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Wednesday, 18 November 2009 04:02

BuzzFlash Mailbag for November 18, 2009

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Subject: Palin on the attack

Dear BuzzFlash:

Northwest Arkansas is all in a dither (the right wingnuts and evangelical beasties, that is) over the impending stop at a local Sam's Club store in Fayetteville by the Divine Sarah Palin herself. This is not good. Having established itself as reliable GOP territory, the Bible Belt, especially the Armageddonist faction, which I think is probably about 98% of all "Christians" around here, is drooling over the possibility of a Palin presidency. That's scary for so many reasons, including:

Incompetence: of course, that never stopped George W. from starting two unwinnable wars. Locals here still hero worship him. Palin has been touting the death scenario concerning health care, eagerly poisoning already susceptible minds, not to mention a myriad of total ignorance on just about every topic that doesn't involve moose.

Armageddonist: This is what is really frightening. Palin is among those types who, in their fervor for the final tribulation, will gladly try to make the events happen on their own just to prove themselves right. A full scale Mideast war that would entail far more than just Iraq would be an inevitability. Of course, her type will hide out safely stateside while we practically wipe out an entire generation of young men should she get her way.

Theocracy: There are millions of evangelicals out there including a faction in D.C. whom, should Palin get in the White House, would do everything they could to establish a national religion and make it compulsory. That would of course wipe out the 1st Amendment and those of us who don't supplicate willingly would have to do so under threat of imprisonment. These loonies are very dangerous, every bit as poisoned as the Taliban, and restrained only because of the 1st Amendment.

Sarah Palin is hot right now. Of course GOP men drool over her, but her being hot is also akin to Three Mile Island style hot. The gullible Limbaugh Lemmings here are not capable of free thought, not that they'd ever exercise it anyway, and they're prime agents for a country that would literally go off the deep end should Palin, Michelle Bachmann or Tom Coburn ever set foot in the White House. Bush Jr. only pretended to be a religious guy - he was all about oil and war. Palin would be much more dangerous, if that can be imagined. 2012 could indeed be a global catastrophe, but it would explode on Election Day rather than Dec. 21.

Fayetteville, AR

Subject: Sarah Palin and the Persecution Boogie

Remember the good old days when conservatives ridiculed the “victim mentality” that they claimed permeated the liberal mindset? Remember when they pooh-poohed victimization theories like battered woman syndrome? Good. Now forget it, because the right has become the personification of victims. No event, no action, no statement, can be so mild that the right can’t turn it into an unfair smear of themselves. Bill O’Reilly? Smeared all the time, by almost everyone, about almost everything. Just ask him, or listen to his show. Michelle Bachmann? Ditto. Speaking of ditto, Rush Limbaugh, all victim, all the time. And, of course, Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin. They all pale in comparison to Palin.

I can’t recall a single instance in which she has responded to criticism of any kind by addressing the substance of the criticism. No, no, it’s all because she’s a woman, because she’s from Alaska, because she’s a nonconformist, because she’s a Christian, because she’s a mother, because she….Sarah Palin. If you believe Sarah, she not only has a cross to bear, but the cross is roughly the size of the Starship Enterprise. The recent Newsweek cover photo of her in running shorts (I think that’s what the photo shows)? Meant to be sexist. Criticism of her ignorance of basic geography and geopolitics? Meant to be elitist. Criticism of her beliefs about abortion, evolution, and such? Meant to be anti-Christian. Her performance ( or lack thereof) in the Couric interviews? Because Katie really had it in for her and ambushed her, and condescended to her, and was just such a meanie.

Sarah Palin, Our Lady of the Really, Really, Really Heavy Burden. And how could she possibly defend herself, and her really, really good values, this poor little Governor of a state, this unfortunate candidate for the second highest office in the land, this author of a book and frequent guest on national air and cable-waves? Why, she was so helpless and unfairly vilified that she had to insert herself into a New York state congressional race. She’s so lacking of a platform to respond to her victimizers that she gives international speeches. She’s so lacking in allies that she is quickly being made rich and even more famous by a wide network of wealthy and politically connected zealots. Don’t cry for me, Argentina, cry for Sarah, Our Lady of the Tears, Our Lady of the Fears, Our Lady of the Endless Smears.

I think book number 2 may already be in the queue at the publishing house: When Really, Really Bad and Unfair Stuff Happens to Beautiful, Pure, Innocent Servants of the People, subtitled Anyone Can Dance to the Persecution Boogie.

Lee Russ
Bennington, VT

Subject: Minnesota Immigrant Supporters Show How To Spoil A Teabagger Party

And they did it with guess what? Old fashioned wits, that's what, as fourteen stalwart pro-immigrant activists confronted (verbally, not physically) a group of about 40 teabagging anti-immigrants protesting outside the state's capital building. What happened was that, while pretending to be a teabagger, one of the immigrant supporters spoke at this November 14 rally. Initially he made like he was just another teabagger doing an anti-immigrant number, but then he switched messages, confusing the teabaggers, such that, he was able to pull it off without incident. What's the lesson? That if only progressives would deploy the one weapon that they should have in great abundance, namely, creativity, then these immigrant-bashers, since they're mired in strictly linear pursuits, wouldn't stand a chance. Nice going Minnesotans. Not only have you shown the rest of us progressives how to route people-haters, you've done it with humor & panache.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: California Faces $21-Billion Budget Gap & The Terminator Guv Planning To Terminate More Poor Folks

With the state legislature's approval he'll do this by cutting additional holes in an already badly frayed safety net, resulting, among other things, in tens of thousands more Californians losing their health coverage, which is nothing less than mass murder, being that there's approximately one death per thousand uninsured*. What should California's government do instead? Tax the superrich. Why? Because that's where the money is. The only reason the Guv refuses to do this is because he considers not increasing taxes on the rich to be an absolute, whereas, when it comes to the lives of poor people, his thinking is "Hey, that's relative" and how's that for all out class war?

*45,000 deaths annually attributed to being uninsured (out of 45 million uninsured)

A BuzzFlash Reader

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