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Wednesday, 09 December 2009 04:01

BuzzFlash Mailbag for December 9, 2009

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Subject: What's Disgusting

John "Bonehead" Boehner -- that's what's disgusting. So we're not paying down his war debt fast enough to please him? How do you feel about gagging him with spoon? We hear almost everyday about their great success story in Iraq. First the senate won't do anything about the TB2F banks, or the regulators, or the auditing companies - all while Americans suffer in a prolonged economic crisis that needn't have been - except for the philandering, self-serving hypocrites in the United States sinnit. These republican cynators don't want to invest in anything with a net worth less than a trillion dollars. These merging, surging, problem circling sorry bastards are convinced that Americans and America aren't worth investing a dime of our own tax money in. Americans don't have anyone in the cynate representing them - and they should know - they have a clientele not a constituency.

I like President Obama better when he's in a grim mood, like he was this morning. Yes he can feel our pain. So the big banks have successfully gouged enough money out of their customers to repay some of the TARP money. Have these jerks never heard of penalties and interest? In their fine line of risk free business they don't feel they even have to read the fine print in their own dealings with the likes of Dubai World. An implicit understanding is good enough when you can turn around and sock it to American taxpayers. They've got the goose that lays golden eggs, Tim Geithner and the United States Treasury Department. The debt that was the banks' has just been shifted over to the FDIC - and guess who comes up winning? That's right Goldman Sachs, J.P Morgan and Morgan Stanley. Competition? Who needs competition? You want some money - you've got to come begging to us - and you'd better have two arms and two legs - we're not big on doing repeat business with a bunch of losers.

Why can't President Obama even say the word Israel anymore? Israel's foreign minister, Hilary Clinton, will talk all day about the menace of Iran's secret nuclear weapons program. What about Israel's secret nuclear weapons program? She can't talk about that because it's umm, ahh, errh - well it's secret don't you know. The only country in the ME that's actually expanding outside their borders, sending people packing who were born Jerusalem, whose parents and grandparents were born in Jerusalem. Get the hell out - we're taking your land. Is it any wonder that the "terrorists" are fighting us tooth and nail? We can take the I405 route all day long but it won't get us any closer to solving the problem. Neocon fantasies are still neocon fantasies - and they will never give up until every last "troop" has bled their last drop. We need to send more troops, we more tax cuts for the rich. We need to surge like we did in Iraq. Since Dick Cheney is so hungry for a microphone he should get one shoved down his gullet until it shorts his battery out. We don't need to hear any more from the point man for creating the problem in the first place.

The MSM, busy kerning themselves into an em space, would have us believe that the jobs numbers are "encouraging". Since when are a few jobs not created in the month long buildup to Xmas. Are people going to get to wear their Santa suits until summer? I don't think so. What happened to the 37 people busted for corruption in NJ? They could be taking their seats in the Knesset by now and we'd never know. We're not allowed to know. Israel has a bigger army of spies in this country than they do in their own military. You can count on the fingers of one hand the number of "troops" that they've lost in the "war on terror". They've been very successful in getting the kids off the streets of America's ghettos to die in their place - all the while pushing the boundaries of their sorry assed little country deeper into land that doesn't and has never belonged to them. They won't a "holy" war - then they should have to fight it themselves - not rely on the blood and treasure of this country to do it for them. They don't and won't because they know they'd get their asses kicked. We're going to get our kicked as well if we continue to insist on taking the I-405 route to solving our problems. L'Enfant would be proud - Abraham Lincoln would be having canned generals for dinner at the WH.

The UN gave Israel the charter for their country. If they can't get back in it and stay there - then that charter should be revoked by that same body. Of course that's not likely to happen as long as "Christians" are busy devouring the "body" of Christ, drinking the "blood" of Christ and eschewing the teachings of Christ. The republican exegesis of the Bible has reduced it to ten commandments in the charter of the RNC - all of them about tax cuts for the rich. At least I don't see that happening in the Muslim world. Even the Koran acknowledges Jesus as a prophet of God - even the divinity of Mary, his mother. Couldn't we at least do as much? If Jesus were alive today he'd be overturning some tables in the temple of Goldman Sachs. Likely as not he'd have time for just one Last Super before being back on the cross again.

Happy Xmas

Tim Mooring
San Francisco, CA

Subject: The Powers That Be Prefer Right-Wing To Progressive Populism

That's because right-wing populism entails top-down leadership, which they know only too well and can deal with, whereas progressive populism implies bottom-up leadership and with this the possibility of unpredictable consequences, such as the realization of their worst nightmare, a turnabout. That's why during presidential campaigns, at the first hint that a candidate might be a propressive populist, the media sets its sight on bringing her or him down to size and then some (during Jesse Jackson't 1988 campaign, for example, after that Big Tuesday primary in which which he emerged as the frontrunner, and in Dennis Kucinich's campaign last year whereby MSM shut him out of the debates). Compare this with the saturation coverage that MSM affords Sarah Palin, the right-wing's latest populist. But has there ever been any doubt as to whose side MSM is on?

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Our Backs To The Wall Or Not?

Not, and for the simple reason that a people united can never be defeated. But unity of what people? Why the GIs who are on their umpty-umpth rotation in Iraq/Afghanistan, yet still wondering what the hell they're putting their lives on the line for, the families and friends of said GIs, the homeless and those who are but one paycheck away from being homeless, the foreclosed upon and those who are only one missed mortgage payment from being foreclosed upon, the jobless and those expecting a pink slip any moment now, the U.C. students who face a 32% tuition increase next fall & don't know whether they can make it, the college seniors who are about to graduate but there aren't enough jobs to go around, the medically uninsured and the medically uninsurable, not to mention all the good folks who are mad as hell and unable to take it any longer, How'll the word get out? Online. Who's going to lead? As in all mass popular uprisings that burst forth by way of spontaneous combustion, everyone has to be a leader. When? How much longer can we wait, what with perpetual war + global warming + economic collapse = doomsday, and time running out?

A BuzzFlash Reader


Shirley Diane Jackson....I applaud you....There is no other way to describe George W. Bush.....than serial killer. Funny ain't it? How most people who loved Bush...thought the war in Iraq was legit...absolutely abhor abortion...you never hear them put him down...Abortion has been legal for almost 40 years now..and not one of the "goody two shoe" republicans of any manner...has been able to change that law...wonder why!! I am pro life...but, the trouble is...they will not even allow the three instances i believe strongly in....the life of the mother...rape and Incest" Anyone out there who does not think this should be allowed...but, think it is alright to kill innocent Iraq babies...or children...are not thinking very Christian Like!!

SW St. Louis

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