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Friday, 11 December 2009 03:34

BuzzFlash Mailbag for December 11, 2009

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Subject: Just What Side of the Law is Obama On?

He's a CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYER and yet he's directed his Justice Department to ban civil cases against Justice Department lawyers like John Yoo, Bybee, and Addington from being held accountable for any crimes committed.

These crimes by these WAR CRIMINALS should have been prosecuted the minute Obama was in the White House. Instead he is protecting them, and is NOW an ASSESSORY to the Bush/Cheney war crimes.

According to Jonathan Turley a law professor who was on Keith Olberman's 12/09/09 program, Obama's lawyers are GUTTING NUREMBERG.

Lawyers and judges were prosecuted during the Nuremberg trials.

We were afraid of a Republican getting into the White House, but Obama has turned out to be a Republican Lite.

I don't even know if the Republicans would have gone out of their way to protect Yoo and the other Justice Department lawyers, like Obama has. I feel very betrayed. We have a Bennedit Arnold in the White House.

He came across as this really nice guy, upstanding family man, intelligent, who would REVERSE ALL THE SIGNING STATEMENTS AND LAWS that Bush passed and return to the people all of our rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Our rights were TAKEN from us under Bush and they HAVE NOT BEEN RETURNED by Obama.

The way things are looking, I don't think he has any intention of returning our country back prior to the 2000 election.

Obama doesn't seem to be on the same page as the people who elected him into office.

Do you ever feel like Obama is a puppet like Bush?

Does great speeches,and has cute family photo ops. I find it hard to enjoy the Obama's in the White House, with Michelle and all her clothes, when I KNOW her husband, our president, has PROTECTED WAR CRIMINIALS, AND HAS DENIED the citizens of the United States of their rights.

Not to mention ESCALATING a war that never should have been.


He HASN'T FOUGHT TO GET OUR MONEY BACK FROM WALL STREET. His justice department looks like it even plans to continue prosecuting Don Sigelman, the ex-governor of Alabama( Karl Rove's friend and attorney general for Alabama prosecuted ONLY DEMOCRATS). In this case, Sigelman is innocent, a victim of a political witchunt. Close to one hundred attorney generals and lawyers have petitioned for his release. A total miscarriage of justice.

I am so sick of the people who get elected.

They DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE that they represent.

We need people in the White House and in Congress, prepared to FIGHT FOR THE LITTLE GUY.

I want NEW blood in Washington. Representative Alan Grayson, Denis Kucinich and Bernie Sanders CARE ABOUT US AND they're OUTSPOKEN.

Alan Grayson is fabulous and doesn't back down from the Republicans.

Senator Sanders made a presentation this week on the cost of prescription drugs in other countries and what we pay here in the states. He had charts showing the different drugs prices and how Americans are being GOUGED.

If we had 100 Senators like Bernie Sanders (Independent-VT) and All the Representatives like Grayson and Kucinich FIGHTING for US, this would be a great country.

These men should be in THE WHITE HOUSE. Unfortunately, the mainstream media really picks and chooses who shall run for president. We the people don't have a say, we're given who the media have chosen for us.

America is NOT the country I grew up in and was so proud of.

All great powers eventually start to decline and I think America is going down that road.

Between the Democrats and the Republicans in Congress, bankers and the corporate leaders in America, they have DESTROYED MY COUNTRY for their own personal ambitions and greed.

I always believed good over came evil, but right now I'm beginning to wonder if evil has taken over and the good guys aren't going to be rescued this time.

If that is the case, then this country will end up a third world country.

We the people need to take our country back from these self-serving individuals. We need to start marching and tell our law makers just who is paying the bills.

We need to DEMAND that they do what WE WANT, not what their lobbyist friends and country club pals want.


Chicago, IL

Subject: Social Security

In answer to the charge that Social Security will be broke soon -- The baby boomers paid more into it than any other generation and we would still have that money to spend on those terrible baby boomers if the moronic republicans had not spent it on several unnecessary wars. Every time those idiots wanted a war without raising the taxes for it, they dipped into the Social Security funds. So much for the great idea of cutting taxes.


Subject: DOE's Dumb Grid Project

NASA has its dick rocket, DOE has "Smart Grid". Terms that start with words like "smart" put my senses on high alert - right away I want to know: what's so damn smart about it? Not much as it turns out. When you see the letters SAIC prominently displayed at the top of the page, then you can be fairly certain that, whatever else it might be, it's not smart. This is a company that thinks spelling CIA backwards is "smart". They're the equivalent of a roach motel for tax dollars. Their specialty is fattening up documents and proposals. This is evident in every "white" paper and PDF document available from the "Smart Grid" project's home page. These two airliner seat documents are filled with acronyms that appear out of nowhere - a common obfuscation technique to effectively mask the absence of content - they are heavy on headers and footers with very little in the middle. This project has all the hallmarks of yet another colossal waste of tax dollars with SAIC as the primary beneficiary. There is virtually no indication of problem analysis anywhere in this project. This is normal for SAIC. Their perspective on a problem is simply the maximum accrual of government funding. Their devilish anagram of a name should strike terror into the hearts of American tax payers.


Nearly everything is wrong with this project. Why chose West Virginia, the heart of coal country, for the pilot? How do you spell "conflict of interest"? "Smart Grid" is a Robert Byrd patronage project if ever there was one. Partnering with the University of West Virginia and SAIC? It doesn't get any worse than that. Where's the EIA? Where's mention of the Italian Smart Grid? This should be a world wide initiative - where are all the standards organizations? This should be all about the definition of standards. Why are we still playing cowboy? I thought that guy was back in Texas. The rest of the world will just ignore us - what choice do they have? Ripping off taxpayers is the only expertise left in America today. if you're not in that business - then you'll soon be out of business.

The end product of this project will be a bunch of candy wrappers and mountains of Kona coffee grinds - and it's coming to a century near you.

Pooling wool over President Obama's eyes must be the easiest thing in world to do. He seems to genuinely believe that shoveling tax money down the capacious maws of the biggest, greediest corporations in the country is now, somehow, the right thing to do. There was absolutely no indication of this tendency when he was a candidate for the high office that he now holds. He promised exactly the opposite. Everyone should visit the Smart Grid site at DOE:


Don't let the fluff knock you off your feet.

Et tu Chu? Don't ever hire an academic for a serious job. They'll play ball with anybody for a budget.

Tim Mooring
San Francisco, CA

Subject: What will be left of healthcare legislation and who will benefit?

By the time they get this passed, what type of plan for health care will there actually be? Now that we have done everything the insurance lobby and pharmaceutical lobby wanted, I see no hope of anything positive happening. They killed the Medicare Extension. I still wonder why Olympia Snowe is referred to as a moderate. She succumbed to doctors' wishes and gave into the AMA. I won't hold my breath over the suggestion that pharmaceutical drugs can be important. Bush and company made sure they locked Americans out of cost effective drugs. We are completely at the mercy of the pharmaceutical lobby and nothing is being changed. By the time they pass healtcare, what will be in it for the people? Ralph Nader was right after all. This is nothing more than a bailout for the insurance industry. The only thing that is going to pass is a law that says you buy insurance from a private company or be fined. What if you can't afford the fine? Why even bother with this legislation if Democrats dont even seize the power when they have it? Who is buying who?

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Anything Other Than Our Rising Up En Masse Is Like Doing The Same Thing Over & Over & Each Time Expecting A Different Result

Anything here includes playing the electoral game, counting on others to lead instead of everyone being a leader, and forsaking the earthly struggle for the pie in the sky.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Kick out Olympia Snowe

Senator Snowe, Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get a job when you are laid off at 55 years old? Few will hire you at that age. As you know, you need more healtcare as you age into your fifties? Why are you blocking the 55 Medicare eligibility? If you live in Maine, don't vote for Snowe anymore.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: The Man Of Hope & Change Who Was Not

"Not what?"

"Not truthful, not to be trusted, not a leader."

"Anything else?"

"Not on the side of the people."

A BuzzFlash Reader

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