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Thursday, 29 October 2009 04:57

BuzzFlash Mailbag for October 29, 2009

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Subject: touching a nerve

Dear BuzzFlash:

I have received a couple of responses to my post the other day lamenting the overabundance of right wing fans here in NW Arkansas and the difficulty of putting up with these people on a daily basis. I'm glad I've illicited a response because frankly it's time somebody shared what the mentality of a given area can become when oversaturated with one-party ideology, evangelical mayhem and willful ignorance.

I'm not afraid to speak out, either online or in person, but I do have to be very cautious because I've found that the vast majority of GOP and Limbaugh fans here are extraordinarily thin skinned and can't tolerate any opposing point of view without becoming angry and confrontational. I always welcome a civil exchange of opinions and ideologies, but it's damned difficult in the Bible Belt where tolerance for alternate opinions is discouraged. I do not exxagerate in my descriptions. I just wish there was a way people would open their minds to other possibilities for their own sake, but you can't force an opinion on anybody.

This is really the rub; a Limbaugh Lemming will not discuss anything. They yell, get their facts wrong (gee, imagine that) and failing that path become insulting and belligerent. They try to force their idealogies down your throat without your asking for them and have little if any respect for dissension. I realize this area is a "pocket" for right wing lunacy due to its reclusive nature on the part of the working class, and the scads of money in Benton County, home of Wal-Mart, the enemy of worker's rights worldwide. It's sad, but I'm a firm believer in the 1st Amendment, and if we don't exercise it, we could easily end up losing it.

Fayetteville, AR

Subject: President Obama and respect to our fallen troops.

Watching President Obama, what little we can see of him because he did not want to take away from the solemn grief of welcoming our fallen heroes, makes one wonder why wasn't this done by the former President, and Vice President?

Was it that they had the courage to send our healthy troops into a senseless war, but lacked the fortitude to be there when they came back deceased?

Why did they hide these fallen heroes from the world? Was it guilt? I think not!

Remembering Cheney in a wheelchair at President Obama's inauguration, poor Dick! He knew that there would be no welcome for him. Well then, Nasty Cheney had to look like a decrepit old man. Now who would BOO a feeble old octogenarian??? BUT how strong he looked when he called President Obama *dithering.*Hmmm!

I can hear Fox Noise now saying this was a photo-op, for our President. I say to them and the other talking heads, SHUT UP! They do not show respect to our President nor to the United States Of America, neither for those who gave their life fighting for their right to free speech, in which they use to spew hate. They sit in their safe cushy chairs, shouting rotten remarks instead of praise for the good this new President is doing.

SHAME (they do not know what shame is) ON THEM! No humility in that whole bunch of talking heads. NONE AT ALL!

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: A Five Step Program For Switching From The 'There's Nothing I Can Do About It' To The 'Count Me In' Mode

Step one:

Recognizing that the reason one denies the fact that perpetual war + global warming + economic collapse = doomsday is because to acknowledge said fact is tantamount to accepting personal responsibility for doing something about it.

Step two:

Faced with this impending doom, owning up to one's fears for the future survival & well-being of one's children &/or one's grandchildren &/or one's great-grandchildren."

Step three:

Not falling for easy ways out, such as scapegoating, nor trusting politicians to come up with answers, since they along with corporations are part of the problem.

Step four:

Coming to the conclusion that only a mass uprising can avert the impending doom.

Step five:

"Hey, count me in".

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: mailbag...10/28/09....Creed Ballew

I agree, when Joe Liebermann was chosen...I loathed him too..!! He bragged considerably about being the first senator..or democrat...to stand in the well of the senate and chastize Bill Clinton for his sin. Okay???

The minute Al Gore went onto stage and kissed his wife like he did...and preach to anyone who would listen that he "Was his own man" playing it damn safe....it turned me so off...but, because i had heard and read so much about Bush and cheney...and I had heard so much jibberish about Clinton, as if he invented adultery....(We have seen a few of those just in the past terms...republicans who have tried to make out with male pages...paying off mistresses, creey antics in male bathrooms??)

It is sickening what the republicans were getting away with, even during the Clinton bash....and with the growth of Fox , slamming him every day...people are so easy to get out there...i had one in my own family who did that,who had never, ever voted republican...and this person called me in tears when the mess in Iraq first started... realizing the person would be living with it for all their life, unfortuanately..that is whe happens when you listen to lies....out and out lies...and you feel like someone did something so evil(adultery??) that they will never again be any use...they might just as well go sit in a corner and read.(Clinton..with his brain? He started making money!) Seems that reality set in pretty quickly...Bill Clinton within a month had filled the Kennedy center ...all tiers and was making a bundle in speaking engagements!! I knew it would happen...but , you have to see past the ignorance of the american voter who believes much too much of what they hear on any station.

The first time I watched the speech from the kennedy center....and the standing ovations I could not believe it myself... What is it that Bush is getting for his speeches...is the ticket $13.00? Sheeeesh...its not like he needs the money or anything...but, republicans in this country can sure get it wrong so many times.... And...it is a sadness now..that we all must bear....a mid east mess that will never be over....Death..destruction lost money...a country, our own, going almost belly up. and already the idiotic Fox is trying to blame Obama...please just all remember...you cannot pay a private company like Blackwater....12 and a half million each month for at least 9 years....for crying out loud people...add it up...our taxes have been used in way too many ways , than for the welfare of the American People...it is a shame what is going on out here...and it is not OBAMA...who did it, either...

SW St. Louis

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