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Friday, 18 December 2009 03:24

BuzzFlash Mailbag for December 18, 2009

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Subject: Letter sent to The Nation

I'm on Social Security disability since 1980, as a result of an accident while working in construction. I'm the great-grandson, grandson and son of blue collar, right-wing bigots, whom were loved by their families. My wife lost a good job as a result of financial giants merging. We have my check and her minimum pay as a receptionist to live on.

I would never think of sending out money to a magazine that I can get for free on the web?

But I'm going to send my measly, but well intentioned, $10, in acknowledgment of your apology to BuzzFlash and Mark Karlin.

I once ran an aggregate site, until Karlin came along and did it right. I firmly believe that Progressives are well served having Buzz as a friendly guide through important, but hard to find with little time, stories on today's America.

Believe me, I think you are both important leaders in a battle to unearth the America we remember. And we need you both to do the intellectual digging in that battle.

Jack Ballinger
Brooklyn, NY

Subject: Health care reform?

I've been for health care reform from the very start, but now must oppose it as it is written in the new Senate version. Keith Olbermann hits the nail right on the head with his special comment about it, and I am ready to join him in jail if we are MANDATED to buy this FRAUD.

Curtis N. Coleman
Huron, South Dakota


Subject: The Nation

I just replied to an appeal from The Nation for gift subscriptions for friends/ family. I told them their unwarranted attack on Buzzflash has permanently cured me from reading their publication.

Austin, Texas

Subject: Requiem For Health Reform

Also for troops out now, downsizing and regulating banks, adjusting Patriot I & II, full employment, reversing global warming and much more. What it amounts to is that we're being sold out by our elected so-called representatives, the same ones who seduced us into voting them into office with stirring phrases such as Change We Can Believe & Yes We Can. Alas, little did most of us realize that candidate Obama's "We" referred to him, his wife, and perhaps his children, not to people in general. Which is consistent with his abdigation of responsibility for making good on his campaign promises, his refusal to enter the fray, let alone take the lead in the struggle for a better world.

So what's the answer? That we try even harder to convince these so-called representatives to push forward with the progressive agenda, as if we haven't been doing that for how long now, and to what avail? Then what say we give up on these politicians (President Obama and Congress) and, instead, look towards replacing them in the 2010 & 2012 elections with progressives? Except how long have we been doing just that, looking towards the next election for this ever more illusive breakthrough, yet with nothing coming of it except more heartaches? Like forever, that's how long. Oh, but what else can we do? Rise up en masse and change the world, that's what. And it just so happens that there is no alternative, what with perpetual war + global warming + economic collapse = doomsday, and time running out.

A BuzzFlash Reader

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