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Thursday, 17 December 2009 03:20

BuzzFlash Mailbag for December 17, 2009

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Subject: CIGNA Threatens Customer Service Reps

CIGNA just sent out an e-mail to its customer service reps. CIGNA tells these reps to call their congressperson and senator and tell them to reject healthcare bill or, they (CIGNA reps) will most likely be put out of a job. Talk about scare tactics.

Personally, I think these reps will lose their job anyway as CIGNA now outsources to other countries with claims processing and customer service survey calls.

CIGNA is also going to being offering for 2010 a "NEW MEDICAL TOURISM BENEFIT" ........ to hold down costs while duping purchasers of CIGNA HC insurance thinking they're getting a two-fer. Outsourcing medical procedures and calling it "Tourism" sounds lovely doesn't it. I wonder if CIGNA Sales brochures will now come with pretty pictures of India, China, Turkey, Israel, Mexico, and maybe even Bali.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Admissions of Failure

President Obama now has joined the ranks of the shrill."We will go bankrupt if this Healthcare bill does not pass". Have you gone deaf in Washington, WE THE PEOPLE WANT REAL HEALTHCARE REFORM, PUBLIC OPTION, MEDICARE FOR ALL!!!!!! No what the President admitted publicly is that those who we have elected to represent us, have done us great harm which we have yet to realize. This warning this bit of fear mongering should be taken as seriously as it was delivered. But make no mistake, we must also realize that there is a right way and a wrong way to bring about healthcare reform. What they have proposed and expect us to swallow is just another attempt to steal our money and give it to those that need no more. They have plenty, but you can see their greed in the pursed lips and perspiration that beads up and is revealed on the faces of the liars and thugs in Washington.

Look at Joe Lieberman, listen to his ever twisted tales of lies, his faux concerns. The man is as greedy as they come. He is an addict. He and those like him feel perfectly at ease stealing our money and telling us it is for our own good. Joe Lieberman is not some wise man, he is a wise guy, a mobster. The Whitehouse has decided to lash out at Howard Dean. Why? Because Howard Dean, from where I sit my be the last real Democrat. He speaks the truth. Howard Dean and those like him should break away and form a new party. One that works for the people. Give us real healthcare reform Mr. President. Give us Medicare for all, give us single payer, give us the strong public option. If what you say comes to pass, if you and the rest of those incompetent people in Washington have squandered our treasure to the point of bankruptcy we the people must run, not walk into the streets to end this debacle.

We must run and not walk to the voting booths to remove all of you Democrats and Republicans alike. We must find the most expeditious means to clean house. Those on the right have made me sick for years, and now those that call themselves Democrats are starting to make me nauseous. We put you in power to promote change and bring our values back. Eloquent speeches are nice, but we need substance, strength, courage, toughness, and the will to win.

Jim Ridout
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Subject: Overcoming That Double Whammy Of Hopelessness & Helplessness

First of all progressives must understand that nothing pleases the powers that be more than our feeling hopeless & helpless. No surprise this, since feeling down and out is somewhat less than the best place to find oneself; when, that is, the moment and situation demand the most one possibly can be. Secondly, recognize that MSM tailors the information it puts out so as induce a general sense of "What's the use, nothing one can do about it, so why try." But the key to not sinking into the quicksand of gloom and despair is for one to stay engaged in the pursuit of a better world. Not just any world, but one that has been shaped out of a lifetime of thoughts, experiences and dreams. And it almost goes without saying that for avoiding the gloom there's nothing more effective than joining up with other like-minded individuals, each in pursuit of his or her better world. Why? Because a people united can never be defeated. Even more so when said people are out to change the world.

A BuzzFlash Reader

People out here worked their asses off to get Obama elected! Now we find out from Howard Dean on Countdown that people will be forced to buy insurance from a private insurance company! (bet the insurance companies love that!) Then they can charge up to 27% of our income! Jesus god! Does Obama just love low poll ratings? All of us here are democrats with two independents...not one of us would vote for Obama now!  Fool us once shame on you.... fool us twice, shame on us!

A BuzzFlash Reader

Done with the Democratic Party, it's too corrupt.

It's time to start the Progressive Party:

1.   Real Health Care that covers everyone and does not include Wall Street. Unless they are interested in providing health care at a .05 on the dollar profit

2.   Stop the Corporate take over of American.

3.   Employee Free Choice act now

4.   No wars for Corporate Profit, General Butler was Right, War is a Racket

5.   Prosecute Bush & Company

A BuzzFlash Reader

I spent 3 months going into areas of this town the devil himself would not go into so I could register people to vote. I worked so hard for president obama!
I work at my job 7 days a week, that's right, I said seven! I do not take a day off! I have to to make ends meet. I'm a home health care aid. I make $10.00 an hour. my take home is $1,900.00 a month. now I see obama wants to force me to buy health ins. I simply cannot afford to buy! the cheapest I could find was $650.00 a month. I'm diabetic. that did not even include my meds! if I have to give the insurance companies most of the small amount of money I make, then I'm just going to kill myself and get it over with!!!!! IM TIRED! DO YOU HEAR ME? I AM TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Subject: A Call For Progressives To Disengage From Electoral Politics

The reason being that we're totally ineffective in this arena, and our involvement there distracts us from the task at hand, which is to rise up en masse and change the world, a task that demands our undivided attention and full committment. What'll happen, otherwise, is that we'll get so caught up in this here same old same old business as usual status quo incrementalism that we'll be unable to prevent the impending doom, which would satisfy the end-timers for sure, but who among us would want to please them?

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Joe Liebermann

And his love of making the democrats eat crow...if he can. He has loved trying to make us squirm, ever since we disowned him...remember? Now..there is nothing that gets my drawers in a knot more than hearing the "Tan" Boemer or Liebermann or any rightwing nut....bitching about the COST of anything....they still do not have a problem with the COST of war...when we bring the troops home and stop paying Blackwater....then they may make some sense to someone...not me...but, some one....Sheeeeeshhh...I cannot stand any one of them...to even watch the news anymore is so disgusting...and I know that Obama does not want to get their Hackles up...but, he has to quit trying to "make nice": with the rightwing of this country....it is not POSSIBLE...THEY ARE TROUBLEMAKERS AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN!!!!

SW St. Louis

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