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Friday, 23 October 2009 04:59

BuzzFlash Mailbag for October 23, 2009

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Subject: Dithering Chickenhawks

Hey Cheney,

If LBJ and Nixon had done more "Dithering" on sending more and more troops to Vietnam, YOU would not have had to evade the draft four times; not to mention all your other Neocon Chicken Hawk Buddies you met yesterday!!!

And since YOU are so eager for more troops to get sent to their deaths, why don't you let President Obama have you shipped to "The Tip of The Spear" so you can make-up for all your AWOL military duty.

Have fun in those small hills over there - and bring an few extra pacemakers with you.

Oh, before you leave Dick; we'll need to have you write down all the things you got right about the terror attack, Iraq's WMD, etc. Here's a "Post-It" note to jot anything down anything you were right about.

Tom Wieliczka
Windsor Locks, CT

Subject: Ron Reagan

Ron Reagan was on Hardball last night in a segment with Frank Gaffney the right wing neocon. Ron Reagan did not let Frank Gaffney get away with any of his lies. Democrats and progressives should take lessons from Ron Reagan on how to hold ground and call out these liars. The end result was what the neobullies usually do...personally attack.

Bob Lambert
Northridge, CA

Subject: The Right-wing's Labeling Progressives Nazis Is A Preemptive Strike

"For what purpose?"

"By way of accusing their enemy of being what they are, to sow confusion as to who's the real McCoy?"

"With the mainstream media doing its utmost to perpetuate said haox?"


"The answer being?"

"That progressives avoid getting bogged down in such arguments, returning instead to the task at hand, namely, seeing to it that our government establishes a single payer system such as Medicare for all, whereupon, empowered by our victory over the powers that be, it'll be up to us, the what sort of world."

"And these right-wing ideologues?"

"With so much progress underway & everyone aboard, who'll be paying attention to them?

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Dick

If it is OK for Cheney and the neo-cons to talk about how wrong things are with President Obama's administration, I think it should be open season for everyone in the Obama administration to go on every talk show, give interviews to all the news organizations and constantly, CONSTANTLY, talk about all the wrong doing, criminal activities and stupidity of the Bush administration. After all, things should be fair and balanced.

Bob Lambert
Northridge, CA

Subject: mailbag..

good to be back...we were gone for a week..then the computer was in the shop.....finally got to get back on it. Sorry for all the negative things about Buzz...it truly makes me sick...this site saves a lot of peoples lives...it sure did me back in the early 2000's. It was a great place to go to vent your feelings....then the republicans happened...and the country went belly up....for 8 very long years...there was not a chance of anything good coming from this country...I know..I read it every day...now...we have to just try to hold on to what we can. IF we , who truly back Buzzflash, could give money...we might be able to save it...or, if those of us lived in the area could do some volunteer work......that would help too. Buzz...my savior...if i lived near your office...I would help every day....It is shameful what the republicans have done to this country...those of us who once did...have no money to donate anymore... I wish I knew that it would get better....we should be able to have a better outlook,but, i have met too many people who have managed to brainwash the country...however, i think the real people are beginning to see the light...I just hope it is not too late.


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