, sputter, turn red in the face and commit political hari-kari - without even raising a sweat. He was a great mayor for San Francisco. There's every reason to believe he'd be as effective in Washington as he was in Sacramento. Just point him towards the republicans that are causing the most trouble and they'll soon be little more than greasy spots on the sidewalk.

Tim Mooring
San Francisco


If Republicans want smaller government I have a suggestion for them. They should all retire and let people who actually believe in a government "of, by and for the people" take their place.

Rob Moitoza
Seattle, WA

Subject: Who is a racist??????????

Well, there is G. Beck, L. Dobbs, R. Limbaugh, S. Hannity, the list on Faux news goes on and on.

These vile racist have nothing else to do but sit on their fat behinds and rake in money from those who are, because of one hardship or another, have to vent their rage,therefore are their listeners. So it goes! Rabid talking maniacs,give a platform if you will, to their gullible followers. Hitler, the most hated name ever, these followers dare to apply this disgusting name to our President, and take to the streets. They do not make a for a pretty picture. Then deplorable, rabid, talkers go one step futher, they also have the shameless audacity to call President Obama, a racist??

If they want to see a true racist they only have to look every morning in the mirror and a racist will be looking back at them!

The hate that consumes the talk show crazies plays to the darker side of their listeners. Yes, those racist mentioned above have a following, and hell is their destiny.

(Is it true Glenn Beck had at least 1,000,000, if not more protesters, protesting him, Hmmm! These are the silent majority, Mr. Beck.)

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: What Ever Happened To The Right-Wing's Objection To The Violent Overthrow Of Our Government?

Since only a half-century ago right-wingers were ecstatic when the House Un-American Committee came down on Hollywood writers whom they accused of being members of the CPUSA. As far as those wingers were concerned, HUAC could have locked-up all the accused writers and thrown away the keys. Yes, there's such a thing as first amendment rights, but such esoteric considerations have to give way to concerns for national security. After all, the right wingers said, didn't the CPUSA advocate the overthrow of our government? Seems that wingers way back then considered overthrowing our government to be wrong, differing thereby from modern day wingers who are all for it. Why is what was wrong in the fifties ok today? Because the commies were bad whereas wingers are good. This means they don't object to the violent overthrow of our government, per se, only to the overthrow of our government by people other than themselves. Which makes them relativists, something they allegedly abhore. Have they no principles? Only that if they can't rule, nobody else will.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Progressive's blaming and scapegoating - necessarily suicidal because...

...because it bleeds off any and all Creative Tension - it SUBSTITUTES FOR ACTION - THAT IS ITS PURPOSE.

Start Loving
Washington, DC

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