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Thursday, 24 September 2009 04:23

BuzzFlash Mailbag for September 24, 2009

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The BuzzFlash Mailbag will be Gone Fishin', but will be back with all new letters on October 1.

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Subject: Help from the 'guvment

We are slowly drying out here in metro Atlanta from an onslaught of rainy weather with extensive flooding. The weather was unprecedented. Homes, schools, and businesses were flooded. It's estimated that millions upon millions of dollars will be needed to repair and rebuild. I had to do some mopping in the lower level of my house, but the worst areas seemed to be in Atlanta's Cobb County. This is an area where some businesses and homes still fly the confederate flag out for all to see. I feel so much compassion for those who lost their homes and businesses, but I am also reminded that our governor, Sonny Perdue (I call him "Shady") was one of the Southern governors who announced a few months ago that he/we didn't need any stimulus funds from Washington.

When Katrina happened in New Orleans, there was some commenting from these parts that "those people should have gotten out", that the government didn't owe them anything. I have a feeling also that a few of my fellow Georgians were at the "tea Party" to declare that the federal government needed to "get out of their lives" and that they wanted "their country back from Obama". The bible says that God works in mysterious ways. Well, it was difficult for Gov. Shady Perdue to say his name ( Obama ) and he didn't, but he had to come before the TV cameras and state that he had called 'the president' to request assistance for those in need. President Obama graciously replied that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT would be of assistance. It's ironic that we complain about the federal government when we are against a particular party that's in office.

That's more than true in these parts. You can tune into a local radio talk show and they are calling Mr. Obama everything other than "president" at all hours of the day. But when disaster strikes, many are forced to call the guy at 1600 Pennsylvania...currently his name is President Barack President Obama. Life is so humbling at times.

Dee Turner
Atlanta, GA

Subject: Heritage Foundation Survey

I received a Heritage Foundation Survey in my email, which is strange in an of itself. However, the survey was titled, "The Heritage Foundation's Survey on Obamacare and the Liberal Agenda." I looked at the questions, and filled in some of the questions, hoping to let them know that I was not in agreement with their own GOP agenda. However, knowing how polls work, they could twist the data to their liking. BTW, in one question, they ask about free speech for conservatives. Hmmm, they are twisted and imploding at the same time. I then clicked the unsubscribe link, as I have no idea how they got my email to begin with. GOP is the party that is attempting to further divide rather than come up with ideas to solve real issues. They just create whisper hateful campaigns and now everyone can take a shot at the GOP survey:-) , if the link allows for it.

Your answers to this important survey will help America's leading conservative policy organization further develop our response to the liberal agenda promoted by the administration and Congress. And it will allow us to refine Leadership for America, our ten-year campaign to get the nation back on track through a return to sound, conservative principles. Survey Questions

1. How do you think President Barack Obama is governing?

as a moderate, trying to unite Americans as a radical, moving America to the left moderate in some areas, radical in others

2. Are you worried that the left will enact a “public option” for health insurance?

Yes No Undecided

3. Do you believe the left is expanding domestic spending programs to the detriment of our national security?

Yes No Undecided

4. Do you think leftists in and outside of Congress will succeed in prosecuting Bush administration officials for “war crimes”?

Yes No Undecided

5. Do you think leftist policies are putting our free-market economic system in danger?

Yes No Undecided

6. What do you think are the most important issues for conservatives to focus on in the coming year? (You may check more than one.)

blocking confirmation of radical judges

blocking leftist attempts to weaken our national security

promoting free-market solutions to our economic problems

preventing liberals from raising taxes

preventing a government takeover of our health care

stopping amnesty for illegal aliens

preserving free speech for conservatives

promoting a strong effort in the war on Islamist terrorism

protecting traditional marriage

blocking measures that give labor unions massive power

producing more oil, gas, and nuclear power

7. From which media do you get most of your news? (You may check more than one.)

The TV networks

Cable news stations



Radio news

Radio Talk Shows

The Internet

Jude Rouslin
Sarasota, FL

Subject: Re: Clinton betrayed Gore in 2000

Gore distanced himself from Clinton in 2000 because of Monica, but he distanced himself from all the accomplishments of the administration which was a mistake. He avoided Clinton and not the other way around. Might have been a good thing, but he should have claimed all the achievements.

Karen Webb
Moore, OK

Subject: Health Insurance Companies

If there is no public option and the ins companies continue to increase the premium, nobody will be able to afford insurance and the insurance companies will go out of business!

Peoria, AZ

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