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Monday, 24 July 2006 09:16

BuzzFlash Mailbag for July 24, 2006

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Subject: What Bush's Middle East Plan Has Given Us

Hi BuzzFlash Readers,

How ironic that Bush is so concerned about getting Democracy to spread throughout the Middle East, while he takes away over 200 years of it from us here in the United States.

And with the current chaos running wild throughout The Middle East, can even one person tell me even a smallest of "Democracy Successes" that Bush has created in The Middle East?

Bush wanted Middle East “Democracy" and all we got from the NeoCon Plans was a mess of Regional and Civil Wars. This is worse than Groundhog Day. It’s like a bad dream all over again from the 60’s.

Now where did I put my “Wolfowitz Patented” Vietnam Dominos?

Tom Wieliczka
Windsor Locks, CT

Subject: Framing Responsibility

With arguably the most important election in the past 75 years coming in November (if the dems do not take at least the House, there will NEVER be any meaningful investigations into the corruption and treasonable activities of the White House and republicans in general) it is important to NOT hold out Bush alone as the cause of the destruction of The American Experiment. Most republicans will either distance themselves from Bush, or, pretend to run as Democrats (Melissa Bean, D-IL, for example)

The incredible breadth and depth of the planned attack, and the terrible injury that has been inflicted on the American Middle Class since Reagan, was not the doings of one person. The problems this country now faces are the result of a long-term and highly calculated attack, over time, by a group of organizations loosely identified as The Republican Party. With dis-honorable mention going to the DLC Democrats.

I’ll say it again:

Bush could not have wreaked such havoc in only six years without the active support of the REPUBLICANS in Government and the active support of Multi-national Corporations in the private sector.

It is critical that these facts be used constantly and that no one be allowed to forget that the REPUBLICANS are, and have been, running EVERYTHING in Washington. They control the White House, House, Senate and Supreme Court. Republican control of the Nation is now no different than the Communist control of the Soviet Union in the 1950’s.

BuzzFlash Headlines:

Bush Can't Even Stop the Pentagon from Selling Discounted Equipment to Potential Terrorists! The Man is a Daily Threat to Our National Security.


Bush's Free Trade Agreement with Oman Will Endanger Port Security and Worker Conditions - A BuzzFlash News Analysis

Headlines such these are deflecting the responsibility away from where it truly belongs – The Republicans, the Republican Party and Republican ideology.

Blame it on Bush, Bush will go away, then what? We will still be stuck with new faces and the same Corporatist direction of The Republicans, the Republican Party and Republican ideology.


Subject: We

HI Buzz,

I want to say to Shirley....Hey "St. Louie Woman," I, too, had all of my hopes in Howard Dean...and I have not been quite the same since they (meaning the Repugs) tried to kill him off...BUT...It is said that "what doesn't kill you...makes you stronger"...Well, my friend, ... it seems to me that our "HERO" has gotten very much stronger... with what all he is doing for our good ... that isn't being yelled about from the tree tops ... let's keep up that fighting spirit and hope ... I, too, have some friends and kinfolk like yours ... but don't waste my time discussing it with them ...They just don't know ... and probably never will ... that it is the "FOX" that is guarding the hen house ... So "St. Louie Woman" ... Keep a stiff upper lip ... and "KEEP SMILING" ... it makes everyone wonder what you're up to ... Remember that old saying? "What goes round comes round" ... Who knows ... WE may live to see it.


Subject: What Makes Bush and His Crowd So Dangerous?

Bush and his crowd are so utterly convinced that what they are doing is the most absolutely, without debate, beyond reproach only right thing to do.

They believe they are right about Iraq.

They believe they are right about the economy.

They believe they are right about science.

They believe they are right about the environment.

They believe they are right about healthcare.

They believe they are so right so much that irregardless of criticism and proof to the complete opposite, they dismiss such claims as people who want to:

Undermine the president and thus want to undermine the War on Terror.

Undermine the president and thus want to destroy America's economy.

Undermine the president and thus want to destroy the environment

Undermine the president and thus want to destroy scientific research.

Undermine the president and thus want to destroy the healthcare industry.

How can anyone in their right mind follow these people in such utter and complete ideological blindness? I do believe it was John Dean who recently wrote that conservatives now days are nothing more than a mass of followers - people who are weak and frightened. People who need an enemy all the time to keep their political movement along.

Its really odd if you think about it. Conservatives rail constantly that liberals are weak on national defense.

I really, really think the following question needs to be posed to conservatives:

Which is the more potent, strong, and withstanding national defense policy? Threatening to wage war against anyone you remotely suspect of having vague and wholly unsubstantiated designs of doing some minor harm to the United States? Or, would you rather wage peace by engaging even those you would consider as your utmost enemy in a thoughtful and deliberate conversation to diffuse any possible conflict?

History has shown so many times that if you simply sit down and have a meeting of the minds, with the 'big picture' firmly in mind, a lot can be accomplished and a whole lot more trust and understanding comes about from it.

Bush and his crowd don't believe in that philosophy at all. Its the one percent doctrine, secrecy, and abuse of presidential power for them.

Hang in there, fellow Buzzers - this will all most certainly be over by 2008.

Unfortunately...it won't be with out more lost freedoms, riots, arrests...and more men and women losing their lives in an utterly useless war.

J. Peurala
Westfield, IN

Subject: Surprising Liberal Attitudes

We all know that Conservatives are dishonest in their claims to be “Pro-Life”. Many will freely admit to supporting war and the death penalty. Not much of a “Pro-Life” philosophy. Liberal attitudes are sometimes surprising in their mind-set too. In fact all Americans are really “Pro-Choice”. They make choices about what lives they find worthy of concern.

Liberals who spent endless hours wailing about the deaths caused by the United States invasion of Iraq seem to be able to find all kinds of excuses for the deaths of innocents caused by Israeli attacks on Lebanon.

Some Liberals and most Conservatives say that Israel had a right to invade Lebanon. Civilian casualties are sad but that is of course because Hezbollah is hiding amongst the people and Israel has to kill innocents to get at the bad guys. Sounds sort of like that old military qualification “collateral damage.” Surely the most disgusting phrase ever used by anyone with any claim to decency or morality. People are not collateral damage. They are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents and worst of all, they are children.

“Hezbollah started it” is supposedly the reason that Israel has the right to flatten much of Beirut, kill over 300 people, thus far, and send ½ million people scurrying for safety. More refugees are just what that part of the world needed. More death and destruction.

It has become irrelevant who and what did what to who and when. STOP THE KILLING! Assigning blame does nothing. Killing only leads to more killing. The attacks on Lebanon will only bring Israel more enemies.

Many in the Middle East have felt that the United States didn’t care what happened to them and that all our concern and sympathy has been reserved for Israel. The Bush administration has now managed to confirm that idea. We have allowed Israel free rein to create more terrorists. Israel was wrong. Hezbollah was wrong. Now just stop the killing.

Marjorie Swanson
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Subject: Shirley in Saint Louis -- Clinton / Lieberman

Shirley, I have always enjoyed your letters to Buzz. I understand your being incredulous at the behavior of Bill Clinton supporting Lieberman but when are you going to "get it" as I finally did, and realize that the DNC and the DLC, the congress are all are one in the same? The people just do not matter, only THEY count and maintaining the status quo is the order of the day. What part of the "Good Ole Boy" network do you not understand? Hell yes, I am bitter and tired of seeing our, so called, Democrats sell us down the river! It is a bitter pill to realize the truth that politics is just a game they play. When push comes to shove, they swallow their grievances and suck up again. Examples are the NAACP, John McCain, the Plames, John Kerry, Hillary and now our last hero, Bill Clinton!

Sandra Boynton
Idaho (not a native)

Subject: "Mediocrity Knows Nothing Higher Than Itself!" -- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Bush Administration and their cronies have created an abusive power-hungry hierarchy, as too many of the Democrat Elite by their non-action, and fence-sitting positions have let them fail without comment or apology to the American people! Checks and balances are non-existent and under the guise of security more offensives on our civil rights are committed and the Constitution has become just another piece of paper for Bush to overcome or find excuses to arrogantly trample it, just because he wants to.

Is failure in our foreign policy the “path of least persistence??? In Afghanistan, failure is not really having conquered the Taliban, as Osama remains on the loose, violence has risen for months (though barely mentioned by the mainstream media) and almost as many of our soldiers have been killed in Iraq as on 9/11 and still rising. A civil war is raging in Iraq with deaths of Iraqis sometimes totaling as many as 100 or more weekly lately. Civil war is obvious, but pooh-poohed by Republican apologists! The Failing Road Map For Peace, is a neglected joke! We have watched North Korea arm itself more in three years and the talks stalemated. “Leave it to others” is the policy in North Korea and also in Iran, and it should be obvious that negotiations are going nowhere fast, and Iranians will not give up their nuclear ambitions. At home Katrina is not forgotten. All in all, the Bush Administration has risen to the highest level of incompetence that has ever been seen in American history, with a record of failures that would choke a horse, or I should say an elephant!

We must rely on the grassroots to hold our leaders' (If we can find them) feet to the fire on many concrete issues, and to inspire an apathetic nation of non-voters to act to return our Democracy to one we can be proud of again, and to once again gain our lost world respect!

Susan Carr
No. Hollywood, California

Subject: Israel/Lebanon/Bush Inaction

Living in Europe, I get my info from your site and others like C&L. I sometimes read the comments about the incompetence of Bush and the NeoCons.

They are not incompetent, they told everybody what they wanted to do with Perle's book. Go into Iraq, screw up bigtime, and just when things are going badly, either another 9-11 like attack, or Israel and the Palestinians getting into a scrap. Then the plan is to let the Israelis and the Arabs start a war, and then the US...leaves them to fight it out, and they go attack Europe, to settle some old grievances. Anybody aver there asking why this all looks strangely familiar? Wasn't it Tucker Carlson that told a caller to check out her facts, American government has been into bad stuff since the 1950s. Stop calling Bush incompetent and dreaming of fairy tale endings.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Don't We Just Love Clear Channel?

I happened to be in a restaurant today where they were piping in the local Clear Channel, easy listening, station. It was a local morning drive time show.

The subject of Bush's groping incident became the topic. The female DJ was all for it . . ."It would be an honor to be given a massage by the leader of the free world. I don't know why anyone could possibly object to that!" The male DJ's reply: "Sure, Sue (or whatever her name was), this happens every day in offices around the country". Sue: "In fact, I just had my neck massaged by you yesterday...don't tell your wife though (laughter)".

They then took "calls" from the audience and surprise they all agreed. I couldn't stand it. I called in and (sorry sometimes you just HAVE to do things) I lied about my comments to the screener. When I got on-air, I asked: "Leaving aside the lack of decorum and dignity it displayed, and the embarrassment of ALL Americans, Could someone please explain sexual harassment........" (I was cut off).

Again, don't we love Clear Channel?

Las Vegas, NV

Subject: Bush

I am approaching 80 years of age and I would be glad to pass on if I knew Bush and his "henchmen", along with the Republican party had received their due to what they have done to this country and its people. We are an embarrassment to ourselves.

Wilma C Calmes
Irvine, KY

Subject: An Ironic Analogy

After a lifetime of retaining a consistent pro-Israeli mindset, I now find myself utterly appalled at the Reign of Terror that Israel has unleashed upon its neighbor over these past ten days. (With our Moral, Compassionate, Christian President egging them on, of course.)

An hour or so ago, I watched an interview with the Lebanese ambassador to the UN, who confirmed that the Lebanese army was at that moment mobilizing, preparing to meet the Israeli forces when they--as, barring a miracle, they surely will--cross the border and overrun Lebanon. When the interviewer pointed out that this would be nothing short of a suicide mission, the ambassador looked somewhat surprised. "If it were your country," he asked, "what would you do?"

And the analogy that instantaneously came to mind is ironic in the extreme, but I can't help thinking that it also fits like a glove. See if you don't agree:

August 31, 1939: A massive force, the most powerful army ever assembled on the continent of Europe, is poised on the border of its far weaker neighbor. This neighbor is preparing to send its army out to meet the invader--many of its soldiers on horseback to battle tanks--in a show of defiance that it knows will end in defeat, but which its national honor demands.

As the French say, "the more things change, the more they stay the same." What escapes me is how a people who have been so unspeakably persecuted can possibly sanction the persecution of anyone else.

Ellie Remore
Monroe, NY

Subject: North American Union

To the BuzzFlash reader so appalled at the idea of a hemispherical political alliance: What's the objection? It hasn't even been tried yet. It should be obvious by now that we're a worldwide family, and that regional "pride" and tribalism are an anachronism, best suited to a previous century--one without the worldwide communications everyone takes for granted today. We're growing up as a (human) race, with all the pitfalls and false starts inherent in any revolutionary change. We need to give this a try. Who knows, it may even lead to the peace and tranquility we all hope for. The USA will NEVER be forgotten. After all, we proved that our ideas actually WORK, quite unlike many others in the past. We'll still be looked up to as a leader, since we seem to invent most things that potentially benefit mankind. Nothing lasts forever--even the USA. History proves that again and again.

Bil Mac Bean
Klamath Falls, Oregon

Subject: Cyclical Trends (and The Fifties Were an Anomaly)

I remember reading that political issues tended to move in sixty year cycles, from left to right, and back. I think it was Arthur Schlesinger who wrote about it. I look back at our 19th and 20th century history trying to figure it out.

It looks like around 1910, Teddy Roosevelt, progressive issues, and on to women getting the right to vote, and labor unions beginning to grow was the first important beginnings of a noticeable twentieth century right to left cycle. These liberal causes were built into a social and political framework by working class people, and by government leaders who listened to them. In the 1930s FDR brought in social security, followed twenty years later by LBJ and The Great Society,which was the last triumph of a progressive left cycle winding down. The 1950s was a contrast of McCarthyite rightism, state's right's rabid racism, alongside of bebop, rock and roll, beatniks and great literature like Kerouac and friends, but the agrarian soul of the country, though it wasn't obvious, was dying. Farmers got too old to farm and sold land just outside of big cities. African American land owners sold their farms in the South and headed to urban centers, north, west, and east. Television sowed its corrupt seed of consuming above all, and the culture embraced shallower, trendier values.

Although my parents survived the depression of the thirties and world war 2, they were permanently scarred by those events. Returning soldiers, however, went to college on the GI bill, married and worked, and bought houses, cars, appliances, built interstate highways and suburban neighborhoods. It seemed like this was our reward for defeating Hitler and Japan.

When the boomers began to protest the Viet Nam war, some were also were caught up by the passion of African Americans fighting for civil rights and economic equality. These kids' parents didn't understand their rejection of middle class conservative values for human rights and human dignity. This was ironic, considering that the prosperity and growth of the middle class owed a lot to the labor movement and generally speaking to progressive ideas. But no one understood that the fifties were an anomaly, never seen before, and never to be repeated in our country's history. The decade of the sixties was a glorious last hurrah for the progressives. When Manson's evil brought peace and love down to the level of murder and psychopathy, it was over.

So, I figure 1910 to 1970 is the right to left cycle. Then in 1970 along comes Governor Reagan, etc., etc., etc. Well, folks, 70 plus 60 adds up to the year 2030. So, at this point in time, we've got another 24 years of right-wing foolishness to fight.

But remember, the 70s signaled a decadence and letting go of progressive, humanistic ideals, and the right wing really started to get a toe hold on moving ahead around 1970. In the same way, progressives right now are poised to make headway because the excesses, cruelty and greed of the right wing are becoming known by more and more people. As their behavior becomes more and more cruel and selfish, more and more people will be revolted and start to stand up and vote for compassion, humanity, and equality in the U.S. But we'll really have a struggle promoting passion in our nation for focusing on saving the environment, making health care affordable, putting everyone to work that wants to, closing the gap between rich and poor until most of the U.S. population really believes that the right wing is destroying everything that makes us great as a people and a nation.

I used to think that the same "kids" who marched against war and racism in the 60s would stand up again when they began to see how much trouble the right wing was causing. Maybe they will. People like Cindy Sheehan are reminders that the boomers have a heritage of standing up and speaking out. I'm hoping that the middle two thirds of the twenty-first century will be a lot better than the last third of the twentieth and the first third of the twenty first.

Jerrol Davis

Subject: Holding Fox News Accountable

I think your readers will enjoy the following short essay (638 words) about war profiteering, Fox News, the price of oil, and the President's and Congress's incompetence or complicity in dealing with the issue. It's entitled, "The Day I Heard the Truth on Fox News."

The Day I Heard the Truth on Fox News

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: The Big Lie: Nixon Then and Bush Now

Richard Nixon was forced out of office in the early 1970s after it was revealed that he authorized and subsequently covered up the break-in at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. Nixon used the F.B.I. to spy on political opponents and antiwar groups who opposed the Vietnam War.

This led to the creation of the FISA court, the same court George Bush thumbed his nose at when he authorized his illegal wiretapping programs against Americans. Why was Nixon exposed then while Bush still sits in the White House today? The answer lies in the steadily increasing power of corporations who have complete control over the flow of information.

The only place you can find uncensored news is in small, locally owned newspapers, magazines like Mother Jones and on the internet. The corporate-controlled news media have fallen in lock-step with misinformation spewing from 'official White House sources', the Pentagon, Republican mouthpieces and venom-spitting columnists like Ann Coulter and Bill Kristol. Actual investigative journalism has vanished from the American scene. Reporters who dared challenge the juggernaut corporations were fired along with any editors who said, "Let's run that story."

There is, essentially, a media blackout in this country. It should come as no surprise when you encounter people who quote the lies of the Cheney/Bush regime as fact when you try to engage them in rational discussion. They are repeating the only 'truth' they know from watching the evening news or from reading their corporate newspaper. That leaves a significant percentage of the American population as 'mushrooms' - kept in the dark and fed a steady diet of excrement. Couple that with Republican labeling of anyone who criticizes Bush as a liberal or traitor and you have a climate of oppression and intimidation of actual fact. So if you want to know how come Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Rove and all the rest aren't doing hard time, you don't have to look any further than the corporate owners, CEOs and their lawyers. If you want to exercise your right to dissent, simply stop buying all the refuse that these corporations are convincing you to buy with their billions of dollars spent on advertising. Save your money. Buy precious metals and DON'T put them in any bank's safe deposit box. More on this later.




I've sent the following message to my Senators.

I see by an item in the NYT that the Republican leadership intends to open hearings on the formal appointment of John Bolton as Ambassador to the UN. The presumption is that a formal vote, with a quick rubber stamp by the Senate, would issue when the Senate reconvenes after the Summer Recess.

Senate Moves Toward Hearing on Bolton - New York Times

I ask that you vote against the confirmation of Mr. Bolton, whose arrogance may accurately reflect the contempt his leader carries toward international opinion and the rule of law, but whose values do not reflect the better nature of our Republic.

Insist on the best, and object to the worst. I'm sick of being embarrassed and offended by the ridiculous lack of skill or reason displayed by this administration.


John F. Williford
Richland, WA

Subject: Throw the (Asymmetrical) Bums Out!

From a Liberal Newspaper Somewhere in America:

The Bush administration is rushing a delivery of precision-guided bombs to Israel, which requested the expedited shipment last week after beginning its air campaign against Hezbollah targets in Lebanon, American officials said Friday. -- New York Times, July 22, 2006

From the Great Decider via an Open Microphone Somewhere in Russia:

"See the irony is that what they need to do is get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this sh*t.”

Doing what sh*t, Mr. President, lobbing rocks and heavy-duty firecrackers into Israel, while using Syrian made catapults and precision-guided slingshots?

I don’t know how you define irony, but in this case I’m going with the liberal newspaper. Contrary to the food-spitting gist of Mr. Bush’s frat-boy dialogue, I have decided that what the world surely needs most is for you and me to convince Mr. Bush and his friends in Israel to “stop doing this (asymmetrical) sh*t”! A good start for us would be to “throw the (asymmetrical) bums out” next November!

Caldwell, ID

Subject: Time-Warner Cable Programming

This is probably old news to people better informed than I, but I was trying to watch CNN's headline news tonight (7/22). They said something about during the next half-hour they would be rehashing the "sh*t" thing again; however, as I continued to watch (inertia, not interest) instead of that they showed a ten-minute locally-produced (Kansas City, MO) infomercial/propaganda starring Mike Shannon (local conservative talk show host) interviewing Mo.'s Senator Talent about Lebanon and Iraq in the usual bloodthirsty warmongering tones, followed by repeated editions of "The Glenn Beck Hour" of more propaganda. All this instead of Headline News, which I understood was news 24/7/365.

Is this nationwide on CNN (unlikely, I'd think, due to the local content) and/or is this the liberal media I've heard so much about? I called the local office to complain, but they said it was a "network" programming decision, which, again, seems unlikely.

Lowell Premer
Kansas City, MO

Subject: Voting Machine Debacle

Since the congress is unwilling to institute a paper trail for the voting machines, get the word out for everyone to use absentee ballots. That solves the problem and gives us a chance for an honest vote count this November.


Marilyn Gjerdrum
Cazadero, CA

Subject: Armed Madhouse -- A Must Read

It is no wonder Greg Palast is not aired by any American network. He tells too much truth for the administration to let out.

For a fascinating look at what really is happening in Bushdom, it is a must read.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: The Secret to the Election

Dear BuzzFlash:

It's good to see the Harris poll results showing a decisive lead for Democrats over Republicans in the upcoming mid-terms. What's the prime catalyst? Not the Constitutional abuses, spying on us, or the deficit. No, my friends. It's the price of gas first, and war fatigue second. The war is a horrible mess and like the price of gas and the inevitable inflation and rising expenses of everything as a result, these two factors are the most obvious threats to the average American's well-being.

Thankfully with the exception of those soldiers who participate in war crimes, we don't make our servicemen and women account for the war, like we did in Vietnam. We just want them home in one piece because they should never have had to go to Iraq in the first place. Now, the gas prices are hitting us hard in the pocketbook, and here's where we reveal ourselves to be what the rest of the world has said for a long time: incredibly selfish and spoiled.

We didn't raise much hell over the Constitutional crisis because, for too many, that might take effort and maybe research. Plus, most of us weren't personally harmed, at least on the surface. It's all about "me."

We don't raise enough hell about the deficit because frankly, what we see in Washington is no different than the deficit spending millions of people practice every day, regardless of the shape of the economy. Think of it - the average American family has over $8000 in credit card debt. How much of this is spent foolishly? We're not talking about people in genuine hardship positions due to job losses, medical catastrophes and the like. I'm talking about spending far more for a SUV, huge plasma TVs and other play toys than we need or can afford, simply because it's "hot" and the neighbors have whatever the latest hot item is. Put it on plastic and pay interest rates that would embarrass a loan shark. Many folks living in neighborhoods that are upscale are actually in debt to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars or worse. It's the outward appearance that matters most.

It's all very sad. We demand fiscal responsibility from Washington. How can we? We want intelligent leadership, but how many "man on the street" stories do we have to watch to get the picture that most Americans are idiots? Right-wing pundits get enormous mileage because they know millions of people are only too willing to let somebody form their philosophies for them. Making informed intelligent observations is too much hassle.

So it isn't rampant corruption that creates turnover in D.C. Only when our precious selves can detect we're personally affected do we react. Face it, America. We created the monster that is American politics. They are us on a magnified scale, right up to the White House. Until we hold ourselves accountable, realize we must educate ourselves and start putting ourselves in the other guy's shoes, will any real meaningful reform ever happen.

Fayetteville, AR

Subject: Letter Sent to the White House Re: Josh Bolten's Self-sacrifice on Meet the Press

President Bush,

Wow, what a massacre!

No, I'm not talking about Israel's destruction of the people and infrastructure of southern Lebanon - I'm referring to the thrashing that White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten received at the hands of an uncharacteristically invigorated Tim Russert this morning. Armed only with the fairy tales of Arab dragons and Snowflake leprechauns that he is permitted to carry by his administration Dungeon-Masters, the virgin hobbit Bolten was demolished easily by Russert, who used logic, common sense, and empirical facts to decisively counter Bolten's insulting balderdash. I don't know why Russert ratcheted-up his usually tepid interrogation of power this morning, but I greatly appreciated it.

Your spokesmen are starting to sound more and more like classic Politburo hacks every day: how many times did Bolten use the term "freedom-loving" in his dogma-recitation this morning? I stopped counting at four. Of course, Tony Snow harkens back more to the style of old Gestapo hatchet-men - and not only in terms of his physical appearance; his snotty "thank you for the Hezbollah perspective" retort to Helen Thomas last week would have been a chilling "you sound like a Jew" in Germany 65 years ago. And perhaps such snappy come-backs will soon attain that same frightening power here in America; as you said in your thinly veiled threat to Vladimir Putin last week when he openly ridiculed Iraqi-style democracy: "Just wait."

Bolten can't be much use to you after that performance - who's next to fall on his/her sword for your ding-bat policies? You're running out of useful idiots.

Ken Duerksen
Oxford, Ohio

Subject: Re: Democrats Increase Lead over Republicans in Race for Congress


I am heartened by the Democrats lead in the polls, however I am still very concerned about voter fraud and the lack of attention it is given in the media. Is anyone out there worried about this?

Should we be collectively calling media outlets and pushing them to discuss this fraud and paperless voting that takes place time after time? I still think www.blackboxvoting.org is an important site.

It is thrilling to read about our good chances, but I remain pessimistic until attention is focused on the real problem...the fact that Republicans keep stealing votes and defrauding and suppressing people with nary a blurb made about it in the media.

Sorry to be a sad sack about this.


Subject: Deteriorating Conditions in Iraq

Where has the U.S. Military gone in Iraq? Roving bands of thugs butchering people on the street. I can only surmise that this is another ploy by the administration to magnify the deteriorating conditions on the ground so as to support their position that we are needed there.

Conditions are so bad Mr. Bush will not even submit a war budget. Because he does not know how much longer he will need to allow things to spin out of control in order to make upcoming 2006 elections at least close enough to steal.

The budget is $0 Mr. President, your hour of power has expired, along with the lives of nearly 100,000 people. If this is what it takes to keep America safe, and fueled-up, I for one want nothing to do with it.

Iraqi Parliament Speaker Says Invasion and Aftermath Are the ‘Work of Butchers’ (NY Times)

Tim Krause
Lisle, IL

Subject: Ties That Bind?

To say that the situation in the Middle East is a disaster is an understatement at the very best. We have troops in Afghanistan and Iraq who are in great danger and with the volatility of the ongoing situation between Israel and Hezbollah with Lebanon stuck in the middle doesn't bode well for anyone.

The Bush response or non-response is difficult to fathom and I have to wonder if they have really considered all the ramifications of their refusal to call for an immediate cease-fire.

The Arab countries that are considered "allies" are those with Sunni-led governments -- Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt, most notably. Iran (granted not an Arab nation, but a key player), Syria, and now Iraq have Shia-led governments. Most alarming, however, is the fact that a year ago, Iraq (which had a Sunni-led government under Hussein) and Iran signed a military cooperation agreement, and more recently, Syria and Iran signed a military cooperation agreement.

The "Unity" government of Iraq has now gone on the record saying that Iraq as an "American political experiment" is over, Maliki has asked us to leave and now a Sunni member of Iraq's governing body has asked us to leave and let them take care of their own problems.

The implications of all of these actions are very alarming, and if the Bush Cabal gives a damn about anything -- which seems doubtful -- we need to get out now -- of course, this only underscores the point that we should never have gone there to begin with.

As Scott Ritter said in December 2005 during a speech to the Commonwealth Club of California, this administration knew BEFORE hand that Iraq never had WMD -- as they claimed -- and it was never about WMD -- it was about regime change.

The Middle East doesn't hate Americans per se, they hate the constant interference of our government in its business -- whether covertly or overtly. We need to mind our own business -- we have enough problems here to fix -- without trying to fix everyone else's.

Lisa Johnson
Milwaukee, WI

Subject: The Man Who Loved Death Too Much: Bush Resists Immediate Mideast Cease-Fire

I can't believe what I'm reading in this article!

"Tony Snow said Monday there was no reason to believe an immediate cease-fire would stop violence in the Mideast and said instead the world should confront the destabilizing force of Hezbollah and its practice of using the Lebanese people as "human shields."

Is this inverted, Snow-balled logic with a one dimensional paradigm spiced with doublespeak or what?

Let's see, no cease-fire is stablilzing even though it's obvious that that means Hezbollah admittedly will use the Lebanese people as "human shields?" Certainly reveals the Bu$h cabal's priorities, doesn't it?

The Snow job continues:

"We would like a cease-fire immediately. But it has to be a cease-fire that is going to stand the test of time so the people in that region and people in Lebanon particular, a country that has been hard hit by occupying forces and by frustrations of its democratic aspirations, deserve a shot at having the freedom and democracy its people deserve. And the only way that's going to be possible is if there is no longer an internal threat of the sort that we've witnessed in recent weeks."

The only "good" cease fire is one that "stands the test of time?" Like too bad, if one that doesn't stand the test of time saves innocent lives. Like it's just not the same as having a "shot [good neocon Freudian slip--er, choice of words] at having the freedom and democracy its people deserve." Translation: Lebanon, you're better dead than Hezbollah!

And just yesterday, this Press Bozo was saying how much the pResident is against murder! LOL!

Will Wyche
Palm Springs, CA

Subject: Bolton Is Toast


I'm so pissed off at Bolton's nomination still that I am rerunning the "Bolton is Toast" on ebay now. I have put his image in toast, and I'm running an auction. I have a lot of pointed things to say there, too, although trying to be funny and humorous somewhat, it's hard when I'm so pissed off. I have bought my books from BuzzFlash so that you can keep up the good work. Won't you please mention this ebay ad for me?

The ebay ad number is 300010818022

Just plug that into any ebay page search box and the ad will show up.

I'm sure this will help gain publicity for our patriotic cause!

Thanks much!

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: LEAVE OR DIE Buzz,

The LEAVE OR DIE stories in today's Austin American-Statesman about the white, vigilante lynch mobs which drove thousands of blacks out of American counties during the past century, was too sickening to finish reading today. But you should post it so people can decide for themselves whether to read or not.

Thom Prentice

Subject: Get Your Priorities Straight BuzzFlash...

Once again you stick the most important story of the day at the bottome of the page with a tiny little headline:

A Dying Planet 7/25 (tompaine.com)

When are you gonna learn what the biggest most important issue facing all of mankind is. Not the war in Iraq, not the war in Israel, not the politics here in the states. It's the EARTH stupid!

Huntsville, Texas

Subject: Bush and His Imperial Presidency Bent on Starting WWIII

Secret 2001 Pentagon Plan to Attack Lebanon Bush's Plan for "Serial War" revealed by General Wesley Clark (globalresearch.ca)

Doug Nebel
Spanaway, Washington

Subject: 119 Degrees Saturday in the San Fernando Valley

The hottest that's ever been recorded in Southern California. Yet despite this, together with record highs being set throughout the country, the MSM hardly mentioned global warming. The LA Times, for example, in a frontpage article on the subject, not once mentioned the subject.

Why does MSM handle global warming as if it's a hot potato? For the same reason it never mentions that our president lied to us about WMD, that's why. When da Fuhrer says that global warming isn't manmade, they heil, they heil, and never even so much as hint that he's full of you know what.

Why this cover-up on global warming? Because the powers that be would rather all the polar ice melt, with the billion plus folks living at or near sea-level going glub-glub-glub, than do what has to be done to stop & reverse global warming. After all, doing something about global warming would spell the end of Capitalism. And what's more important, the market system, or the lives and saftey of the people?

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Ohio Good News 

Blackwell down in flames? Along with Katherine Harris in Florida? Is the country beginning stir from its deep torpor?