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Monday, 24 July 2006 07:06

Dems End Bush's Cover-Up of Outsourcing Study

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After a struggle lasting more than a year, Democrats on the House Science Committee were successful in obtaining a study that suggests outsourcing and offshoring is hurting U.S. high-tech jobs. The Technology Administration of Bush's Department of Commerce was commissioned by Congress in 2004 to conduct the report, but the results have been twisted and covered up until today.

The release of the study reveals government findings that job losses may be accelerating and apply not only to blue-collar industries but also high-technology, high-paying jobs.

According to the Committee Democrats, the six-month, $335,000 report was expunged of all citations and sourcing and then withheld by Commerce. Over the past year, several letters to Secretary Carlos Gutierrez asking for the report were ignored, and a Resolution of Inquiry was blocked by Republicans.

A Commerce Department assessment published last September purported to offer the highlights of the report, but Technology Administration staff said it did not accurately reflect their full analysis. Indeed, virtually every observation from the actual study that indicated offshoring appeared to be a problem was not included in the September assessment.

Outsourcing has been responsible for the elimination of millions of American jobs, and the Bush Administration's motivations on the issue are certainly called into question by its attempts to cover up the evidence.

"American workers deserve the most complete analysis available on the status of U.S. high-tech jobs, now and in the future," said Science Committee Ranking Member Bart Gordon (D-TN). "This report represented the best information we had and Congress deserved to be privy to it."