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Monday, 26 October 2009 04:47

BuzzFlash Mailbag for October 26, 2009

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Subject: Good to get away

Dear BuzzFlash:

It's a been a while since I wrote the Mailbag. My wife and I were on a trip to New England, Maine specifically this October and were lucky enough to visit Boston, Providence and Portland. It's truly beautiful country. This isn't a travelogue, though. Some readers may recall I hail from Northwest Arkansas, a real hotbed of hardcore right wing GOP insanity and evangelicalism. So much so I have become increasingly unhappier living here and once I retire, I'm outta here. For you see, in this Bible Belt stronghold, regionalism is extreme.

Most people do not travel, and except for your quick tourist bucks, after which you can leave quickly, thank you very much, they don't like outsiders. This will change in time as the world continues to infiltrate via the Internet and influx of people from other parts of the country and even the world. The change will be too slow for me to benefit being 48 already, so I will move on as soon as retirement allows.

I made a bet with my wife that during this trek, through which we went through 17 states all over the Midwest and Eastern Seaboard that with the exception of trucks, we wouldn't see one Arkansas license plate other than our own until we neared Memphis on the state line as we returned home. I won the bet. I find this sad, because travelling broadens our scope, increases our knowledge and teaches us that not everybody thinks the same about absolutely everything, a thought I'm pretty sure a large proportion of folks in this area have never entertained that thought.

It's willful ignorance, intolerance and hate that fuels this fire, and while I want to be sure to acknowledge there are good people who are not able to see our country because of economical or health reasons, there are lots who can but won't. Hence, I was relieved to see that in the Northeast, the Democrats are held in higher esteem, concern for everybody's welfare besides one's self and tolerance are much more prevalent. It's a great country, and I have learned that the stubborn South will have to join the rest of the nation soon or be left behind to continue to wallow in its own hate. It's not fair to those of us down here who do care, and there are plenty of us, because we get lumped in with the rest of the region thanks to the dominance of talk radio and FOX News, which you can't get away from anywhere.

So while the song remains the same here in NW Arkansas, I'm encouraged that the whole country isn't like what we Dems have to put up with here. Makes me think maybe there's still hope left, and that's possibly the best thing I brought back home with me.

Fayetteville, AR

Subject: Iran and Oil

Here's my rant to CFR today in response to Greg Bruno's 9/30/09 interview with Manouchehr Mottaki, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Islamic Republic of Iran.

"Hmmmm.... this is me thinking about what you've written here: www.cfr.org/publication/20331

Given the history of other Countries' interference in Iran's Government, I believe they have every right to be wary of other Governments.

Given their internal history in my lifetime (since the 1940's), they still need to join "the Community of Nations" as equal partners, and it seems they want to do that. It would improve their economy and standard of living. And it would be good for the US too, because it'll take away the "need" for the arms-makers to gin up a reason to send young people to another illegal "war".

Given conditions in the Middle East, with our invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, and I am sure, our CIA interfering with every Government there (rather than gathering intelligence, as they should), Iran cannot feel secure in the least.

Given their neighbor's nuclear Arsenal, Iran needs to be self-sufficient and have the capability to defnd themselves. Nuclear power generation will help them achieve that. Being signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty gives them obligations and rights, as I understand the issues. ANd they are the same obligations that we as a pseudo-empire refuse to meet.

We want what they have, but they don't want what we have. Countries that need Iraq and Iran's oil bid for it, but we believe it's our right! Witness Boone Pickens' recent assertion that our young people died and we spent money over there, so we are entitled to their oil! How damn arrogant! He, who is a damn chickenhawk who didn't join the military when he was of the age.... and we were (again) sending young people to die in Korea.

Yup, he's a true American taker alright.

Bill Darbyshire
Galien, MI

Subject: Treason and Faux news

Is anyone really listening to what Faux Noise is really saying AND the meaning of sending out messages to kill our President of the United States Of AMERICA? "Off President Obama" is ONLY one of them

Is not TREASON??

Is anyone listening to Limbaugh, Beck,Roger Ailes and their ilk? OR ARE WE JUST HEARING THE VOICE AND PROCEED TO MAKE FUN OF THIS PERSON SAYING WORDS. We forget to hear how serious these words are.

The message is the same, rid us of President Obama! This goes far beyond free speech, this is beyond pale.

Our President, we voted for by a landslide is threatened. We who voted for him still have a job to do, to keep him safe from all who wish him harm. To call it exactly like it is. Anti American, yes, treason.

We could not get with in miles of Bush with our protest against all the wrongs President Bush has done. The war in Iraq we were against where not heard by Bush's ears. Yet, today there are guns carried to places President Obama speaks, up close and personal! These guns are meant to do harm to our President and we the democratic people in general.RUPERT MURDOCK does not make this front page, no, he condones this talk, and lets it continue. He is a money maker,not a truth teller.

In suggesting by Faux Noise with Roger Ailes as their mentor,to gin the masses to rid America of President Obama is not called treason, then we do not know what treason is.

Listen TO THEM and do not joke, this is no joking matter. Our President's life is in danger. Talk of killing the Commander in Chief in so many words is not to be tolerated, and has to be stopped!

The White House is spot on in taking on Fox Noise, and we have to show support in a big way. These are only talking heads, pretending to be news to cause mob mentality. TOO dangerous to laugh at!

God bless our President and God Bless the United States of America.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Why Is The Pentagon So Eager To Expand The Afghanistan War

"To augment its hold on our government as well as to avenge having been defeated in the Vietnam War."

"Shades of Nazi Germany swallowing up Europe in order to avenge its defeat in WW I, not to mention France's war upon the Algerian people a few years after having been thrown out of Vietnam."

"Does restoring macho military pride always demand fresh wars?"

"Only if the military can get away with it."


"As in Argentina after the Falkland Islands War, sometimes a defeated military is disgraced and loses its popular appeal, such that there's the chance of turning swords into plowshares."

"But isn't there a way to bring this about without further bloodshed?"

"Troops out now."

"Based on?"

"Popular demand."

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Classic BuzzFlash

Since I complained about the new look of BuzzFlash, I want to thank you for giving us the "classic" option. I appreciate that you listen to your readers. Something rare these days. Thanks, Buzz!

Wimberley, TX

Subject: Compliment

I just wanted to tell you how very much I appreciate your providing us the classic BuzzFlash format. It's still a winner in my estimation!

Annie B.
Cleveland, Ohio


This brilliant, Academy award-winning film director has suffered enough in his life. His parents died in the Holocaust, and his wife was murdered by that asshole Charles Manson. Roman Polanski's rape victim has forgiven him and she wants to move on. Release him from jail and leave him alone.

Shirley Dianne Jackson
Portland, Oregon

Subject: Say The Occupiers Stage A Runoff Election In Afghanistan And Nobody Shows Up, Any Effect On The War?

"The beginning of the end."

"Based on?"

"An Afghani no-show at the polls would undermine General Stanley McChrystal's plans for a build-up of 40,000 U.S. troops, supposedly to protect the natives, shore up the government and counter the Taliban extremists."

"Underming the General's plans how?"

"The establishment and legitimization of an Afghan government is central to the U.S. effort there at nation building. Moreover, with support for the Afghan war rapidly waning back home, holding an election in which nobody shows surely won't make this war any more popular, to say the least."

"But would the Afghan people actually boycott the November 7 election?"

"They might, especially if they thought that by doing so they'd hasten the departure of the occupiers from their land. After all, it's not as if Afghanis don't know that under military occupation the most they can expect is a puppet government."

"Which no patriot can tolerate."


A BuzzFlash Reader

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