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Tuesday, 24 November 2009 03:48

BuzzFlash Mailbag for November 24, 2009

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Subject: harry reid

Hi, Buzz!!

Is it just me, or is Sen. Harry Reid giving away the store on health-insurance reform? Every time I see the news, he's made another concession to some holdout Democrat who wants something removed (it's almost always something removed) from the bill.

What would Republicans do if a few of them were trying to blackmail the leadership this way? They would immediately threaten the recalcitrant Repubs with primary challengers in the next election cycle.

Much as I hate Republicans and all their works and pomps, I think this is a time when such measures are called for.

What is Harry Reid THINKING???!

Jane Hawes
Edmond, OK (red-state Democrat)

Subject: Advice to Dick Cheney

Cheney, you want us to send more troops and arms to Afghanistan. I want a public option for health care. So I put my money where my mouth was and worked at the Little Rock Free Clinic last Saturday. Why don't you OFFER YOUR CONSIDERABLE FORTUNE to PAY for the Afghanistan operation, since you believe in it so much? Or send some of YOUR family to serve there (since you got five deferments in Vietnam)?

Mike Curtis
Greenbrier, AR

Subject: What the lemmings say when they don't know anybody else is listening

Dear BuzzFlash:

The other day at work I was in a particular place on the workroom floor where I had to be for that specific task, out of sight but within easy hearing range of some Limbaugh Lemmings talking not knowing a dirty scheming Democrat was in ear shot.

First, they were effusive in their praise of the previous day's Limbaugh show. One said that a certain caller was certainly no conservative because (according to this mental giant) she was lying. This tells us so many things. At least these three lemmings truly believe Limbaugh is absolutely correct, beyond questioning, beyond reproach. They also believe the GOP never lies to anybody and that they (the Republicans) are truly the party of honor and integrity. They also blame President Obama for the recession that took over 20 years to manifest itself.

This, my friends, demonstrates gullibility and ignorance in the extreme. How can anybody with the intelligence of an anteater think any DC politician is a paragon of virtue and truth? It's sad to see alleged free thinking adults so willing to throw independent thought out the window. Of course, I never see these people reading anything other than a sports page. They know nothing of history except what Rush twists for them. Ditto (pun intended) for science, since that would conflict with their stone age cosmology thanks to the inevitable fundamentalist claptrap they also subscribe to.

I suppose there's just a certain percentage of people who do not want to have to think for themselves, conduct meaningful and objective research or accept responsibility for anything. Never will you hear these people admit to being wrong. Can't blame the GOP - the leadership is crafty enough to know a bunch of suckers when they see them.

Fayetteville, AR

Subject: health care vs wars

It seems pretty simple to me. Stop the wars, bring our troops home and put them to work here. With the savings, start a jobs program to repair our crumbling infrastructure, clean up the rivers and lakes and build more colleges and hospitals. Put solar panels on every public building in the country. Build wind farms and give tax credits to people who put in heating and cooling systems considered "alternate" energy. I think it is totally abhorrent that the senators and congressmen vote to increase the military budget(which by the way is the largest user of petroleum products) without batting an eye, but cannot bring themselves to do something that would be good for the nation and the people. Our great country has taken a giant leap backward and needs to quickly step up and do the right thing.

Kris Nurmi
Cook, MN

Subject: This Health Reform Quagmire Tells Us That The System Not Only Doesn't Work It's Irreparable

What other conclusion can be drawn from the fact that while 45,000 Americans will die this year for want of health coverage, the best Congress can come up with is to turn health care over to insurance companies, which, considering how much (upwards of 30% for overhead) these companies skim off of each health care premium, is like turning law enforcement over to the mafiosa. What's more, there'll be no cap on what these companies can charge, such that, as insurance rates go up, up, up, the government's contribution of 90 billion or so a year will cover fewer and fewer of the uninsured, such that, we'll be back to square one, with 45 million uninsured & rising, whereupon those whose aim is to shrink government down to the size where it can be drowned in a bathtub will jump up & say, as they always do, "Hey, told ya so, told ya so, government's the problem, not the solution", which, of course, the public will buy into, and there goes any chance for single payer, the only proven system for delivering health care for all.

And if this faux health care reform is the best that we can get out of Congress, what are the chances that President Obama and Congress will respond to our calls for, among other things, troops out now, full employment or nationalizing banking & finance? Zilch, that's what. Which means that staying the course with this system of government isn't a viable option, not if survival is our goal, what with perpetual war + global warming + economic meltdown = doomsday, and time running out. What does that leave us with? Continuing to make like this same old same old business as usual status quo incrementalism is going to land us anywhere other than right into the abyss, or rise up en masse and turn things around. Which will it be?

A BuzzFlash Reader

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