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Monday, 19 October 2009 04:34

BuzzFlash Mailbag for October 19, 2009

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Subject: Our President's advice...........

Our President has a very good advice for the wingnuts and all who are complaining about how to clean up America's mess left by the last adminisitration.

GET A MOP OR SHOVEL, IN OTHER WORDS help clean up the mess Bush/Cheney got us into, yes, they had the help of some weak-kneed Democratics.


All the work that's put into silly, teabagging protesting get busy, instead of using your dirty mouths (by the way that could use some cleaning too) use your elbow grease, grab a shovel, instead!

All that's being heard is yelling and screaming foul language, digging Hitler from the grave, but nothing that makes any sense at all.

Maybe if some of these rowdy people would quiet down and speak softly we may find out what they are trying to say. Acting like the Tazmanian Devils, doesn't help. Settle down, and maybe, just maybe we may get a nugget of something useful to use to clean up this mess we are in, and get out of this hole, we didn't ask for.

Heaven knows President Obama is doing his job.

A little civility would help, everyone!

Oh yes, a donation to BuzzFlash wouldn't hurt, either.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Public Option

I want the Public Option not because its "FREE" as Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA), seems to think but because my money would go for Health Care, instead of buying a CEO a fourth house or paying for lobbyists to bribe the members of Congress into doing what's best for Wall Street instead of the majority of Americans.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Politico Links

Do you all actually READ the crap that Politico puts out before you link to it? Today's link "Public Option Backers Fight On" was another asinine article.

Here are a few gems:"...the Senate Finance Committee passed a bill without a public option — raising questions about whether that would prove the public option’s last gasp —..."

Never mind that there are four other bills that all contain some form of Public option. This one doesn't so obviously its near death.

Then there's this tripe: "...Thursday proved that if President Barack Obama hoped the public option question would fade of its own accord, he probably won’t get that lucky — but will be forced to referee a compromise between liberals and moderates..."

WTF? Where did this bit of bullshit come from? Obama was hoping the Public Option would fade away? After all that's happened since August, who in their right mind would think something so stupid? This is pure unadulterated Bullshit.

And then there is the very next paragraph. (These quotes are all consecutive paragraphs and as far as I could stand to read.)

"But in the House, moderates stand to suffer the most if Pelosi goes ahead with plans to include the most ambitious public option — forcing them into a tough vote that will surely be used by Republican opponents in 2010."

Jeezuschrist! 65% of the country supports the Public option but its going to cause a TOUGH vote for "Moderates?" Who the hell are these Moderates and how does bucking something this popular make them moderate?

Please read this crap before you link to it. Politico is Drudge with lipstick. Or could it be that there is something about Buzzflash that we don't know? I am still stunned by your attack on the Huffington Post. (I think that has something to do with your fund raising problems.) Is your editorial veiw point changing?

Minneapolis MN

Subject: Yes, Yes, But What's The Answer?

Since there's a consensus on BuzzFlash that what we now have in America is fascism-light, that President Obama is nothing but a front for the powers that be, that perpetual war + global warming + economic collapse = doomsday, not to mention the fact that time's running out, shouldn't the conversation be about what the hell we're going to do about it?

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Joe Walley says:

ATTN: Senators and congressional personnel...

Please mind the leather, free of scuffs and tears is a must, deodorization would be nice. Also, Ms. Walley said to use coasters on all fine wood, those round stains really chap her ass for some reason. She has become more bitchy these days, so don't say I didn't warn you.

As for myself; just hungry and running low on patience; planning on heading to DC soon searching for work, to which your line of business inparticular is looking damn good, might be right up my alley. I'm a fair and reasonable fellow, feeling strongly of American taxpayers appreciation of my willingness to perform duties in superior fashion at half the going rate.

College Station, Texas USA

Subject: Manufactured Complexities


What is so COMPLICATED about ending a totally corrupt and already overly COMPLICATED healthcare system? The only COMPLICATED thing seems to be, what is the big problem of ridding ourselves of a system that has been stealing billions upon billions from the health care system? America has survived wars, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and many other major disasters in our glorious history. Why does it seem so impossible to go head to head with the evil miscreants who are stealing and causing untold deaths with their unchecked greed? COMPLICATED? What is so COMPLICATED about using those billions upon billions that will be saved by ridding ourselves of the insurance companies and their unscrupulous practices?

We would then use all the money that will be saved for what it should be used for--HEALTHCARE. The doctors and healthcare workers will still make more than enough money. That is a well documented fact supported by a majority in the medical profession. The simplicity of getting true healthcare reform is so easy for reasonable minded people to comprehend. There has to be a ‘Public Option’. Once that is in place and people realize how many lives will be saved through better and more affordable healthcare, the insurance companies will collapse like dominos as most people will want to opt into the ‘Public Option’ system once it becomes obvious which system is really better. Anyone taking the time to read the facts about the ‘SINGLE PAYER PLAN’ will learn it is the best and only way to true health reform. It is so simple to understand and so right for the health of the nation. No middlemen, no insurance gouging, just using the money for what it was intended, HEALTHCARE. That is why any sensible and decent plan involving a public option has been inundated and muddied with incredulous lies and scare tactics. The unscrupulous insurance barons and their paid for mercenary cronies stand to lose billions upon billions of dollars of which most is never used for HEALTHCARE. It is just used to line the pockets of thieves. It galls me when I hear people on the media say that they all are good and decent people. It is just a matter of different views.

They are not good and decent people. How can you be good and decent when you have the best healthcare system in the world and pay hundreds of millions of dollars to make sure the majority of people who elected you cannot have the same. These are definitely not good and decent people. There are no COMPLICATIONS in these plans, only the continued COMPLICATIONS of distortions and outright lies. The proper use of taxation to help pay for healthcare is a necessity. This has also been distorted with the usual conservative muck raking. Everyone, including the rich and ultra rich will and should pay their fair share of taxes, not the outrageous taxation myths that are constantly being spewed out by fanatic right wing hosts and overpaid lobbyists. All of these things will help healthcare flourish the way it was intended and save peoples lives through an improved and totally accessible system. Why are so many against it in the most vilest of ways? MONEY, pure and simple. Mind boggling sums of MONEY. The bulk of which is never even remotely used for healthcare.

The protesting is non-stop. Lies and bigotry abound in the most despicable ways. Make no mistake, even racism is conveniently being used by healthcare’s BIG MONEY people as a smokescreen to achieve their continuing MONEY and POWER grab. Confuse the people and they wind up fighting against their own best interests. It’s the bigotry of confusion. I would like to see a study done on how many people have died because of the lack of health care since Dick Armey first did his hatchet job on Hillary Clinton back in the 90’s. It wasn’t so much the plan he attacked, but the woman who was trying to get it passed. Now he’s back doing the same thing. Attacking the messengers, not the message. How many people have died because of this man’s blatant ranting? And he’s just one of many caught up in this web of lies, brought on by nothing more than unadulterated GREED, MONEY and POWER. Most of them hide behind the cloak of religious values. God help them if there truly is a divine being watching our actions. This is why I believe most of these people have no faith at all despite all their spiritual posturing. They know what they are doing and do not seem to fear the retribution that surely awaits them if we truly are to be judged.

And lest we all forget. The people are the government. COMPLICATED? We elect our representatives to serve our best interests. The lobbyists and insurance companies are not elected and when our representatives get greedy, we have the power to vote them out. COMPLICATED? It has been made COMPLICATED because the government of the people has not stood up to the tyrants who have systematically taken over.

It is just a question of ridding ourselves of thieves. Ask yourselves this question. If taxation is such a burden for the richest among us, why do their profits keep escalating to record numbers in these times of hardship to a record number of people? If everyone contributes in a fair and equal way, MEDICARE, SOCIAL SECURITY and HEALTHCARE will flourish and we will grow stronger and continue to be the greatest country on earth.

Mel Spiegel
Jupiter, FL

Subject: Ken Burns Racist Civil War Series

I am highly disappointed to see Ken Burns racist whitewash of the Civil War being a BuzzFlash premium. There are many inaccuracies in the series, and they are chilling. From watching the series casually I was able to see a clear trend in the historical innacuracies and outright lies. I would like to see a historian like James Loewen rip it to shreds and cremate the remains. Here are a few "errors" that stand out in my memory.

1. Burns implies that John Brown was crazy. That is what Loewen calls the racist gauge in American history. When he was alive there was no doubt John Brown was sane. During America's most racist period history depicted Brown as insane. In the 70's Brown became sane again. Now Burns again paints him as insane.

2. Burns states that at Brown's trial he did not speak an outright lie. During the sentencing phase Brown made a long clearly sane statement.

3. Throughout the series Burns seeks to glorify Nathan Bedford Forrest. He fails to explain the cowardice and harm done to the south by Forrest's men breaking a surrender agreement and fleeing, so that many who surrendered were shot. He re-tells a lie Forrest told about his disappearing in the middle of a battle, because it makes him look brave and gallant. He never tells of any of Forrests war crimes, like how he twice burned alive prisoners of war. Forrest founded the KKK, and Burns does everything he can to glorify the man, and gloss over his real history. Burns even repeats the lie that Forrest had rejected racism after quiting the Klan. Really he quit the Klan in a rage after losing an election and the only rejection of racism he ever made was a single line in a letter taken out of context, in which he was lying. Burns repeats the lie.

4. Burns also repeats the lie that the Northern armies commited many crimes when they invested the South. There were very few crimes commited by the Northern troops. Most of the damage was done by the Southern Cavalry which was burning and destroying everything the Northern Armies could use ahead of their advance. The one thing the Northern armies always burned when they found them were the whipping posts.

5. He fails to mention the fact that most Southerners were against the war from the start, and when the Northern armies passed through the South they were greeted as liberators. This is really a travesty of history that misleads people into believing that the war criminal founder of the KKK was a hero, among other lies.


Subject: Feedback about new Web site design


I love BuzzFlash and I even make contributions when I can afford it. I know this is not a "technically" a mailbag item...but I would like to explain why I personally prefer the Classic BuzzFlash. The new design is not as easy to scan because it's "too busy"...with the white font...on a background color...all in a box. It's all very distracting...for me. Having three columns tightens the copy which makes it much easier to quickly scan...Quickly...like the name BuzzFlash! Two columns takes more scrolling, it takes more eye movement to read the leads. That may sound minor but it is important for web traffic. The new design really slows me down doesn't have the "feel" of BuzzFlash.

Thank you for making BuzzFlash Classic available please keep it as an option.

In secret taste tests, more people preferred BuzzFlash Classic over Pepsi, two to one.


Ilan Goddard
Dallas, TX

Subject: New Format

I hate it, hate it, hate it. I am an (admittedly infrequent) contributor, but I now find the site cumbersome and myself accessing buzzflash less and less. Soon maybe, not at all.

A BuzzFlash Reader

[Editor's note: As noted in the letter above, we offer a Classic BuzzFlash version. Go to BuzzFlash.com and click on Classic BuzzFlash to get our news and information in its original format.]

Subject: New format

I find your new visual format very distracting and hard to concentrate on. It's very handsome to look at, but I don't find it very freindly as far as drawing me in to actually reading it. It requires more of an effort than it used to.

Dexer, MN

Subject: Former BuzzFlash Homepage

Thank you SO much for letting us return (in droves?) to your former homepage -- what a breath of fresh air -- and what a relief to my 65-yr-old eyes!

A BuzzFlash Reader

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