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Thursday, 10 December 2009 03:43

BuzzFlash Mailbag for December 10, 2009

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Subject: "Moral Imagination"?

Mr. President, You have a lot of nerve talking about justice and the use of "moral imagination". Well that Amicus brief in defense of John Yoo the right of advisors to escape the results of their own really bizarre "moral imagination" was not my idea of morality in any form. We must honor "agreements among nations of human rights" and still you allowed your justice department to excuse John Yoo after the Bush administration took him idea of "moral imagination" and used it to throw the Geneva Accords in the toilet and now your justice department has flushed the Accords into the sewer of your version of "moral imagination". You should be aware that the term, "moral imagination" is going to come back at you like acid reflux after chimichangas with hot sauce.

And there is another example of Obama's "moral imagination". You said we should be noticing our similarities and not majoring on our differences. Well, I noticed a similarity right after I puke on hearing about the Amicus brief. We can excuse, cover-up and justify abuses with the worst as well as our fine friends like China. Iran, North Korea, China, Pakistan, the Bush administration and all the others can excuse anything in time of war and so can you. There were several guys at Nuremberg used that, "I was just an advisor and didn't think they would really do it" defense and it didn't work in 1945 and it should work now.

You said we should "fight oppression and strive for justice", right, and the way to start is by allowing actual abusers, torturers and sadistic jailers to escape retrobution by saying that they were taking the advice of the Bush administration and the administration gets to say they were taking the advice of their advisor, John Yoo, and all advisors to leadership are exempt from any form of punishment whether criminal or civil. I was listening to the speech on NPR and I just heard an expert on something other than basic decency say it was a powerful and "self-effacing" speech. As my old man would say, "horse hockey".

That was the most artful and articulate effort at butt-covering, past and pre-emptive I have ever heard. The Bush speechwriters are loving the content and Bush is jealous of the delivery, but I am having to resist the urge to barf on my keyboard.

Karen Webb
Moore, OK

Subject: is Social Security tax fair?

I have had the Social Security discussion many times with right-wingers that talk about how the system has failed and it will be broke before the next generation becomes old enough to start collecting. My answer to them is, we should just eliminate the cap. It's almost fun watching them get bent out of shape when I mention increasing taxes. My next comment to them is "why should I pay the tax on 100% of my income when a person making approx/$200K is paying 50% or a million dollar earner paying only approx/10%?" We could actually LOWER the tax rate if we were all paying the same amount on 100% of income. They never have a good answer for that other than to say "well the wealthy would be paying so much more." Never ever do they understand the percentages of income.

I wish our leaders would talk Social Security in percentages vs income. Social Security would be funded FOREVER.

Bob Lambert
Northridge, CA

Subject: Obama's shallow rhetoric

The US has never commited crimes against Democracies according to Obama's lasted speeches (including today's Nobel prize acceptence speech.) These assertions have not generated any interest by MSM pundits, yet they are clearly wrong. Starting with the Churh committee hearings of 1975, our own congress has documented numerous cases that contradict that statement. And Obama is even refusing to hold anyone higher up accountable for the most recent crimes of the previous administration. The disconnect between his rhetoric and his actions is deafening. You can't make a foundation for peace built on lies.


Subject: Draft Cheney movement

Even if they did draft Cheney, he'd just get a deferment like the first five times.

Mike Curtis
Greenbrier, AR

Subject: We know our enemies

We know our enemies, the Republicans! What makes me ashamed are those who voted for President Obama are now having second thoughts and expressing their thoughts against him,loudly.

These people who are suppose to be sane, have turned into naysayers of our President. Listen up Democrats, you are fools to be saying President Obama is not keeping his promises.

He said he would reach across party lines to the opposition, HE'S DONE JUST THAT!

He said he would take troops out of Iraq and bring them to Afghanistan he is doing that. IS HE NOT DOING THAT?

He said he will improve health care for all. IS HE NOT DOING THAT? OF COURSE HE IS!

He said he would bring American on track.ARE WE NOT BETTER OFF TODAY THAN WHEN HE TOOK OFFICE? YES,YES,YES! Maybe you forgot how we were afraid to say anything against Bush/Cheney, for fear they would come and take you away. Now what is said against our President is all and all out treason, yet there is no fear.Why not?

He said he would not do torture. IS HE NOT KEEPING THIS PROMISE? OF COURSE HE IS.

He said he would close Gitmo. IS THIS NOT IN PROGRESS? YES!

He said he would have an open policy. HAS HE NOT DONE THAT? AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

Read the list of what he has done if you don't mind doing a little work to look up WHAT he has done. THIS IS NOT WORK AT ALL IT. IT'S LISTED IN HIS WEB SITE, OR JUST GO GOOGLE!

You naysayer Democrats of the Democratic party, we didn't expect a miracle one two three. If you did your are bigger fools than the Republicans and their teabagger buddies.

You are the ones that are making Sarah Palin something that she is not, a viable canidate for President.

Oh yee of little faith. Just keep telling yourselves you have a right to be at odds with President Obama, that will surely ease your guilt if you have a President Palin in the near future.You are doing a number on this President, one the party of NO is salivating over!They could not do it better!

We have a thinking President, we have a wonderful family in the WH. He deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. You doubters have done everything to tarnish this prize for him.

God Bless President Obama, keep him safe from his enemies, but most of all keep him safe from the fools who are suppose to be his friends.

As for me and mine we will be there for President Obama because we have faith in this man, and in 2012 we will be there to re-elected him, for I want my Great Grandchildren to have a safe future, without a Sarah Palin to screw things up again for them and America. (Sarah Palin=the world will without a doubt end in 2012)

Believe me, with or without the doubters we WILL have President Obama for eight wonderful years. We have to save the naysayers from themselves, again!

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: The Fascist Takeover Is On

Which means that if we progressives are to avoid being completely marginalied (or worse as in Nazi Germany) we must shift from the reactive to the public. The way we do this is by reaching out to each and everyone, both to sound the alarm about the fascist menace and to put out our vision as to what sort of world were it up to each and everyone. Not only a vision but a plan for making it happen, a plan in which those who join in become the very essence of the change that they seek. We pull this off and fascists can blah-blah-blah to their meanness max, yet to no avail. because it'll be like in the proverbial forest where a tree falls and no one's around. Where will everyone be? Busy changing the world, that's where.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: You gotta love the hypocritical republicans

Especially "Mr Tan" Boehmer....does he go to the tanning booth each day..and have them spray his face? What a cleaning bill he must have...would be nice though if the voting public had that kind of money, right? These strange but expected men on the republican side..want coverage for VIAGRA but NONE for abortion even in the three NEEDED instances... "the life of the mother...rape and incest" People who choose abortion as a means of birth control, should have to pay it on their own...but, any man who wants the little blue pill, should have to pay strictly out of pocket,too. Thats my story and I'm stickin' to it!!

SW St. Louis

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