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Tuesday, 20 October 2009 04:28

BuzzFlash Mailbag for October 20, 2009

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Subject: Please stop denigrating other "progressive" sites.

In yet another of your slurs posing as a link, you put down yet again Huffington Post, while, of course, shining a more favorable light on BuzzFlash.

If there is but one thing I would change at BuzzFlash, it is your often juvenile ramblings in the statements that work as links to other sites. It's a bit immature.

Just post the link and leave it at that. And please eschew the cutting comments about other left-of-center Web sites.

That's all. Thank you.

Jack Briggs
Los Angeles, CA

Subject: swine flu

I trust vaccines but vaccines are more of a problem is you are dealing with a virus rather than a bacteria. I do not understand their fear of the swine flu. We have heard for years that the next big flu would be bird flu and that never materialized. Most of the people getting bird flu were sleeping in the same buildings as their birds. That is not the custom in most countries. I looked it up and the last swine flu epidemic in 1957 killed 4 million people worldwide but there is no breakdown of where those people lived and died.

Swine flu killed people in 1918 when there was war going on and people moving from country to country, and rural to urban, living in close quarters in barracks and ships. The epidemic that set off the fear in the seventies started in a fort of soldiers during basic training. Basic training is stressful and leads to hidden ailments coming to attention. Some disease always comes forward more forcefully than would happen in the general population. And these children and young people coming down with this have not been exposed to as much flu due to so many people being vaccinated, and being too young to have been exposed to the 1957 swine flu. This is the natural order of diseases and it is necessary for the general population to develop immunity. The medical community just cannot expect perfection.

A BuzzFlash Reader

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