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Wednesday, 23 September 2009 04:31

BuzzFlash Mailbag for September 23, 2009

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Subject: Satyricon and the Senate

These days irony is running as high as the flood waters in GA. Not that it's that much better here in CA where people are fleeing multi-million dollar homes as brush fires ravage our state. But honestly shouldn't we be demanding that our government do something about climate change legislation instead of everyone standing in line at FEMA for federal dollars to rebuild destroyed homes? At what point does this all become too obviously untenable?

There are over 500 amendments to the Baucus Bill pending in the senate - that's five amendments per senator. Does everything have to be about big money for big companies? Americans should be demanding that the senate just stop. As bad as it is they're only going to make it much, much worse. It's turning into a cancer clinic bill - next they'll be passing out asbestos inhalers as health care reform. Even as flood waters surround them, CNN is somberly pronouncing that getting both health care and cap-and-trade legislation through congress this year is "not going to happen". Who paid them to say that? We can't afford to do this or that - but we can afford to have half the country under water and the other half on fire?

Even if it all is just an "act of God" then mightn't you at least expect that people would have an Ark in their backyard? Big government is so horrible until your house gets washed away or burned down. If there was ever a recipe for a "natural" disaster of epic proportions then this is it. All you have to do is add water and bake on high for half an hour. I hope that everyone was at least able to keep their powder and protest signs dry because President Obama is still out there trying his best to unite the country in support of policies to actually get something done. All these religious faiths seem to have very different gods - but they do seem to share the same devil. The congressional dental plan has to be at least as good as their health plan as I've never seen so many pearly white senatorial teeth in all my life. Gimmicks and bright smiles - and rather unnatural looking tans - seem to be about as much as America can expect from its legislative branch of government. Fees vs. taxes - it's all really, really, very, very sick.

There are some words that should be banned from the political lexicon. Amongst them: settlements, insurgents, surges and "small business". It's all become such nonsense that only professional comedians seem to be able to understand it. Even on the most serious of matters - like Afghanistan - it seems that bedrock common sense seems the commodity most lacking. Rather than another mini-surge in troop numbers wouldn't a ban on security contractors wearing g-strings at public orgies make more sense? We lost more hearts and minds in that single episode than even half a million troops can compensate for. What's the point in having the most professional military on earth if an outfit like Armor Group is around with video cameras rolling as they kiss each others asses in a very public display of decadence that wouldn't be acceptable anywhere in the world - much less in the capital of a devoutly Muslim country? This on top of the arse pyramid seen round the world from the Abu-Ghraib prison in Iraq? Armor Group responds by firing the man who was apparently the single professional employee in their entire shabby little company. How many of our professional soldiers are going to lose their lives as a result of this one incident? I'm sorry, but the only suitable response that I can think of is some equally public flaying of asses right here in this country. Why not build a pyramid out of them in one of our own federal prisons?

This is way beyond cute to the point of being just ridiculous. Everyone in Afghanistan is an "insurgent" - if they weren't before they are now. A belated and mild scolding from Hilary Clinton is just not going to hack it. We lost the war in Afghanistan when those photos were published. the blame should be attached where it belongs - on the U.S. State Department - not on the military. What kind of a "face" do we present to the rest of the world? We have overweight republican leaders in tights "dancing with the stars", a legislative branch of government that is as corrupted as anything to be found in Afghanistan and yet we think we can carry on two expensive wars even as our own country is inundated with fires and floods? I'm so thoroughly sick of the senate and their inability to get anything done. They're a Senate for CEOs and I fully expect them to appear on the capital steps in G-strings wagging their fat asses with a prostitute on either arm any day now.

Tim Mooring
San Francisco, CA

Subject: A Democracy - USA Style

I immigrated to the USA over 50 years ago from a democratic country. I found myself in the middle of the Army/McCarthy brouhaha, the unreasoning fear of another"ism." I began to wonder whether I had made a wise choice for a future life with the woman I loved (who is still with me). I was young and full of energy and hope. After all this was America-the bastion of freedom and liberty.

And so the years and the wars went by. As a country we became more aggressive and imperialistic. The country was turning to the hard right ending with the Supreme Court's coronation of "W".

All this time I watched and voted (Democrat - no Progressive or Liberal Party available). And I began to realize that the system was fixed. There was no such thing as ruling for and by the people. Indeed the corporations were the Government!. Money was handed freely by corporations to Congressmen. So it didn't matter which party was "in power." The corporations were always in power!

Fast forward to the present. Here we are trying to get a National health program to cover all the people - 74% want a govt. option. But not the corporations. This is Democracy American style! The British have had a National Program since 1949! The German have had insurance coverage since the latter part of the 19th Century under Bismarck!

We must change this incredibly corrupt system from Democracy-USA to a true form of Democratic Government. Forget the two party system. Get a Parliamentary system. Provide Public financing of Federal elections. This is the change we can believe in! President Obama is the man who can do this. The days of the old white men are fast coming to an end -demographics will reveal a different racial mix in the country and this will help bring about change. And we will become the USA I always believed in.

A. Leslie Palmer
Mill Valley, CA

Subject: Clinton betrayed Gore in 2000

I'm very disappointed with Buzzflash's posting on 9/23/09 of the pro Nader David Corn's Clinton interview quote that trashes Al Gore. All Al Gore ever got for his loyalty to Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky fiasco was the stolen 2000 election. Where was Bill Clinton when Bush the thief was carrying out his broad daylight coup d'etat in Florida? He was nowhere to be found. Our country will pay forever for Bush's theft of the 2000 election.

Phoenix, AZ

Subject: Will The CIA Establish A Phoenix Assassination Program In Afghanistan?

Let's see, in Vietnam the CIAs Phoenix program killed 26,365 Vietnamese*, so how many Afghans will have to die before our government comes to its senses and pulls out of Afghanistan? Not to mention the fact that the Taliban is even more decentralized than the NLF was in Vietnam, such that, it'll be difficult, if not impossible, to do the "cut off the head to destroy the body" sort of thing, which, in the first place, may or may not have worked in Vietnam*. And even if a new Phoenix-style program in Afghanistan turned out to be effective against the Taliban, based on the number of casualties over the past few months of intensified resistance to the occupation, many of our troops are going to die, deaths which could be prevented if only our government would pull our troops out now. But wouldn't this be deserting the Afghan people and leaving them to the mercilessness of the Taliban? Except prior to 9/11 the U.S. dealt with the Taliban, even awarding their government 43 million dollars for eliminating poppy cultivation and opium production. So if we negotiated with them way back then, why not now? Fear, perhaps, of acknowledging that once again the world's most powerful armed forces has been defeated by a rag-tag peasant outfit, and the implications such a defeat would have for the staying power of Empire-USA. Surely something to look forward to. Long live the indigenous resistance to conquest by foreign powers!


A BuzzFlash Reader

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