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Friday, 04 December 2009 03:32

BuzzFlash Mailbag for December 4, 2009

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Subject: The Divine Sarah visits

Dear BuzzFlash:

Oh, rapture! Fayetteville has been blessed (or cursed) with a visit from the Divine Sarah Palin on her book signing tour. Good thing it was at a Sam's store where her admirers, and there's plenty around here right down to the eyeglasses and hairdo, don't feel out of their element by being caught in a bookstore. Our local news hasn't broadcast at the time I write this so I don't know just how big the crowd will be and I will not patronize that mental case by watching it tonight either. I have heard though that many people were camped out in temperatures in the teens overnight and over in Oklahoma, where I suppose we should expect this kind of behavior, in Oklahoma City or Tulsa, I don't know which city was the next stop later today, Palin fans were already camping out yesterday afternoon for a glimpse of their hero. She is a huge hit with the Bible Belt, who share her Armageddonist point of view, and to the point of fervor. These are people who will support anybody who would be willing to force the "end times" if for no other reason than to prove themselves right.

Believers around here are cult-like in their mentality and it's a frightening thing to see. Not every church goer is like that - there are some reasonable folks out there - but the majority here are zealots without backbones for the most part. Eager to force their religion up your nose, but preferably standing behind somebody else because they're also programmed to follow and not question their preachers, a radical like Palin is a modern day savior to them. Beware this woman. There are enough stupid mindless people out there who could make her a real power figure and a serious contender for the White House. This groupie mentality that's following her around the country is not good. I fear the 1st Amendment, particularly freedom of religion, which also guarantees freedom from religion, despite how right wing wackos interpret it, could be in serious trouble if more sensible people don't rally to keep this loony tune out of elected office.

Fayetteville, AR

Subject: OKC homophobe is on Cracked.com

He is number 2, Brent Reinhart


Karen Webb
Moore, OK


There should be absolutely no debate about this... am i the only person in this country that says the people are entitled to the same coverage as a senator, house of representative, etc.. As this is not the dark ages and we are not slaves to the corporations or the insurance companies. Everyone in this country should be equal not lesser than those who are elected to caring for this great country's people. Stand up and be heard Americans.

Tucson, AZ

Subject: Finishing What We Start

Europe has the A380, the world's largest passenger airliner. Boeing has a mostly Chinese Dreamliner, an aptly named "aircraft" with the minor problem that its wings crack at the fuselage under stress testing. Europe has the LHC, the world's biggest machine, to explore the origin of the universe. We dug a circular ship canal in Houston and called it quits. Don't worry, lots of taxpayer money was doled out in the process. We're abandoning the ISS, just after building it, and the world's most successful spacecraft, the space shuttle, that we're abandoning in favor of a dick rocket that "industry" can build for a dime and sell for a dollar. Mucho dinero you know to keep the shareholders happy. We're deploying 30+ thousand American soldiers to Afghanistan to traipse about in the country side looking for UX IED's while there's a critical shortage of helicopters to ferry soldiers safely from one location to another. So we can't build helicopters now? How many could be built with the 30 billion plus dollars a year that the troop "surge" will cost? What's the matter? Is someone afraid that it might create an American job to build more helicopters? Picture Kabul as Wall Street and you've got a fairly good picture of what the American strategy in Afghanistan actually is. Rather than going after Al Qaeda and the Taliban, we're settling into a role of protecting the opium industry there and the narco mansions lining the streets of that country's capitol. If the central government there can't guard their own capitol, then we really should abandon them to their fate.

There's a distinct pattern of incompetence and ineptitude that's emerging full blown from American government and industry that serves only the interests of the largest corporations. The nexus of this stupidity is the Capitol and the Pentagon in Washington DC. Republican harpies remind me of circling vultures and they make a noise that reinforces this impression. Whatever President Obama's faults, he's got more dignity in his little finger than they have in all their corporal mass combined. I am thoroughly sick of hearing about the wisdom of the generals. If they're so GD wise then why have they made such a hash up of everything they've set their hand to? Iraq is not a great success story. What little success has been obtained there could dissipate in a quick minute if things turn south in Afghanistan - which it looks set to do. How exposing more soldiers to dime-a-dozen IED's is going to help is quite beyond me. It may be the fastest way to end the war as the more arrivals at Dover, the more politically untenable the war becomes. All we ever hear from republicans is "send more troops", "tax cuts", repeated ad-nauseum. Why does President Obama listen to them? He may be fast on the basketball court, but he sure is slow making decisions - and after all the dilly-dallying there're bad ones.

Look at any front from South American policy to economic policy, there's not a single spark of hope anywhere to be found. Why can't we normalize relations with Cuba? Try to convince me that they're a threat to our country. The solution to the cocaine trade is not in Columbia, but in Los Angeles and New York. Cocaine is the drug of choice for the rich. Put a few big-wigs out on the street corners with a broom and the problem is largely solved. Fine them to high heaven and put their names up in lights and they'd go back to puffing weed. Legalize marijuana for God's sake and be done with it. It is not as bad as alcohol anyway and with that single step alone we'd never hear from extremists on the left ever again. Thank God Almighty - put a pipe in it.

All the Afghan/pipeline conspiracy theorists should get a grip. What's wrong with pipelines in Afghanistan for Christ's sake? One of the world's most most populous nations, India, desperately needs the energy, it's right there in Uzbekistan and they can't get it? Why shouldn't the Afghan people have access to some construction jobs and the stream of revenue that such a project would provide? Sanctimonious people on the left in this country would apparently prefer to abandon them to some drugged out religious wackos to parade about as hood ornaments on pickup trucks while dispensing acid in the faces of young school girls. This is the leftist agenda? Give me an effing break. No wonder Americans can't find a job - they couldn't find their hat. Even the Buzz talks about extending COBRA and unemployment benefits. We don't need a welfare state - we need a WPA to create real jobs that American industry won't do - like building some GD thing. I'm so tired of getting email from Barbara Boxer bragging about having obtained 500K in funding for painting some sheds on Angel Island. What about the CalTrain line that's needed electrification for the last 50 years? What about strapping a BART extension to the Richmond bridge to finally get rail service to Sonoma and Marin counties? What about extending Caltrain into the Transbay terminal? Are we waiting for Walmart to do it? We've got a golden goose as Secretary of the Treasury, a fire starter as Secretary of State and an in-through-the-out-door Secretary of Energy - who's unsurprisingly disappeared into the woodwork after suggesting that everyone paint their roofs white. In typical academic fashion he's concentrating on the renewal of his budget or some such thing. The Secretary of Transportation is on a "no texting while driving" crusade. We need more people running into trees - it's good for the automotive industry and reduces the dimwit population at the same time. Someone should hire a truck and haul that guy away. The best thing that can't be said for our transportation sector is that we don't have nay high speed trains for "religious" extremists to bomb.

The suicide bombing problem could be solved in two seconds flat simply by outlawing the wear of flowing robes - there's no way to tell what's under there. I don't care whether it's part of their religion or not. What is this the dark ages? If they've got a problem take it to church. Approach an ISAF check point wearing a robe and get your head blown off - that's my answer to that problem. And please don't whine. Some ideas if you please. The news that atheist groups are proliferating on college campuses in this country is most welcome. Thank God for that.

Tim Mooring
San Francisco, CA

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