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Monday, 16 November 2009 03:39

BuzzFlash Mailbag for November 16, 2009

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Subject: McCain Has No Clue About Retired People's Medical Expenses

Hi BuzzFlash,

What a joke. McCain is telling AARP Members to cut up their membership cards and send them back to AARP, because AARP had the audacity to support President Obama's Health Care Legislation.

McCain urges town hall attendees to cut up their AARP membership cards. http://thinkprogress.org/2009/11/15/mccain-aarp-cards/

Well, since McCain is "rolling in the dough", to the point that he couldn't even remember how many houses he had during the last campaign; may I suggest that everyone who is a member of AARP and uses them as a Secondary Insurer for their Medicare Bills, simply forward all their medical bills to the McCain Residence.

I'm sure McCain will be "Just As Bold" in telling current AARP Members that they HE WILL PAY for any unpaid portion of their Medicare Bills.

Happy Check Writing Johnny!! Oh, by the way Johnny, does your mother know about your "well thought out" Plan?

And this clown wanted to be President? He still doesn't have a clue!!!

Tom Wieliczka
Windsor Locks, CT

Subject: Obama's "Hesitancy" on Afghanistan

An AP article yesterday stated that Obama's hesitancy on Afghan war build-up implies weakness. I wish world leaders had more of that kind of weakness. Clearly, President Obama does not want to send soldiers into harm's way without a clear goal, a solid plan, and an exit strategy, three aspects sorely missing from President Bush's military ventures. I know that we Americans are used to Presidents that play cowboy, that say things like "Bring 'em on" and "Mission Accomplished" without a second thought, Presidents who send Americans into battle on falsified weapons reports. But it seems like our current President understands that you don't send soldiers into battle without first nailing down what we're supposed to be doing, and why. So hats off to Obama's "hesitation." Soldiers are human beings, not chess pieces. It's about time we get a President who understands that.

Mark Spivey

Subject: Town Hall Meeting

Yesterday, Sunday, I attended a town hall meeting with Brad Sherman, my congressman here in the San Fernando Vally of Los Angeles. I'm terrible at estimating how many people were there but the high school auditorium was full and people were standing in the aisles, in the back and on the stage. Congressman Sherman said he has had over 100 town hall meetings and this was by far the best attended.

The meeting was very well run and Congressman Sherman kept control for the most part. There were the usual protesters with their signs. Abortion is murder. Cut taxes. No health reform. Even though these people booed, yelled, and interrupted a number of times, the congressman worked through it, kept his cool and the audience under control. The only time Congressman Sherman raised his voice and got a bit heated is when he was asked why Congress allows Barack Obama to be President when he will not provide his birth certificate and was born in another country. This ridiculous question was met with a surprising number of cheers. It amazes me how many birthers are still out there. Without going into detail, Congressman Sherman put these people in their place with very strong words. Without actually saying so, he called them idiots. His response was met with louder cheers.

Congressman Brad Sherman is one of the good guys. He's not the most visible or outspoken, but he does have logic, common sense and conviction. Thank you Brad Sherman for your valuable representation.

Bob Lambert
Northridge, CA

Subject: Ironies For Kicking Soldiers Out Of The Military

Hi BuzzFlash,

How ironic that The FBI and The Army could not figure out how to handle Hasan, who had been showing very radical Muslim signs - so they let him stay in The Army and the rest is very sad history of what he did.

If only Hasan had disclosed that he was a "Gay" Muslim, even if he was still was showing radical traits, the Army would have KNOWN what to do with him in a nanosecond, by IMMEDIATELY kicking him out of The Army.

Shows The Army's screwball priorities in what to be concerned about (Gay vs Radical) for immediate reaction to kick a person out of the Military.

Tom Wieliczka
Windsor Locks, CT

Subject: Last year's election results

Dear people at Buzz: It has been awhile since I have posted on this website. Much has been happening that has not been conducive to being able to actually sit down and do it. I will not go into detail about it, but now come hell or high water I must.

Remember last year's elections, and how many were overjoyed with the results? I did not exactly vote-in the candidates that the people who were in the majority voted for. I did hope that things would truly change after this past decade. It was very taxing and costly, taking a toll on many of us in many ways, except for the uber-rich who have had to not sweat a drop and keep on going with their greed. They continue to trample all over us to this day. The precedents that were going on at the beginning of this decade that we had tried to change still continue to go on and along with the injustices that have become worse as a result because the abuses were not stopped.

I have tried to be very patient with our new president who we elected to office, but at the end of last week he made a comment concerning the reason for the stiff fine being proposed for those who cannot afford health care insurance. Also there has benn continued talk of escalating troops in Afghanistan and it is too late. I have had two nephews in Iran and they could be sent to this god-forsaken place, too. This is the last straw for me and I am infuriated to no end. I cannot let it slide by any further. I have contacted Washington AGAIN concerning it but all in vain it seems.

It seems like we are being turned a deaf ear anymore by the ones who are supposed to represent us like usual .It is sickening to my stomach. The growing daily absurdity of American society and the daily down-fall is sickening to my stomach. How can they expect especially the American who has been laid off for months (or year or more) and now has to fork over the money that they simply do not have the money to extend their Cobra? Then if they cannot do this they will be slapped with a hefty fine and go to prison. These are people who have tried to keep the law. But because of this or people who are experiencing desparate situations right now the prison population will be swelling in the next 5 years with not enough guards because the uber-rich will surly not fill these positions.

If these positions be somewhat filled, the prisons will be run by unchoice meaner-than-hell people. We have been bamboozled bigtime by this government and the corporations who run it. We have had the Bailout crammed on us, more taxes, penalties, fees, what have you. This new health care thing is a continuing further rape and extortion of the American people pure and simple. We are tired of being screwed over time and time again. My husband and I are in avery bad position this month financially than we ever have before. I cannot work on the workforce, and have not been able to at least in a decade and denied my social security. It is bleeding us dry.

We try to watch our money carefully and live within our means but cannot cost cut because we are "obligated" to contracts on those things we could lower, or else they put things back up. They got us where they want us. And I cannot figure out and am busting my brains about how to take care of what is owed the next two weeks. This makes us officially really starting to go in the poorhouse unless there is an improvement.I have lost all trust in the people who are supposed to run anything whether it be the government, corporations, Big Medicine, Pharma what have you.

The stunts that they have pulled, the ways that they have betrayed us has made me completely lose trust in most everything and anything anymore because life seems to be "Let's see next what we can do to pull the wool over everyone's eyes!"

A BuzzFlash Reader

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