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Thursday, 19 November 2009 03:52

BuzzFlash Mailbag for November 19, 2009

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Subject: Help Wanted!!

Dear BuzzFlash:

The job may be a temporary one, but being close to Christmas, some enterprising readers may wish to offer their services to the millions of morons who will buy Sarah Palin's book. The job? Reading it to them, of course. Anybody dumb enough to make this maniacal women even richer and more prominent on the national scene surely has very poor reading skills. For their sake, maybe a pop-up picture book should come with the original. For a modest fee, I will read the book to a Limbaugh Lemming. Since I will have to be interrupted many times during the reading to spell out something to the listener (such as "Where's Alaska?") I will take some literary license and ad lib a few portions of the book and make it really interesting. They will of course believe every word and I will be hospitalized for seizures from uncontrollable laughing. And I haven't even told you what the fee is.

Fayetteville, AR

Subject: Palin Daze

Being an optimist in today's America is becoming extremely difficult. Israel, "our stalwart ally", in the ME, thumbs its nose at our President and announces that it will go ahead with its expansionist "settlements" program. This brutish little country was established by the UN, yet it treats that organization with the utmost contempt. Our misguided alliance with Israel is the root cause of "terrorism" in that region - and its Americans that are paying for it with their lives - not Israelis. It strikes me as deeply ironic (that horrible word) that every terrorist organization in the world, from Al Qaeda to Goldman Sachs claims to be doing "God's work". I hope people were paying attention when CIT's "packaged" bankruptcy protected Gsux while leaving taxpayers on the hook for billions. There are no risks associated with this companies criminal activities as the Treasury department backs them to the hilt - right down to the last American dollar. You'd think that tax dollars are the only game in town the way these scam artists devote themselves to raking them in. Congress is the only collateral they need to commit grand larceny on a scale never before seen in the world.

It's not any better on any front, NASA still plans to retire the shuttle - abandoning all the investment, hopes and dreams and that America has invested in it - in favor of a pathetic dick rocket. Even today Atlantis is transporting over 27,000 pounds of equipment to the ISS - which we're also abandoning with an equal loss of investment. Their little dick rocket doesn't have anything like this kind of capability. Americans should be absolutely furious at this kind of waste - but they're not. Instead they're waiting in line for their CAFO flu shots, doubtless consulting their iPhones to find the location with the shortest (or maybe the longest) lines. It's a sorry spectacle - someone should put the boot to these bozos and tell them to get back to work. That a cheap rash of bacon should be underwritten by an ultra-expensive rash of pandemic flu is emblematic of our country today. One of the right-wing nabobs was opining in the NYT's recently that we're a nation of futurists - it's in our DNA - according to this clown. If the future is up your butt then he's right.

People are so entranced with their little cellphones that they don't seem to mind the crap that their little two-bit CNN app provides them with. Shit in a wrapper is still shit. I was so angry with CNN and all the cable news outlets when the put the adcelerator pedal to the metal in their coverage of the Fort Hood slaughter. I don't normally watch ads - but I was taking down names this time. I wanted to make sure that I knew who they were. Their front is "pretty" expensive talent - but behind the scenes they're cold hearted money grubbing bastards. America doesn't have and can't conceive of a problem that can't be "fixed" by padding the pockets of Goldman Sachs. The bigger the crisis the bigger the pay-out. I'd so love to put NASA's new dick rocket up their butt - it's about the only kind of ROI that it's even remotely capable of.

We live in the shadow of corporate America and it's getting colder and darker all the time.

Tim Mooring
San Francisco, CA

Subject: Countering The Far Right's Distractions Of Hate & Fear

Since what the right-wingers are after is attention, ignoring their attacks upon us progressives effectively punishes them. Punishment, however, won't suffice, because in addition to it, we progressives must put out a vision of what sort of world were it up to us, along with a plan as to how we might get there. But no matter how we respond to them, we can be sure that right-wingers won't let up on their attacks. Even so we never answer them in kind, but, instead, with something like, "Because we progressives believe that the public seeks answers to the challenges that confront us in our daily lives, we refuse to be distracted by our opponents messages of hate. Our answer, instead, is to put forward a doable plan for arriving at peace on earth & goodwill to all living beings, one that depends upon & encourages full participation by all Americans, each & every step of the way." Will such a message prevail over right-wing hatefulness & fear-mongering? Count on it.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: All The Attention The Left Pays To Sarah Palin & The Rest Of The Far Right Could Be Self-Defeating

The reason being that people don't become progressives just to take on far-right demogogues, as enervsting as such may be, they do so to bring about a better world, the formula for which is vision + plan + spirit = change. Which happens to be what we progressives, if we're to gain both the public's attention and confidence, had best be talking about. The underlying premise here is that in competing with the right-wingers for the minds & hearts of the American people, building a better world will turn out to have more appeal than fear-mongering war-mongering & scapegoating.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: mailbag....11-18-09


Scott . is it not a fright to even think that, that is what is in her little teeny brain Anyone with a 3rd grade education would know that Sarah is not even slightly equipped to run a town the size you live in..or the one i was born in....and come on men of the rightwinger haze...she may be a good looker...but, many women are...and they are not running.!!! Last night, Keith Olbermann, gave at least three instances of lies shes has passed on in her absolutely super book tour. And, remember, when Keith tells you someone told a lie...he always goes back to the previous example...to prove it...and he always does! Better these righties...should find another candidate... but, you know...i know many who would not vote for McCain but would grin and say they were voting for Palin... stranger than fiction. Do you think this country was in the midst of hell on earth when Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld and Rice left? Well, get ready...if this woman gets in...we are finished. We have not even cleaned up the Bush mess yet.....and no matter what you righties say....Bill Clinton's administration handed of a very good shaped country to Bush,then....he spent money(Bush) like a drunken sailor, likely his condition most of the time, but, i feel for the folks that are coming along..who will be in this country for a long time. And, we must get some kind of health care reform....it is not something that even entered the minds of any Bush policy. Well, you know...when someone thinks "You are doing a heckofajob Brownie..."...is honest...we must worry... We must be very very afraid!!!

SW St. Louis

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