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Monday, 21 September 2009 04:57

BuzzFlash Mailbag for September 21, 2009

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Subject: Abandoning ACORN Because of Right Wing Stunts

See below Joe Conason's piece for a list of how the Senators voted -- all but seven caving in.

The Democrats who buckled either aren't aware, or just don't care, that the Republican attack on ACORN is a crucial feature of the GOP's ongoing drive to "win" back power in subsequent elections.

And it's not because ACORN has done a very effective--and, let the record show, entirely honest -- job at registering new voters. The GOP could not care less about how people really vote in the US, as long as it is not a landslide turning out against them.

Rather, the GOP keeps trashing ACORN as a way to cloud the issue of their own program of vote suppression and election fraud. And that tactic has worked beautifully. On the one hand, everybody and his brother "knows" that ACORN has committed "voter fraud" (even though, in fact, ACORN has not).

On the other hand, almost no-one knows that the Republicans committed voter fraud and voter registration fraud (the latter being the crime that ACORN was, in fact, accused of in the last campaign). See here:


and here:

http://www.mail-archive.com/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./msg00314.html

and here:

http://www.mail-archive.com/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./msg00373.html

And why does no-one know about the real fraud perpetrated, on behalf of McCain/Palin, by Mark Jacoby's YPM and Nathan Sproul's Lincoln Strategies? Because, throughout the last campaign (as now) it was all ACORN all the time--the media and the Democratic Party both refusing ever to discuss what the Republicans were doing.


p.s. Here's an apt commentary, by Andy Ostroy, on the Democratic vote against ACORN: http://ostroyreport.blogspot.com/2009/09/acorn-vote-house-democrats-just-stuck.html

Mark Crispin Miller

Subject: Boycott Hyatt Regency Boston

Buzz, Tell everyone you know not to attend any functions or stay at Hyatt Regency Boston. They laid off their housekeeping staff and outsourced it. Call them and let them know you will not be supporting their tactics. (617) 912-1234 and speak to the general manager's office. They did not need to outsource their labor to some crummy company which pays $8 per hour with no benefits. There was one woman crying. Her son is ill and now she can't afford medicine for him, due to Boston Hyatt Regency layoffs. I called the general manager and told him the list of organizations I belong to and that I will be telling them not to stay at Hyatt Regency Boston.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Behind the Gold Rush

There seems to always at least one scam or another being perpetrated on the American people. It's generally fairly easy to find those that are currently in progress - just tune into the cable news networks. The idea that Americans should invest their hard won savings in gold is objectionable on so many levels, not the least of which is that it almost entirely unproductive. We've been hearing the ads about the "safety" of gold as a hedge against inflation, etc. for sometime now. But recently it's being extensively discussed in what passes as financial news on cable networks like CNN, MSNBC and Fox - always uncritically and notably not mentioning the regressive nature of such investments. I seem to recall a similar scam involving silver not too many years ago and I have a strong suspicion that a similar scam is underway today. There are extremely wealthy people out there holding an unknown amount of gold who are well positioned to manipulate the market price by selling their holdings in a coordinated way in order to induce panic selling by ordinary people.

It should not be forgotten that the cable news networks played an essential and enabling role in the sub-prime lending scam that has caused such chaos in the financial markets. Of course they took no responsibility for it and in fact moved seamlessly from carrying the wall-to-wall ads to providing "news" coverage of the aftermath. This is entirely in keeping with the modern ethic of accepting responsibility for absolutely nothing no matter how culpable an individual or corporation might be. Cable news has so honed this skill that it's now the major source of revenue for them. Behind the scenes they continue to perfect their skill at this lucrative form of "business" in coordination with those seeking to take another layer of skin off the backs of the American people. This is a direct exploitation of the inherent trust that people have in the sources of news that suits their particular tastes and prejudices - primarily - but not limited to right-wing bilge. It has become the price you pay for having major news organizations available to reinforce the untenable political views that so many people feel comfortable with. This kind of synergistic scamming is actually the only part of our economy that is still working smoothly. There is a reliable and inexhaustible store of ignorance and prejudice that can be exploited over and over again as if there's no tomorrow - a reality that may well bring on the "end-of-times" that so many people are apparently longing for.

Ignorance has unfortunately become so widespread and profound in our country that it's become a marketable commodity just like oil or food. This ignorance is fed and exacerbated by the carefully calculated equivocation that is so predominant in the major news media organizations. The republican tea-baggers are an excellent example. The question of whether their blatantly racist and hateful spectacles are actually racist is a topic of apparently serious discussion as if they might in fact not be. The leaders of the republican party and the "family values" crowd are even bold enough to portray this peanut butter layer of American society as patriots. Of course these are the same leaders that take their own infidelities and and sexual predilections to Caribbean Islands and South American countries in order to conceal both the hypocritical nature their "moral values" and their exploitation those whose convictions might be more sincere. On discovery of course these "leaders" are immediately forgiven - what choice is there? There aren't that many amongst the true believers who can replace a Rush Limbaugh, a Glenn Beck or the still sitting governor of South Carolina. It takes coldly calculating intelligent people to maintain an addiction to narcotics and a predilection for prostitutes while serving as mouthpieces for "family values" voters.

So if you really must invest in gold, my advice is to put it in your teeth so that you're not so tempted sell it when the market price collapses. If you're that paranoid about losing your money a safer bet might be to roll it into a tight wad, stick it into a condom and put it where the sun doesn't shine. If you choose to follow this advice you might also want to avoid vacationing in South Florida until your paranoia passes.

Tim Mooring
San Francisco, CA

Subject: Is President Obama modeling himself after Colin Powell?

Sept. 19, 2009

Hey Buzz,

Has President Obama opted for the path of least political resistance - i.e., to emulate the standard set by Colin Powell? Clearly the Oligarchs long ago decided to give Powell their imprimatur of acceptability; he passed, with flying colors, their litmus test for "non-threatening black man". But how did Powell achieve this stamp of acceptability from the ruling class? The answer is - by being a typical moderate Republican. In other words, on some social issues and some issues of foreign policy, he could be somewhat more moderate than your standard right-wing reactionary, but, on economics, he had to be cut from the mold of Milton Friedman; that is to say, absolutely conservative and corporatist to the core.

I pray that President Obama is not taking this road more traveled. However, I must confess to some concern when I hear him extolling the manifold virtues of the market, not to mention when I see him bailing out the banksters and K-street, with rigorous regulatory oversight apparently only an afterthought engendered by a vigorous public outcry against the depredations committed by many of the offending financial institutions. Similarly, I worry that he appears prepared and willing to sign off on legislation which is nothing more than an enormous windfall for the Medical Industrial Complex and does nothing to advance the ends of true health care reform. These times cry out for another FDR, not another Colin Powell. The President needs to do more to address the growing disparity of wealth in this country. And if he fails to address this issue head-on now, I fear he will be in for a very rude awakening when 2012 rolls around.

Best regards,

G. Will Hunter
Indianapolis, IN

Subject: BF, you are drowning in your own highly inflated sense of self importance

Absurd headline. 97% of the valuable service you provide is acting as a clearinghouse for traditional news services. Stop taking whatever drugs you are on. Please. "Obama Appears to Take Shot at Blogs, Supports Corporate Newspapers. Uh, Weren't the Blogs a Key to His Victory? "I am concerned that if the direction of the news is all blogosphere, all opinions, with no serious fact-checking, no serious attempts to put stories in context, that what you will end up getting is people shouting at each other across the void but not a lot of mutual understanding," he said. This is both a naive, misinformed, and New York Times Addicted elitist sort of statement that is rather disconcerting. While many blogs are opinions; many more are doing the investigative work that the corporate print media should be doing. Pres. Obama is chillingly sounding like a "D.C. Villager" who is caught up in the corporate broadsides of entrenched power."

Start Loving
Washington, DC

Subject: mailbag 9/18 attn. Jim Ridout

Jim, we are all hard put to not think that these people are not schooled in idiocy! granted....but,from the experience I have had with Obama haters....what Prez.Carter said the other day in his interview..is right on the money! Granted, there are dyed in the wool Reps.. and Dems......but, democrats seem to go along with the crowd and the universal way of thinking much more.

For instance this time, just on the call in portions of shows, many persons who said they had voted party line for the last time, either voice disagreement with the Wars...or the fiscal condition of the country....and you could always tell the OTHER KIND, too. They did not have a disagreement with the dem.party...it was just a ""feeling"" that this president would not...yada yada yada.. it was a created reason to not vote for the "man of color"...I hate even living in a country with people like that, and it is especially bad,when they are relatives.

My Mom died last year at a ripe old age, I hope i live as long....but, we had NEVER been taught, even though all people almost, in our little town were extremely prejudiced, she was not...she would voice opinion...even while certain members giggled at her...so...it is a carried trough your life process....and yes, geography has a lot to do with it....however.some of my dearest friends live in those very places... we do not discuss our politics...and we love each other....but the ones who "Cannot stand to see "them" get that much power"....will do their dead level best to ruin your life and in the process, tell horrid lies to all ...that is the nature of that particular beast! And, the believers are just as bad as the liars!!!

thanks buzz....

S.Hampton, Mo.

Subject: Seriously brother - Rename BuzzFlash -

The Mark Karlin for President Blog


The Progressive UnRealist / Idealist, etc.


Mark's Rants against whoever is in power besides himself


Progressive Esoterica


I can't put my finger on it, but this site is NOT about advancing the Progressive agenda as fast and surely as possible. It isn't; and certainly that is your right, but it is a distraction from the real human needs being decided in this day. The above is my best current attempt to capture what it IS about.

Start Loving
Washington, DC

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