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Monday, 23 November 2009 03:46

BuzzFlash Mailbag for November 23, 2009

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Subject: No shame

Republicans have no shame! Their vision is blurred by so much hatred, their thinking is tarnished. They have a burning hole where the heart should be,their stomachs are full of bitter bile by the mere mention of President Obama or the Democratic party, progressive and liberal. Their skin torments them with the promise to peel away the rotten desire that holds them captive with the cruel agony of defeat! The God they profess to love they hide from Him in order to serve another more powerful in their demented minds. The one God let his powers withstand even as he was casted out of heaven into hell.The Demon himself!

Yet these same people will disrespect President Obama and loudly pray for his death. They had better start questioning themselves as to why they feel the way they do, without love for their fellow man, and want to put another man on the cross, hoping that will ease their pain. This is the Demon speaking through them, and they do not know it because He has taken a complete hold of them so it will take a wealth of asking for forgiveness from the real God of Mercy to cast their demon into the hell he belongs. What other reason would these seemingly sane people stick together so strongly as to block all light out of their thinking? Why do they hide in the darkness of their minds and wallow in this hate that they feel?

God is love, and when love is given to least of us this God receives love. With the Republicans this is not happening, so the other option is to serve the minister of hate who comes from hell. Awaken and see the light or be doomed to darkness forever, Republicans. Ted Kennedy is watching, believe it, and his heart is sore when he sees those who called him friend turn their backs on those who need care, those he fought for all his life. How important it was that these friends do their duty to make his dream come true. So far the Demon is winning their minds and the Republicans remain one solid block of pure darkness. The sad part of hate is that it is so easy to catch and spread around. We are seeing it now up close and personal. It's not called crazy, call it what it is,denying God and accepting the One of darkness.

God Bless President Obama, God Bless America.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: U.S. To Buy Off Afghan Insurgents

Will they pay each of them 300 dollars a month like they paid the Iraqi insurgents? What would work even better would be to give a million bucks to each insurgent who agrees to put down his weapons & go back to his home town or village & spend the million bucks there. Let's see, reportedly there are around 10,000 insurgents, so the total cost to us taxpayers, assuming these freedom fighters accept the deal, would be around 10 billion dollars, which is about what the monthly price tag of the Afghan War will be, if President Obama caves to the demands of the war-mongering generals McChrystal & Petreaus. The effort could jump-start an era in which swords are turned into plowshares.

Take Empire-USA, for example, which now poses the greatest threat, not only to peace on earth, but to the survival of all living beings, would the men & women in its armed forces be able to resist the temptation of a million dollars in exchange for their agreeing not to reenlist when their 4 years are up, with this money dispersed, not from the U.S. Treasury, but from those Saudi & other gulf oil billionaire backers of the Taliban & al @aeda. That way the cost of bringing peace to the region will be split between the real instigators of the Afghanistan War, Empire-USA and its wealthy allies in the Arabian Peninsula.

A BuzzFlash Reader


Since when is John McCain the foremost expert on all things pertaining to war and the military? It is bad enough that we have to see this jerk's stupid face all over the Sunday talk shows all the time. Now, for some unknown reason, they have begun interviewing McCain on the BBC news and the Canadian news asking him his opinion of the war in Afghanistan! What the fuck? What the bloody hell is going on here? Why is John McCain all over my T.V.? Why is he the only person everybody wants to interview about the Afghanistan war?????? When will this worthless, useless loser just go the hell away and take that bimbo Sarah Palin with him?!

Shirley Dianne Jackson
Portland, Oregon

Subject: mailbag readers 11/19/09

Creed..i am waiting to see how much the book has dropped in price, the next time. From what i hear on MSNBC....it went down to 8.98 just for Walmart...then in one place they dropped the price to 5.98. Even that would be overpriced.!

Now..I feel like an Arse paying whatever upwards of 29.98 for the 1000 pages (a guess) that Bill Clinton wrote in long hand.....but, i am still reading it... also reading...newly purchased..."The greatest story ever sold"...yeah...SOLD!!! It is about the Iraq war., of course!! And from what i am reading now....the Afghanistan war, too.

I just wish all people (because, I lost a relative in a war I am very anti war)....I just wish they could all know that you can totally respect the Warrior...and hate the War! I have to look back at 2003 now...and remember my going into so many places and trying to buy a peace symbol necklace...I had old women look at me and strip me of my citizenship with their eyes....I was quite sure they thought i was the Taliban..even AlQueda!! Now...you cannot even wade through peace symbols of all kinds..even diamond ones...I have it...sorry you can try to sell it to a broken public....no wonder you are all going belly up!!!

We must try to keep them civilized....but, there are many who will never, ever admit that this past 8 years was all a nightmare!!!!

SW St. Louis

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