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Thursday, 01 October 2009 04:23

BuzzFlash Mailbag for October 1, 2009

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Subject: A Wealth Care Plan for the Senate

As it turn out Americans needn't have worried about any kind of "socialized" medicine coming out of this congress. The plan that's being crafted in the senate will benefit about 100 Americans who already have an excellent health plan - thank you very much - and some insurance companies and cancer clinics who stand to more than recoup their pay outs to the galaxy of lobbyists who have been "working" on this plan. Harry Reid, caught with his pants down with his "rifle shot" amendment for a cancer clinic in NV, says that he's supported them in the past and will continue to do so in the future. I think he's just assuming that he'll still be in the senate to carry out this threat. I hope the people of Nevada were paying attention as Harry was stuffing this money deeper into his pockets so that none of it got blown away in the wind. This "health care" plan is little more than big money grab by incumbents in the senate and the corporations that they represent. Democratic leaders say that they're "encouraged" from there months of negotiation with republicans - now go figure - not a single vote from republicans but they're encouraged. It's hard not to be encouraged with so many companies stuffing money in your pocket.

It's the same across the board in government today. The SEC says that they're "considering" new regulations on flash trading - the Gsux super-computer stock market vacuum cleaner - but may have to consider it for several more months. This is the equivalent of putting up a For Sale sign. If you don't give us some money right now we may be forced to regulate. You've got 60 days to come up with the cash. I wrote to Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer on this subject over a month ago and so far it's all quiet on the eastern front. What could they say about it anyway? You don't have a super-computer installed within feet of the systems running the NYSE? Tough luck sucker - we do and there's not a GD thing that you can do about it.

America needs health care reform - what they're getting is a proctology exam with a power drill that misses the mark by several inches. Democrats should join republicans in opposing this republican bill.

Tim Mooring
San Francisco, CA

Subject: Coburn was on NOW

Coburn was on NOW.

He says the first thing anyone in need of medical help should do is go to his office. Since in Okla we can't go to his DC office, I guess we can go to one of his state offices or his medical office. Start lining up at any of his offices and if you live near DC feel free to go to his DC office for medical help. He says they are willing to help anyone find affordable health care.

He can teach anyone in an hour to take care of a feeding tube. How long would it take him to teach someone how to make their own chemo facility in their own home and operate it correctly?

Maybe Tom can just leave DC and come home and open his own nursing school.

He says he has no idea what kind of plan we need he just knows he hates anything run by the government because some friends of his won't be making a fortune off the suffering.

He says the GOP should have done something, but he was there in the beginning and seems to have forgotten that since he has been there he has done zilch with regards to health care.

He doesn't even care for Medicare or the VA, I guess. He wants all those who have no insurance to take the time from several minium wage jobs to shop around for things like cheap MRIs.

Karen Webb
Moore, OK

Subject: Flooding Like a Heart Attack, Banking Like a Bomb

Talk about WMD, Big American Banks are foremost amongst the world's terrorist organizations. Look at the damage they've done to millions of people in this country and around the world. In their secret operations centers they're planning new predations on the American people. Are they being punished or sanctioned? Far from it. They're the recipients of billions, trillions of American taxpayer dollars. Where's the justice? By virtue of sharing the loot with some legislators and regulators they're immune from prosecution.

It's grimly amusing, in the ironic mode, to watch Saxby Chambliss helping Joe Biden carry the federal purse to GA. Here's the epitome of the "we can't afford" crowd trying to get the microphone in his mouth so that he can brag up his role in bringing "socialist" dollars to flood victims. If smokers cost the American people billions in medical costs - then this guy is the equivalent of a chain smoker. We can't afford cap-and-trade, but when the flood waters receed we can afford to rebuild riverside homes. He's going to snap his neck if he doesn't decide which of his two faces he wants to present to the people of GA and the rest of the country. This is not an act of God - it's the result of some powerful people acting as if they were God. Saxby has a head that can rotate through 360 degrees so fast that you have to wonder whether his health plan covers the services of an exorcist.

All this may be lost on a very large number of Americans, but increasingly it's becoming very clear to larger number of people all over the world. The spectacle of people carrying protest signs with messages like "Get a brain you morans" and "Don't steal from our medicare for socialist medicine" isn't helping. Unquestionably these are the same people who find it amusing to press their bare asses against the windows of their cars in drive by moonings. Polar ice melts, Atlanta goes under water and CA burns. If you don't believe it then you should get a bucket not a federal bailout.

Tim Mooring
San Francisco, CA

Subject: BuzzFlash still coddling Bush 2000 election theft enablers

For all of its claims that it's not the corporate media, BuzzFlash is continuing to coddle those who helped make Bush's theft of the 2000 election possible. A couple of examples of this are Michael Moore and Frank Rich. Michael Moore was Nader's bggest supporter in 2000 and did all he could to help spread Nader's big lie that there were no differences between Al Gore and Bush the thief. Moore has never apologized for aiding Nader which helped make it possible for Bush to steal the 2000 election in Florida. Moore has since made huge profits off of the misery and destruction Bush has caused for our country. Frank Rich was a willing participant in The New York Times war against Al Gore that continues to this day. The Daily Howler at www.daily howler.com has the only written record of this war and Frank Rich is a major contributor. I think this coddling is helping to hurt BuzzFlash's fundraising efforts. It's why I won't donate. If BuzzFlash was truly diiffernt, it would've held these people accountable and pushed for a full investigation and accountablilty for Bush the thief and his election stealers for the destruction of our country with their broad daylight coup d'etat in Florida in 2000.

Phoenix, AZ

Subject: HEALTH Public Option vs TRENT LOTT Public Option

Hi BuzzFlash,

So when Trent Lott's house got blown away by Hurricane Katrina and his Property/Casualty Insurance Company refused to pay for the damage (Water vs Wind), he immediately put into the works, a “Public Option” for Property/Casualty Insurance due to Hurricanes

And he made it Retro-Active.

Lott had refused to take the Government Sponsored Program for Flood Insurance.

So lets see. Peaved and Dissed Politicians immediately get a “Public Option” for their blown away house - and it is retroactive to the date of the damage!!

Yet when it comes to Health Insurance with a Public Option to keep you alive, you can forget it. There’s no room in the Republican Ideology for THAT KIND OF "Public Option"!!

GOP Favors Public Option for Property, Not People

Once you've read the blog, call your Senators and Representative; along with The White House, to remind them about this hypocrisy. The calls are worth the time.

THE SENATE http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

THE HOUSE http://www.house.gov/house/MemberWWW_by_State.shtml

THE WHITE HOUSE Comments: 202-456-1111 Switchboard: 202-456-1414

Tom Wieliczka
Windsor Locks, CT

Subject: To answer your question

"Why does the right wing massively support its media outlets, and progressive news sites have to struggle for each dollar?"

Because most of us on the left never held money as a huge priority. We put things like "peace and love" above money. So, we don't have as much to donate to the causes we believe in as those on the right who ONLY care about money. It's obvious from the current health care debate that lives are secondary to profit for Republicans. That is also obvious from all the wars they keep starting. There's lots of money in corrupt institutions like Halliburton and KBR and Blackwater (or whatever name they are using now). Exxon decided to bankrupt thousands of fishermen rather than to give up one dime of profit. Same with Walmart, and just about every other corporation you can name. They have all the money. But we have something they don't have... love. So, we'll do our best to keep this movement alive, but it may not be with our money. Hard to donate money when you just lost your job, your health care and you're being foreclosed on. I am not quite there yet, but I live paycheck to paycheck. But that's why progressive news sites have to struggle for every dollar. Not much money in truth or moral causes these days. Never has been.

Rob Moitoza
Seattle, WA

Subject: Scarbucks coffee boycott

We need to orgainize a boycott of Starbucks for their commercial support of Joe Scarborough and his constant smearing of progressive causes esspecialy his recent smear of Bill Moyers. Will you help? Description:

Thanks for all you do.

Marathon, FL

Subject: Gotcha!

Dear BuzzFlash:

I made a point to a Limbaugh lemming the other day that for once he couldn't answer with his usual mynah bird spiel. Another worker, a fellow Democrat and consequently much smarter than any lemming and I were discussing the public option on health care and I asked the Lemming a question that derailed him. I said that about a third of my paycheck goes to the federal and state governments in taxes, and didn't he agree that when we're forking over that much every two weeks, don't you think we'd better see a return on our investment? I think reasonable people call it taxation with representation. We pay our share for goods and services, from Social Security and Medicare to highway funding, schools, etc. The lemming responded as I knew he would, his being an anti-tax nut, that darn tootin' we better get something back! I then said "Why, then, are you so opposed to government doing anything for its citizenry outside of a bloated national defense ripoff, including a health care program that would provide real competition to the out-of-control health care industry and bring everybody's costs down??" You could hear the crickets chirping, but not to supposedly be outdone, he said, "Have you ever noticed that Obama (he refuses to refer to him as President) doesn't have his hand in quite the right place on his chest when he says the Pledge Of Allegiance? That should concern all of us." I don't get the connection either, but it just demonstrates that logic bounces off a Republican like an echo off a cliffside. Forget reasoning with these idiots. If they ever did bother to actually research and fact find their own party's positions and track record with an objective eye, the GOP would die almost overnight. Fortunately, the hate, racism and stupidity that is a hallmark of the average GOP supporter assures that people like Cheney, Bush and others to come will always have a brainless base to depend upon. Sad, ain't it?

Fayetteville, AR

Subject: Representative Grayson Is Right, The Republicans Plan Is For The Sick To Die Quickly

"Based on?"

'That's what's happening to the uninsured now, and to the tune of 45,000 deaths annually, yet the Republicans support the status quo."

"Then why are the Republicans so upset by Representative Grayson's words?"

"Because the truth sometimes hurts, that's why."

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Relatives who send disgusting e-mails

I received an e-mail addressed to me and relatives and people I did not know about some children singing about Obama. They were "disgusted." Here is my response:

Don't EVER send me this RIGHT WING HORSESHIT ANTI-OBAMA PROPAGANDA again!!!!!!! SO WHAT if a few (probably) inner city teachers thought it might be a good idea to sing a song about the president! Did you ever think Obama's personal story might just change over a few drug-dealers, gang-bangers to a decent way of living?! SO WHAT if we have an African American president inspiring inner city kids to do something better with their lives??!!!! You are SO FUCKING AFRAID of an accomplished black guy running this country, aren't you!!!! At least he's WORKING at being president!! Can you say that about Mr. Vacation-Man Bush, always cutting brush, right through 911, despite warnings, and his lackey girlfriend Condi-sleeza Rice ignoring a direct memo about planes crashing into buildings???!!!

Yeah, keep on your fucking tea-SCROTUM-bagging anti-Obama-anti-government rants! You LOVED a president who was working for the executives making millions a year even in retirement, and strived to give those oil companies and Halliburton--with the help of Darth-Vader Cheney a free pass to keep taking our money, even when it meant electocuting our own soldiers-- hey a buck is a buck, right?! You loved a president (Bush) who was anti social security, anti- Medicare even when he was in college --accepted to Yale only because of the wealth of his family. You WANT those CEO's of insurance companies to keep on refusing the medical tests you need because G-O-V-E-R-N-M-E-N-T is the enemy right? You LOVED a bully who made the world keep on hating us and creating more terrorists!!!


Don't forget: YOU are the people sending out these asinine e-mails!!! Have I ever sent ANYTHING LIKE THIS TO YOU?

I feel sorry -- I guess -- for you dumb-asses who will continue to vote against your own interests!

Phoenix, NY

Subject: As Single Payer Goes So Goes The World

The reason for this is that the establishment of single payer health care will empower the public, such that, by popular demand wars will be brought to an end, global warming contained and we'll learn to live within the limits of the earth's finite resources, whereas, if we're stuck with this greed-based insurance company system, hopelessness & disillusionment will set in, our resistance to being exploited by the rich and powerful will collapse, and there'll be no avoiding the abyss.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: karen webb

Karen.... we do feel your pain in Atlanta... bless you all!

And yes, Gore did everything he oould to distance himself from Bill Clinton... biggest mistake he made- 2000... he will pay for that forever, however both are doing quite well, much better than Tom DeLay.

What an embarrassing display of ignorance....i always thought...he was the only person who likely would ever ever grin in a mug shot....i also remember his joy when Clinton was ""impeached"" some reporter said to him, "But he wasn't convicted!" To which the Tom, idiot said,"Yeah...but,everytime you see his name...there will be that word" Impeached!" Funny...with the life Clinton has had since Cheney,/Bush, Rummy and etc..... I really don't see anyone getting any mileage out of that...just like i thought!!! Republicans who had hoped for that to kill Bill Clinton....were kidding themselves!!

S.Hampton, Mo.

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