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Monday, 07 December 2009 03:20

BuzzFlash Mailbag for December 7, 2009

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Subject: war tax

Hi, Buzz!!

I rather like the idea of a war tax on high incomes; if we're really going to prosecute the war in Afghanistan, we'll need to fund it, and who better to do that than people who have most of the money, especially since they are not, for the most part, in the military themselves, nor are their kids.

An even better idea would be war bonds. It worked in WWII. "But," I hear you cry, "nobody would buy bonds for Afghanistan." Of COURSE they wouldn't, which is a good indication of what we should do there: Bring everybody home and have done with it!

Jane Hawes
Edmond, OK (red-state Democrat)

Subject: Fighting the Climate Change Deniers

It is time for good people to speak out. Although "Climategate" is little more than another oil industry dis-information campaign, the people who are screaming that a few emails have somehow undone decades of solid science seem to be winning the battle for the soul of the West. ExxonMobil talking points are now effortlessly parroted by an army of echo-chamber bloggers acting in lockstep with major media outlets like FoxNews and the Drudge Report. Their champions are people like Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma, one of the most compromised and corrupted people on the planet. It is time to stand up and fight back. I encourage all of good conscience to stand up to those now rallied, emboldened, and bankrolled by the fossil fuel industry. We must stand up and call them on their lies. They are actively working to prevent any action that may mitigate the coming train wreck of runaway climate change, which means that they are also actively working to drown your grandchildren.

The truth is with us, and though this will become painfully obvious in the upcoming years, in the meantime we have to at least try to stand up for future generations. This isn't about Al Gore, or a trading scheme. Science itself is being brutalized by an angry mob, and billions will suffer if the mob is allowed to triumph.


Subject: health care

There is a lot of screaming and fighting over the health care bill and the 2000 pages of it. What we need are two health care bills. One that reforms the health insurance companies (sets new rules for them to play fair) and another health bill that sets up the public option. That way you know what they are voting for and against. Less dickering over details. Why can't our oh so intelligent representatives think of this??? Because they don't want to.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: An Open Letter To The Freedom Fighters Of Afghanistan

In pursuit of Afghanistan for the Afghans how about a people to people peace agreement, whereby, in exchange for troops out now, you agree to an immediate ceasefire. How will we Americans get our government to agree to these terms? Just sign on and we'll show you how. If interested please let it be known via the Internet.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Obama and Compromise


The excellent article by Frank Rich leaves out one key point. Obama made his decision on Afghanistan the same way he has made all his other decisions. Listen to the positions of his advisors and then compromise. So it was obvious a few weeks ago that he would take the largest figure from McChrystal (60,000) and divide by two. All the rhetoric came later. He didn't want to just say "I divided by two."

Now compomise is often a bad policy even if you take into account a wide spectrum of views. You often need innovation per an FDR which can't come from compromise. But when your advisors are restricted to either the right-wing of the Democratic party or the right-wing of the Republican party, it is bound to be disasterous. So we have a health reform bill that is worthless, an economic policy that gives away trillions to the crooks who caused the crisis, and now thousands who will die in a war whose goals are even more vague than Vietnam was.

Baltimore, Maryland

Subject: On Whose Side, The Afghan Freedom Fighters Or The Troops?


"How is that possible?"

"By supporting an immediate truce along with troops out now."

"And let the Taliban take over again?"

"Aren't they Afghans? Besides, before 9/11, our government had no qualms about dealing with them."

"What about women's rights?"

"After the troops are out we'll be able to do more for women by providing reparations and by assisting the Afghans in rebuilding their nation than we could as occupiers."

"Won't al Qaeda make a comeback in Afghanistan?"

"Not if our government provides the Taliban with proof that al Qaeda was behind 9/11. Had only it done so 8 years ago, there'd have been no Afghanistan War, since, if it had, the Taliban was prepared to turn Osama bin Laden over to us."

"But can they be trusted?"

"Better, can our government be trusted?."

"Based on?"

"Among other things, there's the three hundred plus treaties with indigenous Americans that our government has broken, the Iraq War that it lied us into, not to mention its complicity in the recent military coup d'etat in Honduras."

A BuzzFlash Reader

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