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Wednesday, 02 December 2009 03:22

BuzzFlash Mailbag for December 2, 2009

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Subject: Obama and Afghanistan

WE CAN'T AFFORD THIS WAR or any other war.

The economy is in a mess, courtesy of Bush. Our infrastructure is falling apart. People are UNEMPLOYED, in case Obama hasn't heard.

The American people NEED AND WANT HEALTH CARE REFORM NOW. Not in 2013 or 2016 but NOW. We want UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE, or MEDICARE FOR ALL. The government under Bush GAVE OUR MONEY AWAY to the banks.

If you or I were trying to get a loan, we'd be jumping through hoops and if there was just one questionable thing on our application it would be DENIED.

Yet the American government GAVE Billions to Wall Street with NO questions asked, NO accountability, and they were the incompetents who put us in this mess.

Our trade is to the advantage of everyone but us.

America is in DEBT and we need to be put on a budget.

War is a BUDGET LEAK. We can't afford it. I'm hoping that all members of Congress REFUSE to finance this war.

One million dollars a year, to fund each soldier,is money that could be put to much better use FOR US here at home.

Under Bush and Cheney the American government was robbed in broad daylight. Non competitive bids for contractors, contracts to Blackwater(Xi), loosing billions of dollars(in cash) that were FLOWN into Iraq and it just DISAPPEARED, with no accountability.

We are in deep debt, so how can we SPEND more money on a war that has no end? Sounds like 1984, war keeps the people happy and content, even with a poor economy at home. People don't mine sacrificing for the war cause.

I personally am tired of helping to build or rebuild someone else's country. I'd like to see a little of my hard earned money spent at home on US and OUR country.

You want to protect people,how about protecting our own people. Send the troops into our inner cities and rid them of the gangs, so the people living in those poor areas are safe. You want to rebuild cities devastated by war, come to any inner city in America and rebuild the destruction that gangs and just neglect of a neighborhood have on a community.

Obama wants to secure his reelection as a WAR PRESIDENT, than let him declare war on the gangs and drugs that have taken over our cities. Our gangs, which number thousands are a more dangerous threat to us, than the Taliban is to our country.

All you have to do, is look at all the people whose lives have been destroyed by gun violence, drugs, lack of hope, who see no future in this country. We don't have to go thousands of miles away, to help bring democracy to a country. We need to provide democracy and opportunities for AMERICANS. That's the war Obama should be fighting, not one in Afghanistan.

I DO NOT WANT TO SEE ONE RED CENT OF OUR MONEY, SPENT ON WAR. Call Congress and tell them not to FUND this war or any other war. 1-800-828-0498

Chicago, Illinois

Subject: Barrack on Afghanistan

I don't give a damn about those who praise Obama in sending troops to Afghanistan, I know it's a bad mistake.

This is not about getting bin Laden anymore. This is about getting involved in a damn civil war and enforcing a corrupt and brutal regime Bush installed eight years ago to help enforce the country's biggest export, heroin (winning the "war on terror" by losing the "war on drugs". Nice) and protecting some pointless natural gas pipeline.

Barrack Obama betrayed us. He's luring us into a Vietnam-style quagmire that will put him almost as worse as Bush. Keith Olbermann is right. We have no right to occupy that country as we have no right to occupy Iraq. If we've treated 9/11 as a criminal matter and not some Godawful "declaration of war" as that chimp Bush think, we've would not have this turbulent economic and moral crisis. To me, health care and the economy is MORE IMPORTANT that pointless wars of occupation.

We should have elected good man of honor like Dennis Kucinich instead of "rock stars" like Obama and war hawks like McCain and Palin. We should have repaired the eight years of torment and disaster that evil moron Bush and his lackeys brought upon us. Obama should be ashamed of himself and for the country.

Everett, WA

Subject: kucinich

when dennis votes NO on the health care reform now going through the senate,I have to wonder if this bill is worth even hoping it will pass. Matter of fact it's not. Single payer was the only way to go and they are making us believe if we can pass this it will be good for "we the people". http://kucinich.house.gov/News/DocumentSingle.aspx?DocumentID=153995 here is a bill that will help the very companies so opposed to it (supposedly) that why would any republican puppet oppose it? good for reelection. good for fooling the average fool. we the people should demand single payer option.no waiting period, period.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't

President Obama is damned if he's black, damned if he's white.

Damned if he is for health care Public Option, damned if he let the republican have their NO Health care say in the matter.

Damned if he bows to a leader of a country,damned if he didn't.

Damned if he eats popcorn at a ball game,damned if he didn't.

Damned by taking his wife out on a date. Go figure that damn!

Damned if he would have gotten the Olympics, damned if he didn't.

Damned that he won the Nobel Peace Prize,damned if he would not have gotten it when nominated.

Damned when he held his hand out to the republicans in peace, damned if he wouldn't have.

Damned if he goes into Afghanistan, damned if he pulled the troops out.

Damned for all the promises he kept, damned if he HAD to change for reasons that as President those promises could not be kept.

Damned for being open to the people, damned if he kept any secrets at all.

Damned to being true to us and damned for the same reason by the opposition.

Damned for cleaning up all of Bushes garbage, damned if he didn't. (Bush/Cheney are laughing, that they didn't get damned AT ALL)

Damned if he carries the weight of the troops on his shoulders, damned if would have brought them home, and called a wimp for not being a war president.

Damned if he didn't think all things considered,damned that he does.

Damned, Damned, Damned!

I am here to praise this worthy President, praise him for taking us out of the nightmare of the Bush/Cheney years. Praise him for putting his life on the line to serve as the first biracial President elected by a landslide because he is worthy of the Name President of the United states. I praise him, and trust his decisions, because he is here to help not to hurt.

Thank God for President Obama and his Family.

God bless him and silence those who damn him. God lay his hand upon him and guide him and keep him safe from those who want to do him harm.

God Bless America and keep her safe in President Obama's hands as he battles against all who want to do America harm.

Those who continue to damn him because he cannot walk on water, those be damned!

President Obama, President of the United States Of America. We respect you and you are praised,and deserving of praise. Those who damn you should look into themselves, but of course they will not,because they cannot live up to your expectations.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: war is very good for the profiteers:

"and it's 1 2 3 what are we fighting for don't ask me i don't give a damn next stop is viet nam" country joe mcdonald 1967

The hippie generation has become worse than their parents because they should know better. Their parents still had faith that our government was out for the good of the world. The true hippies are still for peace but the former hippies who turned into the yuppies and inherited lots of money or made lots of money have seemingly lost their morals when it comes to war. They are afraid some terrorist is going to come and take away their possesions. War is good as long as their kids don't have to go. And so the war goes on making wealthy people veeeeery wealthier.

And yet we can't afford this war so we borrow from china and japan. Taxpayer money is paying for the war but there isn't enough so we borrow future taxpayer dollars so we can make the already f&$%ing rich richer than sh*t. Holy bat guano batman, something is rotten in d.c. the average american is sinking faster than the titanic and the people who really decide if we go to war or stay in war are the people making money off the war. What is winning the war supposed to mean? Is Afghanistan going to be any better off? Hell no. Is Iraq any better off? Hell no. Is Bush the daddy any better off? Hell yes. Is little "w" any better off? Hell yes. Is Dickhead cheney any better off? Hell yes. Is Dumbsfeld any better off? Hell yes. Do we have a problem here? Hell yes. These wars are not doing anything but making certain people very wealthy and destroying the middle class of america. All part of the plan. You don't start a war and cut taxes on the rich georgie boy.

We are one step away from being North Mexico. That one step could probably be many things; another so called terrorist attack, inflation, sarah palin getting elected president (oh please no). This health care reform was not what we needed. Single payer was the only way to go. It's hard to tell if this current bill would do anything good. I have my suspicions that the republicans are acting like they oppose it so that if it passes it will make Obama look like he accomlished something when in fact it really just made the pharm companies and the insurance companies even better off. Oh but why would they do such a thing like that. The republicans don't want obama to look good. Well,it's all about getting reelected and making the people who get them reelected happy (no,that's not we the people).

At the end of the day, they are just brothers in the fraternity of the chosen few. Obama seems to have become "bush lite".What a shame. To the old hippies who still hate war, "peace". To the former hippies who say kill everyone who is a threat to my empire, well, peace on you too.

abbie h.

Subject: oBOMBa's speech

I have just one comment regarding oBOMBa's troop surge:

"Welcome back, George Bush!"

Rob Moitoza
Seattle, WA

Subject: War Tax

When I read the constitution, it says congress shall provide for the common defense. If washington gouges us with this "War Tax", what will be next? Really, do you honestly think that those politicians will stop there? If they get to impose a "war tax" on us and get it, then watch out for the new "education tax", or the new "highway tax", or the new "fema tax", or whatever they can dream up. Wake up people. This bunch in DC is going to put us in the "poor house" before the end of this administration. We may already be there and not even know it.

Seabrook, TX

Subject: Ambush in Washington and at Ft. Hood

What is the difference between Maurice Clemmons, who ambushed four police officers at a coffee shop in Washington, and Major Nidal Malik Hasan, who ambushed dozens of military officers at Ft. Hood?

They are both examples of how untreated mental illness can cause violence, but Clemmons was Christian and Hasan was Muslim.

That’s about it.

I only pointed this out because no one is talking about terrorism in the Clemmons incident. Did Clemmons incite terror into the hearts and minds of the baristas at the coffee shop and the people living in the surrounding neighborhood? He sure did.

Why isn't Clemmons called a terrorist? Can it be because he is a Christian and attacked, presumably, fellow Christians?

Terrorists incite terror...but can you really call either one of them terrorists? Weren't they terrorized by their own thoughts?

I am not an expert. I can only draw on my interaction with my brother Paul, who suffered, and I mean SUFFERED, with schizophrenia for 33 years. But neither one of them had a real agenda, in my opinion. They were just acting out based on their own fears of what was going on in the world. Yes, they used violence, but that brings me back to the point that untreated mental illness can cause violence.

If you don't believe me, read article, to which I have linked, by DJ Jaffe. DJ is one of the co-founders of the Treatment Advocacy Center. Please go to their website to learn more about mental illness:


Ilene Flannery Wells
Saugerties, NY

Subject: Disbanding the Air Force

The USAF spent nearly 10 years with the best tactical training ground conceivable - in Iraq maintaining the no-fly zones in the north and south of that country. Yet now, after all that training, they cannot find a useful role for themselves in either Iraq or Afghanistan. They have resolutely resisted maintaining squadrons of the A10 Warthog, almost from its introduction, ignoring the fact that the aircraft is perfectly suited to a close in ground support role. We spent billions to build the F22 - an airplane that was always a relic of the cold war. Now that's been abandoned at a horrific cost to American taxpayers. They have not been able to field a replacement for the KC135 tanker and have been mired in corruption charges from their dealings with Boeing. They still haven't given up trying to foist off a 757 twinjet that is totally unsuitable to the role - while DC10's, MD11's and L1011 trijets - that are imminently suitable lay fallow in the Mojave desert. The DC10 is already in the fleet and performing superlatively - we just need more of them and the American jobs to refit them.

The USAF performed miserably during the 9/11 attacks and the latest incident over MSP has shown that nothing has been learned either by the service or the FAA. Blackwater is operating the Predator drones over the PakAf border region in spite of their terrible reputation in the region. If the Air Force can't protect our domestic air space and refuse to field the type of resources that would help in Afghanistan - then they should be disbanded altogether in favor of a reconstituted Army Air Force.

I read with interest the rebuttal to my suggestion that we mow down the poppy fields in Afghanistan. There is no place on earth where opium poppies are the only viable crop. The Taliban and Al Qaeda buy the opium from Afghan farmers and sell it at tremendous profit on the streets of Russian, European, and American cities. BTW: The point about education in this country is quite salient. For instance: Russia is neither socialist or communist. Also the reason that we don't have and won't have universal health care in this country is because Americans are generally apathetic and alternately pacifists and war mongers. It really quite amazes me that Americans believe that we should just "get out" of Afghanistan. Nuclear armed Pakistan is just next door. The 9/11 attacks were conceived and directed from Afghanistan. Pacifists on the left are why democrats are not trusted with national defense. Sticking your head in the sand and day dreaming about national health care or puffing on a peace pipe is the certain way to be totally ignored. Who does or should care what you think?

Absolutely no one wants President Obama to succeed more that I do. He embodies our last, best chance of putting our country back on track towards implementing a progressive agenda. But standing idly by as he veers to the right is just as wrong headed as the troop surge is in Afghanistan. Since people on the right and the left don't seem to have a clue about what to do - then yes, I agree - we should give up on everything - pass me the pot pipe. What's needed in Afghanistan is a very long term, ten to fifteen year engagement, as long as is needed for the Afghan people to prevail. We should have intervened there when the Taliban knocked down the Buddhist statues there and when they were driving around with women strapped to the front grills of trucks so that they could be stoned to death.

Liberals in this country make we want to puke. We should have intervened in Uganda or Sudan to prevent the genocide's there. What are we supposed to do? Blow smoke in their face? We always want to take the easy way out. The answer to the high cost of a college education - why not reduce the program from four years to three? Why of course - why didn't I think of that. The four year program is already barely enough to produce the under educated scam artists that are such a plague on our nation. A three year program is barely a good drinking binge. We could have satellite campuses in regular office buildings where people who want an education could get one, maximizing our investment in the academic and administrative staff of our state colleges and universities. We could implement a national highway toll system that would provide the leverage to get gas guzzling trucks and cars off the roads, put freight on trains where it belongs and actually move the progressive agenda forward. Like any American with his/her head screwed on straight - I don't give a damn what liberals think - what difference does it make? I don't mind people rebutting anything that I submit to the mailbag - but you should have some facts at hand - not just a Bic lighter.

China is a totalitarian, "communist" country. And if we're really, really nice to them, they'll let us run up some more debt on our cards and send us more of their poisonous exports. I hear they have some very nice lead-based peace pipes.

Tim Mooring
San Francisco, CA

Subject: The Turnabouters

The participants in a mass popular uprising (The Turnabout) which originated in 2010 as a movement for countering teabagger lies, vitriol and disinformation, but which grew so fast that it soon became the cutting edge of all efforts to bring about the transformation, first of America and then of the world. It was as if the multitudes had been waiting for just such an occurrence, because once people realized that what it was all about was turning things around, such that, everyone's a leader, no one's a follower, invariably their reaction was something like "Well, wadayaknow, it's too good to be true, yet, somehow, I knew all along that this is what it was going to take."

And after that the teabagger movement just seemed to melt away. It's as if teabagging was a kind of temporary holding position that allowed the teabagger to dissipate enough of his/her pent-up anger so as to not go completely beserk over the shameful conditions that existed back then (perpetual wars, 45,000 people dying every year for want of health insurance, unimaginable unemployment, millions of foreclosures & on and on and on). But once this mass popular uprising called The Turnabout came chug-chug-chugging along, it was all aboard everyone and teabagging be damned.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: mailbag 12/1/09

Mike Curtis....i enjoy your posts....because we both know much about Arkansas.....I was proud to have been born there. During the Clinton Administration.....and i remember well, someone on the great and grand and glorius FOX channel...right wingers....trying to infer that Clinton had try to frame this man for rape..or some such thing. As it turned out...who else but Mike Huckabee , gave a man with an absolutely hideous record....a free flight out...and on a path to kill 4 police officers? It never seems to matter when a rightwinger does something like that...they always get away with it but, if the chickie from Alaska had planned a run with Huckabee in 2012...she might rethink it... Most people in that party think Obama is so evil, it would not take much to elect someone like that...even i am not happy with the way Obama is handling the wars of Bush and Cheney....but, not unhappy enough to elect Huckabee/Palin. It is almost funny how much they hate the man who sits in the white house. And, they would refute this as much as possible...but, mostly, i know what they hate about him....and it is not his policies.!!!!

SW St. Louis

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