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Friday, 13 November 2009 03:42

BuzzFlash Mailbag for November 13, 2009

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Subject: Terrorist Defined

There is a widening wave of identifying Major Hasan as a "terrorist." But, how do they know that beyond a shadow of a doubt? What are the defining characteristics between a murderer and a terrorist? Who, When, and Why are they applied? I don't recall anyone ever applying the term terrorist to the Columbine shooters, and yet what they did terrorized a large group of people and killed many. But they are not terrorists? How about the DC Sniper? The Ohio sniper? The guy that went back to his office (former) in Florida and killed? I can go on and on and rarely are people referred to as terrorists.

Even Timothy McVeigh was rarely identified as a terrorist. Why? Has terrorist become synonymous with a person of Muslim faith who murders? Is it because Major Hasan is in the U.S. military and is Muslim and became a mass murderer that he is identified as a terrorist? But there have been a number of cases of military members killing their own. In times of war commanders have been killed by those they command. Is it because Major Hasan contacted radical elements of the Muslim faith that identifies him as a terrorist? Do then Christians who listen to John Hagee then become identified as terrorists when they commit acts of violence? Why is it not possible that when Major Hasan made several failed attempts to leave the military, and listening to the stories of the horrors of war, that he did not just slide into mental illness? It seems those that are quick to label do so for nefarious reasons. Who is rushing to label? Those on the right of course and those who claim to be liberal not wanting to give up on spook politics. Why? It is politically savy as they see it to scare Americans, to lie, cheat, steal, and deceive their way back into relevance.

Let's face it Joe Lieberman who is doing his absolute best to misrepresent Connecticut and deny Americans healthcare, can still scare us. I believe Lieber is German for lover, thus his past is filled with lover men, or the lover of men, which of course explains that extraordinarly large mouth. When do they make such claims? When they think it brings about a political advantage.

Their prupose is not the protection of America, if that were the case they would be demanding that Dick Cheney be placed in prison for committing treason. No they want to tie President Obama to terrorists and how we are less safe and remember above all else to run for your fucking life. It seems to me there about 20,000 acts of terrorism each year in the United States, and what we should do is bring about change that truly makes us safer. Finally, glad the fat head left CNN. He will of course show up on FOX, which is where he belongs. Just like Joe Loverman belongs to the Republican Party.

Jim Ridout
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Subject: Goldman-Sachs, et al, and bailouts

We hear of the huge bonuses being given by the same big-wigs we bailed out less than a year ago. Why in hell didn't we bail them out with the condition that no bonuses would be doled out until the bailout was repaid? The demand should be made that the money intended for bonuses must instead be paid back to the entity which saved their sorry asses!

The newspapers here are overflowing with foreclosure notices. An animal refuge in Madison County has been foreclosed on. The bank gave the operator only a couple of days to remove himself and the animals, otherwise the sheriff will be authorized to shoot the animals which the man has been feeding and caring for. These include a blind doe deer, foxes, some beautiful gentle wolves and a number of other animals and birds. The location is in the midst of a vast wooded area.

My opinion is that banks operate stupidly. In 1951, when I applied for a modest loan to start a pizza restaurant, the bank officer (after asking me what pizza was) advised me that there was no future in ethnic food. "Come back, young man, when you have a more practical idea as well as adequate collateral."

Creed Ballew

Subject: What's Missing On The Left Is The Collective Spirit

"Which is?"

"That uplifting sense of fulfillment and renewal that derives from participating in a movement or action that reaches beyond self towards the common good."

"For example?"

"On the eve of the Iraq War, the marches in which, side by side, millions of people participated."

"Even though said marches didn't prevent that war?"

"The collective spirit is one thing, winning & losing another."

"How can the collective spirit be reactivated?"

"For starters, by way of rallies in support of more jobs &/or single payer &/or troops out now &/or reversing global warming &/or harnessing banks?"

"Anything else?"

"These events should be celebratory, not the usual one speaker after another, each saying pretty much the same thing while those in attendance grow increasingly bored & restless. To forestall such, there can be musicsl acts, poetry readings & other cultural contributions."

"Won't this turn these events into festivals rather than political gatherings?"

"More like happenings."

"And how are happenings going to advance the common good?"

"Featured at these happenings will be discussions on possible mass actions aimed at advancing the commond good (say, a round-the-clock rally outside some congressperson's district office), with the specific mass action(s) that's to be undertaken chosen, not by the conveners* of a particular happening, but by a vote of all those in attendance."

"What if the right-wingers hold their own spirit raising rallies?"

"They already do?"

"What'll decide which way the public goes?"


*anyone can be a convener

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Mike curtis....and pro choice

Thanks for putting it into words that I agree with. I am not Pro abortion...but, i think that there should be three exceptions: RAPE, INCEST, AND THE LIFE OF THE MOTHER... Me and my sister used to discuss this and we agreed...but from talking to someone else...or just wanting to be different than I....she changed. And when I told her I thought that was the way she felt, she disagreed and offered to pray for me. There is likely nothing any more demeaning than having someone offer to pray for you...like they are the only one who will be good enough when she goes...let me tell you, she has lied more times than i can count.

The God I know...does not particularly like folks like that....and neither do I. It is not something that keeps me awake at night...and many more things distress me...like watching poor Iraqi citizens bury 8-10 family members in one open grave...crying,mourning....kids as young as 2-3 or 6. That does not seem to bother her at all...and yet...the other does...I remember her asking one time"When are we going to do something about abortion!" I swear to you, it was like all we had to do was go and get a cop and tell him,...she is just not able to understand. Abortion has been legal since the 60's, I think ..and not one administration has put an end to it...even during the horrid Bush years..when republicans ruled everything. Thanks Mike...

SW St. Louis

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