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Tuesday, 22 December 2009 03:15

BuzzFlash Mailbag for December 22, 2009

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Subject: Which "Americans" were the Republicans listening to?

Dear BuzzFlash:

One thing you can always rely upon the GOP for: the most blatant hypocrisy ever uttered from the mouth of a politician. Let us remember back a year and a half ago when George W. was so hell bent on bailing out his fat cat buddies on Wall Street with no real requirements that the recipients use the billions to pay down their debts. Across the country, 90% of the people polled were adamantly opposed to the bailout, figuring that Wall Street would simply pocket the money and laugh all the way to the Cayman Islands, which, surprise, surprise, they did. The GOP was, of course, bless their greedy little hearts, all for the bailout, and unfortunately so were most of the spineless Democrats, including Arkansas' two Senators.

No Senator or Representative could say at the time that the public "demanded" a bailout. They knew damn good and well that almost nobody was fooled, and what's worse, they didn't care. Now, with the health care plan much closer to fruition, even in a weakened state, GOP lackeys are suddenly waving the constituent flag mightily, especially mush mouth Mitch McConnell from Kentucky. I've heard from him ad nauseum about how the "American people" do not want this package, and how dedicated he is to the people's will. Excuse me while I retch. We know the health and insurance fat cats are all over their privately owned Congresspersons, livid about any reform whatsoever and these D.C. puppets are freaking out because they want re-elected and failure to stop the health care overhaul won't help. Other than that august group, the only other people opposed are the pathetic Limbaugh Lemmings, who can be conned into believing anything.

Besides these two groups, who in their right mind would oppose insurance companies being unable to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions? And why would anybody not want the 30 million additional working families to have affordable health care, unless you're an exceptionally greedy insurance giant who doesn't want to make the deductables affordable? Let's just ignore the lemmings on this - they're beyond reason. The answer is, nobody in their right mind with any heart at all would oppose even just these two changes in the system. I don't know who Mitch McConnell's "Americans" are, but it's interesting to see how suddenly he's so eager to do the people's will. When will gullible voters quit falling for this ruse? Probably never - some GOP fans can't be educated.

Fayetteville, AR

Subject: Health Care/ Insurance

If they make us buy insurance, WE will start a NON-PROFIT INSURANCE COMPANY. that way, 97% of our money will go to the cost of doing business, just like Working Assets/ Credo long distance.

No Millions for CEOs with my money.

Mill Valley

Subject: An Obama Win?

I want President Obama to succeed - I think that's a goal that most if not all democrats share. The Senate's healthcare bill is far from perfect - but it does seem that it will help a lot of people, squeeze excessive profits from the system and hopefully control costs to the government. Therefore I support it. By squeezing corporate profits it will have a disbanding effect on the insurance companies that have effectively blocked reform for so many years. If the OPM managed non-profits model is successful we'll be very close to achieving what so many on the left have advocated for - a quasi single payer system. We've certainly heard a lot of republicans squealing - that has to be a good sign for the country as a whole and it's music to my ears. If they can call an abject failure a success, Iraq, does that mean they can also call a success a failure? At some point their credibility will be exhausted and America will just move on.

With healthcare out of the way President Obama will be face to face with the real crisis that our country is facing, unemployment and the economy. I've heard encouraging news that banker bonuses might get taxed. Most Americans wouldn't mind seeing a 99.99% maximum rate applied - that money is our money anyway. If the bank executives want to try to give it directly to themselves then we should do our best to take it directly back into the Treasury where it came from originally. If we can get a regular chorus of squealing going on then I'd favor handing the President a baton and a Grammy nomination. Other advanced nations busy building national infrastructure projects and we should be doing the same. I'm not talking about painting bridges - though that's ok as well - but building high speed rail and green power projects to finally reduce our dependance on foreign oil. It's time to get some excitement going, improve our air quality and get some revenue streams online to help pay down the national deficit. There's a huge untapped reservoir of American ingenuity out there that can be tapped to propel us into this still new century.

That's what I had hoped for when Obama was elected. If battery technology is the impediment to electric cars then why not create a standard for replaceable batteries for cars? With just a standard form factor people could protect their investment in an electric car by having the option of purchasing a battery upgrade. You could even pull into a service station, exchange depleted batteries with fully charged ones and be back on the highway (hopefully a publicly owned automated toll road) in the time that it would take to fill a tank with gasoline. Why not. Battery recycling is bound to eventually be a big problem and replaceable batteries would go a long way towards simplifying that process. The materials that batteries are made of are valuable, rare metals that have to be mined at a detriment to the environment. A very effective recycling industry needs to be part and parcel of a transition to electric cars. Who knows, maybe even NASA could have a moment of brilliance and update the space shuttle fleet. I've always believed that once the ball gets rolling all kinds of good things will happen.

I'm definitely not one of those who believe that this Christmas season is critical to the national economy. Much better to give simple gifts that are not made in China - maybe a good book from BuzzFlash.

Tim Mooring
San Francisco, CA

Subject: The Insurance Company Giveaway (er, reform bill) Of 2009

Now looked upon as the proverbial last straw that broke the camel's (i.e., Democratic Party's) back, with most Democrats, thereafter, gravitating towards the mass popular uprisings that were to transform a nation en route to changing the world. Seems there was something about this insurance company giveaway that was so ominous & repulsive that it proved to be too much for sll but the most fervent right-wingers to stomach. It was as if the long public debate over the health reform legislation had unnerved the public so much that on Christmas Eve, when it finally passed, there was this collective sinking feeling, something like, "Oh my God, we've been had, and by our own elected representatives."

A BuzzFlash Reader

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