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Monday, 30 November 2009 03:25

BuzzFlash Mailbag for November 30, 2009

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Subject: The kid who just said "no" to the pledge.

Why don't they see that if we had gone state to state with the vote on integration African Americans would still not be voting in the south? A state to state vote on gay rights is not democracy. On CNN, they suggested to the kid that because every where equal rights for gays had been put to the vote it had been voted down was democracy in action. Bull-crap. Exceptions are not allowed in the Constitution unless it affects innocent people like with murder or theft. Prohibition didn't work and drinking gets more innocent people killed than any other supposed sin other than war. They are trying to do it with smoking which also kills. Now they are trying it with gluttony. The sins they really need to work on are greed, bearing false witness and self-righteousness.

Karen Webb
Moore, OK

Subject: Taxes and Wars

Squeezing republican hypocrisy - that is making their hypocrisy so very obvious that they have to pick a side of their mouth to speak from - may be the very best potential outcome of President Obama's speech at West Point on Tuesday. Quite apart from the eight year gap in republican (and MSM) memory, their constant advocacy of both tax cuts and war is growing increasingly tiresome. Everyone's heard their argument that you can grow the economy with tax cuts sufficiently to pay for several wars while paying down the deficit. My memory is relatively intact and this rhetoric sounds very much like what we heard throughout the eight year gap in recent American history.

Might it finally be time for Republicans to either pay up or shut up? They don't want to fight, they want other people to do it for them, and they don't want to pay for it either - they want those same 'other people' to do that as well. On the one hand republicans are ever so concerned about burdening "our children" with public debt - but on the other hand they have never hesitated to sweep the costs of war under the carpet - off the books as it were. War debt has to be repaid like any other form of public debt. Lets watch them tea party their way out of that little conundrum. If they speak from either side of their mouth any faster their speech pattern is going to become even more noticeably sibilant. Modern Republicans (post Reagan) are about as American as they are Christian anyway. They have much more in common with the European aristocracy of the American Revolutionary period than they do with the principles on which this nation was founded. Just as with their Christian faith, there are only one or two bits of the Constitution that they believe in. They're already rewriting the Bible to conform with their beliefs and they'd do the same with the Constitution given half a chance.

For eight years they had their wars and their tax cuts and laid waste to the American economy in the process. It's time for them to put their money where their mouths are. This is especially true given that a military "surge" in Afghanistan is exactly the wrong policy. To listen to republicans you'd think that "troops" grow on trees - that's how far removed they are from reality. The republican troop tree is pretty barren of fruit anyway - given that their offspring typically have "other priorities" in life - careers in public "service", financial "innovations", that sort of thing. A troop surge may not be the best policy decision that the President could make, but a tax surge on the wealthiest people in this country is exactly the right policy and the wisdom of the one may offset the other.

At some financial point of hurt, Americans are going to have to realize that the root cause of terrorism in the ME is our lopsided support of Israel, its "settlements" program and its constant predations on the people of Palestine. Jerusalem is not their "sovereign capitol", Tel Aviv is. Even if their claim of historical ownership was accurate - which it isn't - by their measure indigenous people all over the world would be entitled to take back their land. Their argument is not only inaccurate - it's actually spurious - and the rest of the world knows it. Secretary Clinton's jumping up and down every time Israel offers to temporarily suspend their "settlements" program is starting to seem rather buffoonish. It didn't go over very well when she was in the region and her being back in the insularity of the U.S. will not improve its reception "over there" this time. We already know that Americans will buy any bill of goods as long as it's accompanied by some simplistic, two note ads for some other form of snake oil. Economic pain will eventually fix that tendency - either that or we'll die from the one, the other or a combination of both.

There seems to be something of an awakening going on in this country where republican BS is not going down with the same savor as before. It may also be true that the situation in Afghanistan is not as grim as most people apparently believe it to be. Being a religious fanatic, or a racist, is somewhat akin to beating your head against a wall - it feels good when you finally stop. I believe that President Obama is persuasive enough, and smart enough to adopt a strategy that works. We should be looking outside of NATO and inside the region for assistance if we're going to prevail. That means Iran, Russia, India as well as Pakistan. All these countries have security interests that would be ill served should Al Qaeda and the Taliban prevail. We already have a choke collar for Netanyahu - we've just never been willing to yank his chain. They thumb their nose at our President - we cut off their military assistance. It's time for everyone to get real.

Tim Mooring
San Francisco, CA

Subject: Health Care in Canada

I just read an article through BuzzFlash about a married couple from Virginia. The husband, a Canadian, had lived in the U.S. for 30 years with his American wife. When he got sick and they couldn't afford care in the U.S., she shipped him to Canada -- then took him back to the U.S.--then shipped him back to Canada when the going got tough again...

I appreciate her glowing sentiments about our medical system. I am glad that her husband received care. I too am also deeply offended by what is a slap in the face this is to most all Canadians.

They didn't contribute to the Canadian tax base. They didn't contribute to the Canadian way of life. They served Canada in no way, yet they had a sense of entitlement to our medicare system. The one I pay for. Funny, isn't it, that these people believe Canada was good enough to sponge off of but not good enough to live in. It equates to a Lou Dobbs moment for me. (Yes, he's an idiot...) But how do most Americans feel when they're social safety net is threatened by illegal immigrants and spongers of the public dole?

I am livid. People deserve care. I agree. But to crow about the fact that you came up to my country and stole a bed that a Canadian taxpayer deserves, absolutely sickens me.

Her husband should have become an American citizen and/or she should have become a Canadian before this ever happened. Once again, Canada like many other nations on the planet are left cleaning the bed pan that America leaves behind. Go shit in your own beds and stay out of ours. We pay for them. This man and his wife do not.

I'll be sending a letter to Parliament about this article and I hope that our government starts freezing out people like this. What they did is an insult to Canadian democracy. The only true democracy -- albeit hanging by a thread -- left in North America.

The Friendly Giant

Subject: Rachel Maddow

Is it true that Rachel Maddow has secured yuletide interviews with the three wise persons from the East?

Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman & Howard Zinn

I can't begin to tell you how merry this is going to make my Christmas.

A Huxley lite ~~ soma free ~~ holiday, at last

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: A thought I took away from the Little Rock Free Clinic

If we can afford bombs for Afghanistan, why can't we afford bandaids for Arkansas?

Mike Curtis
Greenbrier, AR

Subject: My Letter to President Obama. Let's prevent corporations from defrauding workers.

Dear President Obama: As Americans, let's pass a law that companies can no longer do what companies like AMAT are doing. Those who say the stock market is a false indicator of economic recovery could be referring to company greed in the process. The stock market is up because companies are greedy and they are laying people off to increase profits. Moreover, they are not giving raises. Please push for a law that companies CANNOT lay people off just to increase profit.

Link is here

After all, the prophet, Malachi, in the bible (Malachi 3:5) does say that God will come against those who defraud their laborers out of wages. In due time, it will happen.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: A bumper sticker I saw today

On the back of a pickup truck, no less. It would make a great counter protest sign the next time the Westboro Baptist Church folks show up to picket a military funeral.


Mike Curtis
Greenbrier, AR

Subject: A Pair of Clowns: Geithner and Clinton

I don't know how a tax dodger got to be Treasury Secretary or why he still hasn't gotten the boot. Everything that he's done both as President of the NY Fed and in his current post has derived to the benefit Gsux. The billions getting handed out in bonuses are all taxpayer dollars - backhanded to Gsux through AIG. This was the so-called counter-parties arrangement personally engineered and pushed through by Mr. Geithner. Is it any wonder then that he gets to live rent free in a six million dollar Washington home provided under a direct conflict of interest arrangement with one of his banking buddies? Under questioning before a congressional committee, his eyes dart about like some two-bit shill.

How can the American people have any kind of trust in such an man? The FDIC is broke, small banks are going under by the dozens - the very type of banks that should have been the recipients of TARP funds in the first place and have none - because Gsux, J.P Morgan and Morgan Stanley gobbled up all of it. Far from investing back into the American economy, these TB2F "banks" have used the money to buy up their competition and pay out bonuses to their executives. They weren't even banks to begin with. They had to first be endowed with the status of bank holding company - just to enable them to rip-off TARP funds. Gsux, in their hubris, announces that they're going to make loans to small businesses in the astronomical sum of 500 million dollars and apparently expect Americans to applaud them for their largess.

They wouldn't even bother Mr. Geithner for such a paltry sum. He's their turn-key for billions - not millions. Even if this were all of the criminal behavior involved, it would be bad enough - but it's not the half of it. It's these very companies that brought down the economy in the first place by exploiting the "Enron loophole" that congress so very obligingly provided for them.

While these companies may be too big to fail, the American economy apparently is not. In fact it's bound to fail given the continuing exploitation of the jackal corporations on Wall Street. As we sink into oblivion, they're raking in more billions. The very people that President Obama railed against on the campaign trail have never had it so good. Just like Al Qaeda, Goldman believes that destroying America is all part of "doing God's work". This would not even be possible except that Americans have become the most docile, look-down-at-the-ground, citizenry of any country in the world. Corporate advertising and influence have taken the fire right out of our bellies. What's happening now is like something in a PBS nature documentary - with us playing the part of the gazelle - except that we're not nearly so bright-eyed or bushy tailed as a gazelle. Everyone is preying on the American taxpayer because we're such an easy kill. The real criminals are in congress - and we put them there and will continue re-elect them because they can use their corporate dollars to pull the wool over our eyes with the greatest of ease.

The reason that I didn't support President Obama in the primaries is because I had a strong suspicion that he was just a slick talker. The premise that he's a black man is all of the candidate Obama that has survived his election to office. The way things are going I fully expect him to unzip a skin suit and reveal himself as just another pale bit of shrubbery. In spite of his almost regal bearing and most eloquent speech, he has shown himself to be the prototypical democrat - backbone free. Look at the monstrosity that is the democratic healthcare plan. In order to not do the right thing - yet to appear to have done the right thing they have crafted possibly the worst piece of legislation in our country's history. It will bend the price curve upwards, make the insurance companies richer than ever, cost democrats their majority in congress at the mid-term elections and be a source of recriminations for years to come. It's even sloppier than TARP and the stimulus bill. It's the biggest patchwork of loopholes ever crafted. It cannot and must not become law. We're much better off just letting congress keep the corporate money they've received to not pass a good law over letting them keep the money and dump this huge bowl of spaghetti on our heads.

If this law is passed the insurance companies will get back all the money they invested in lobbying congress within days of its enactment. Just like TARP, this is a double-down loss for the country. While congress should have been busy passing financial reform - they've been totally side-tracked crafting this piece-of-shit legislation and lining their own pockets in the process. It's nothing less than a worse case scenario for our country. Just like the President, they haven't done a god damn for their country. These predator banks need busting up in the very worst way. There's not even a hint of that happening. Things are much worse than ever and getting "worser" by the minute.

And then there's the Afghan situation. More troops - the very recipe for disaster - and yet that's going to happen as well. Secretary Clinton is to the State Department what Geithner is to Treasury - a monumental - almost clownish disaster. Total bluster and BS. In spite of everything we've adopted an Israeli foreign policy. We align ourselves with a fire starter in Georgia, while spurning the friend that we really need - Russia. The Russians have every reason to be our friend - only Hilary stands in the way. The Iranians should be our friend, but we absolutely insist on alienating them. Could someone please tell me why, with all the troops that we currently have in Afghanistan, that they're producing a bumper crop of opium this year? No one can convince me that we couldn't have prevented this from happening. The CIA, drugs and money are a deadly mix - that our country's recent history amply illustrates. Opium poppies are a crop grown outdoors over a long growing season for crying out loud. It's the primary source of funding for the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Why in hell has this happened? We have satellites, drones, helicopters and presumably the USAF has some resources as well - if anyone can figure out where in hell they've been hiding all this time - in their chapel or some anteroom at Boeing would be my best guess. This is not a case of not having resources - this is a case of not having a clue of what to do with the resources that you have. Beating the bushes for unexploded IED's seems to be the center piece of our current strategy.

President Lincoln had much the same problem until he finally found U. S. Grant, Uncle Sam. General McChrystal has said that "protecting the Afghan people" is his primary mission. This is an almost unfathomably ridiculous mission statement. We couldn't do that with a million troops. This man needs to be rotated stateside for psychiatric evaluation. We need to get bin Ladin and the Mulah Omar. We need to mow down the opium fields that are financing their operations. So what if the Afghans don't like it? Won't they blame Al Qaeda and the Taliban? They're not so stupid that they won't know why we're doing it. Give them some money to show that our actions are directed against the Taliban. They're not likely to pass it on to our foes - they need it to survive and could be induced to use it to grow other crops if we played our cards right.

Does Secretary Clinton remember Chechnya? What about the terrorist attach on Russia's rail system just yesterday? Can she put two and two together? Is she cognizant that Iran and Afghanistan share a long border? Can she stop acting like Israel's foreign minister long enough to take stock of the situation? Why is she so GD lame at her job? Is she aware of Blackwater's reputation in the region? Why are they operating the Predators and not the USAF (where are those people and why haven't they found a useful role in either conflict?). The Pentagon is hexed with bad leadership. The CIA has got congressionitas and can only think about lining their own pockets for an Iran-Contra Part 3. They need to get their noses out of the merchandise and worry about the conflict that is - not the one that they'd prefer to have. Do we always have to be thinking about what's good for Israel? What about our country?

We're in a bad way people and it looks to get much, much worse.

Tim Mooring
San Francisco

Subject: Totalitarian Nonsense Dramatized in America

I am struggling to understand the fears & paranoia of some of my fellow Americans. The notion that we are turning in to some kind of George Orwell’s 1984 totalitarian state is just crazy. Some people really need to have a serious think about what they are really protesting about. Some people don't forget the privilege & fortune of being a American citizen.

There are a lot of people in the world a lot worse of than us. A lot worse off! When Obama was elected i took great pride believing that we had made a giant leap forward in showing the world that we regard all men being equal. Given our history i felt we had made real progress. I still believe Obama is our man after 8 years of embarrassment with a idiot who had no right managing a box of matches never mind the greatest nation on earth. Bush left us bankrupt & at odds with the rest of the world.

Obama has so much mess to clean up its almost a incomprehensible task to take on. I wouldn’t like to bestow the task on to my worst enemies. People are going crazy over things like health care. and new laws which are sound in principle if used correctly. When i see all these people protesting about it they are clearly not thinking about any misfortune that might happen to themselves. especially heath care reform What if you get seriously ill can’t work and your insurance runs out or you can’t afford it. Are these people prepared to die or watch their children or folks die? For the sake of treatable health care that should be accessible if you are seriously ill.

Over the years to so many unfortunate families have lost loved ones needlessly. Are we really a nation of such cruel or narrow minded people that we can't show empathy for those less fortunate? especially with the economy the way it is. No ones jobs safe at the moment the jobs for life are becoming a thing of the past. Obama’s seeing the bigger picture we need to remain a strong and healthy nation.

As for our banking & city traders at the moment i would rather have the leadership of good government looking overseeing things. After the complete fuck up bank managers & city traders made of things. People have to understand that only being united and putting the effort in through the good times & the bad times and looking after one another is the only way to keep America the greatest nation in the world. We need to give Obama the support he needs. regardless of race or creed. A man is measured by the goodness of his deeds, principles & convictions and a believe this guy has it all in spades.


Subject: Towards The Seriously We Instead Of The Exclusively Me

"Wouldn't that be un-American?"

"What's American?"

"Everyone's on his/her own and if you don't make it, it's your own damn fault cause you didn't have what it takes."

"Not that the system's rigged against you?"

"None of that playing the victim stuff."

"Even if one actually is a victim?"

"There are no victims, just incompetents, dead-beats and assorted misfits."

"Says who?"

"The powers that be."


"Out they go & good riddence."

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: How About California Seceding From The Union?

That way the newly created Peoples Republic Of California could sign a peace treaty with al Qaeda and the Taliban, the terms of which would be troops from California out now in exchange for the golden state's being acknowledged to be a friend forever of universal peace and justice, whereupon, freed of the need for more than a token military, that long sought after swords into plowshares conversion takes place, providing humanity, thereby, with its first glimpse of a paradise on earth - Where each and everyone is master of his or her own destiny, such that, there are no have-nots nor left-outs. All this made possible by the existence of a government that's truly of, for and by the people, and who could ask for anything more?

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Wars -- Afghanistan and Iraq

I do not know what "Finish the Job" means in either Iraq or Afghanistan...if he feels Afghanistan is the more important...which is the way it should have been to start with...then pull troops from Iraq...send them to Afghanistan...and be done with it!! Personally..I think there must be a contract signed while the previous administration was in....that cannot be broken and he has to admit that first...then try to break it.....people out her are getting sick of it..! We need jobs, health care reform....this country is losing many too many people here for the simple reason of not having health care....i think when they are up there in the posh warm feely federal government...they do not see what is going on in America...if we all quit paying taxes...how long could it go on???

SW St. Louis

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