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Wednesday, 28 October 2009 05:06

BuzzFlash Mailbag for October 28, 2009

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Subject: Blue dogs and Lieberman

I am angry with elected officials who pretend to be Democratic party people,when really hiding a neocon! Those are the Blue Dogs. Don't really care how nice they are, they are Republicans, hiding in sheeps clothing. They don't care how they win,winning is what they are all about, not for serving the people. My opinion! They have not proved me wrong yet!

Lieberman is one of the worse, not a blue dog but he will dance to any toon if it will get him what he wants. Lieberman is for Joe Lieberman. Whatever gets the Lieberman's touch, We the People Lose. Ask Al Gore, and Ned Lamont. Now he's after our Public Option. Remember him with John McCain? To be honest, John McCain had the double wammy there with the rogue Sarah in tow. He didn't know what hit him, poor John.

Why Harry Reid trusts him is what's baffling. Why Harry? Were you also lying about wanting the Public Option, because you knew you had Lieberman to bring PO down? Say it isn't so, and maybe you will be believed.At this point in time I doubt it!

Lieberman touch is all over the Public Option, so do not hold your breath for PO in the near future from him. He's out to make a name for himself, even it's a name we wouldn't say in public.

As for the blue dogs, forgetaboutit!

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Lieberman

I have always loathed Joe Lieberman and could not believe it when he was chosen to run for VP to Al Gore. He serves only himself, not we the people. So, now he is the spoiler to prevent healthcare reform.

For Scott of Fudville: When we moved to NW Ark in 1970, the area was predominately Democrat. All the elected offices in Benton County were held by Democrats except County Judge.

The influx of retirees to BV and other retirement communities in this area brought hordes of people from Iowa, Ohio, Kansas, and Nebraska. They had sold their farms, homes and businesses. They were angered that they had to pay any property taxes here, because "they did not have kids in school anymore." Our taxes were about the lowest of the states. Most of these persons were, or became, Republicans.

The growth of Wal-Mart brought hundreds of people from other states to here. Many of the elderly farmers and community leaders died off and positions were filled by Republicans. (Benton County elected offices are filled 100 per cent by Republicans now).

Scott, you experience what my family experiences. We have learned, over time, that there are actually other people here who think and feel as we do. They just cannot afford to let it be known, and it is impossible to reason or intelligently communicate with the mind set of the ultra-rights.

In my lifetime I have learned that Republicans, when they screw up or get in a jam, will often turn to a Democrat for help. Some are grateful, some are ingrates. I keep hoping to see the day when people wake up, when they will not only call themselves Christians but will live as Christians.

Creed Ballew

Subject: Obamacare is a bailout for the insurance industry, who funded his campaign

A nagging question remains about Obamacare. How is it that if we are forced to buy insurance, whether we can afford it or not, that this is going to bring insurance premiums and health care costs down? Doesn't this put the insurance industry in the driver's seat? I hate to say it, but this is actually worse than it was before. At least you could refuse to buy insurance before. He is doing exactly what he criticized Hillary for proposing, back during the primaries. He told her that fining someone for not buying insurance was the same as fining a homeless person because he has no home. He was also for Single Payer, back in 2003. What CHANGED. He has a Dem House and Senate. Nancy Pelosi says that if it were up to her we would have Single Payer. Excuse me, but it IS up to her and the entire group of Democrats in Congress. Costs are not going to go down under Obamacare. We need to demand Single Payer, with everyone in and nobody out. We need to see through the smokescreen.

A BuzzFlash Reader


Want to send corporate america (world) a message? Don't watch the World Series on Fox network. But if you absolutely must, change the channel at every commercial break.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: The Opt Out Public Plan As Entry To Single Payer

"The reason being?"

"No way can insurance companies compete with the public plan."

"Based on?"

"The insurance companies skimming off upwards of 30 percent for overhead & profit, compared to single payer's less than 5% overhead & no profit.

"Anything else?"

"Insurance companies put greed before health care."

"What if initially the public plan's only available to, say, 5-10 percent of the public?"

"No matter."

"Why not?"

"As the superioirty of the single payer compared to greed-based health insurance becomes increasingly evident, there'll be pressure upon our government to expand it to include more & more people, until, voila, single payer for all."

"And what'll become of private health insurance?"

"Goodby & good riddence."

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Classic BuzzFlash

Thanks for having the Classic option. Please keep it around. The new look may be prettier and less stark, but that white text reads slow. Irritating, compared to the readability of the classic black text. Thank you for your support.

Teri Greene
Houston TX

Subject: What Does Our Failure To Attain Health Care For All Tell Us About Our Chances For Turning Things Around?

"That unless we rise up en masse & make it happen ourselves, forget change."

"The reason being?"

"Inat the most we can expect from a corporate owned government is incrementalism and that's a sure formula for disaster."

"Based on?

"Perpetual war + global warming + economic collapse = doomsday."

"And who'll lead this mass uprising?"

"Everyone is to be a leader

"Anything else?"

"Ihere is no alternative, what with time running out?"

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: health care

A person i know wrote on my FB last night, that she heard on Fox news that a man took his daughter to the ER and told them she had the flu...but, not the swine flu. The attendant, supposedly , told her that all flu now was the swine flu..according to the call in.....because Obama wanted it that way...so. he could declare a national emergency.... I questioned her about the particular hospital. she did not answer after I went back to check later, there were 14 comments to her post...and I checked all of them One writer told her he was not a fan of the president, but she was just wrong about the hospital...He said that indeed all flu right now is admitted as SWINE flu, because we do not have a name for the H1N1...and in order to keep them seperate, they are all admitted as swine flu....he had read this on a medical report, or something. She actually admitted ...okay sorry...I should have known it was a call in on the Glenn Beck Show.

So much for Beck

SW St. Louis


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